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    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 2 points ago in gamedev

    please do a little research before you claim that something has never been proven

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite -1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in gamedev

    devs aren't child laborers, and i never really implied that: my point is that the "small businesses will suffer" argument was as weak then as it is now. bosses have used this argument for centuries. for example, when:

    • standardizing the 40-hour work week
    • enforcing weekends
    • anyone says they can't discriminate against people by race/class/gender/etc
    • and yes, to be even more dramatic, when abolishing slavery (although in this case "boss" is a pretty charitable term).

    could everyone quit their game dev job and find something else? in the slickly-oiled libertarian dream world, yeah -- although not really in real life. but for the sake of argument let's say that i can quit my crappy job as a developer, or a fry cook, or a zoologist at a zoo where no one stops the monkeys from shitting on my face, or whatever, and I'll be fine. someone is going to take that job, and just because they may be more willing to put up with all the bullshit than i was doesn't mean they should have to. that is exploitation. you shouldn't be allowed to find the limits of what your employees are willing to go through and force them to ride the edge 24/7. someone should hold you accountable for that.

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 15 points ago in gamedev

    this is why my modern, ethical sweatshop employs only raccoons

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 5 points ago in gamedev

    ok chief let's go through it:

    That is precisely what they are saying. It is quite literally prioritizing race as a factor, and preferably those who are politically loyal and who will know which hand is feeding them.

    race is a factor in hiring because race is a factor in life. people have unfair disadvantages due to their ethnicity (some career related), so of course we should try to counterbalance that where possible. not sure where you're getting this "politically loyal" stuff -- combating racism should be bipartisan.

    Funny, last I checked, there were tons of Asians in tech. Which is fine, since outside of H1-B cases no one needed to push a diversity initiative to make it happen. Merit and hard work does amazing stuff.

    asian folks tend to be doing better financially than other minorities because in recent years they've generally had fewer systemic disadvantages. certainly not none, though. america has been hugely racist against asians for a long time (take a look at the early history of the LAPD, for example, or, uh, the whole japanese internment camp thing). but this is a complex topic and I'm not an expert, so I'll refrain from talking out of my ass. i will say this: asian americans don't somehow magically "work harder" or "have more merit" than other people.

    Oh please, white savior. Tell me all about the non-white experience. While you're at it, tell me about the female experience in tech.

    I obviously don't know it first-hand, but listening to people who have had those experiences is largely how i formed my own (imperfect) opinion on the issue. if anyone who has directly experienced this has a different take on it, I'd obviously trust it more than my own take. i have never tried to be a savior, just an ally. i'm not sure how you could argue that that's worse than the alternative.

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 14 points ago in gamedev

    this is some of the funniest shit i've seen in my life. holy fuck dude. i'm living in the woods now. have a good one man

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 23 points ago in gamedev

    damn dude no one is forced to work? that rules. i'll just quit my job and coast on the millions of dollars i apparently forgot everyone has

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 40 points ago in gamedev

    if your business can't exist without exploiting people, your business shouldn't exist. this is the argument factory owners had against child labor laws. update your rhetoric

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 3 points ago in gamedev

    "groups that perform well?" are you implying that the reason minority groups have a harder time getting into schools is because they inherently don't perform as well? because that's just straight-up racism.

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 9 points ago in gamedev

    nobody promoting diversity is suggesting that businesses hire people who are worse at the job just because they belong to minority groups. the fact is that there is always a large group of people who are excellent candidates, and the ones who have historic & systemic disadvantages need a leg up so they can be on an even playing field with everyone else, or they'll be unfairly passed over for jobs they should be able to have a shot at.

    the reason there are so many white men in tech isn't because they're inherently better at it, or more interested in it, or something: their backgrounds, on average, make it easier for them to get hired (especially by other white men with similar backgrounds). as a white guy in tech myself, let me tell you: diversity initiatives aren't some scheme to steal jobs from us; they're a step towards reducing an unfair advantage we've had for a long time.

    [–] According to this person pewdiepie is facism, and supporting pewdiepie is supporting facism. sam_suite 1 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    pewdiepie obviously isn't to blame for this, but "subscribe to pewdiepie" has become a dogwhistle for online white supremacists to identify each other. the fact that this sounds so ridiculous is why it works: it gives them a lot of plausible deniability. this is exactly what happened with the "ok hand" signal, pepe, the milk emoji, etc: racists started using these things to display their "power level" (4chan nazi slang for radicalization), and then when someone called them out for it, they could just exclaim how laughable it was that these dumb liberals were getting offended by something as innocuous as an ok hand. and it is laughable! but it's also real.

    "subscribe to pewdiepie" is going to become impossible to say unironically, because it'll make anyone who knows the connotations think you might be a white supremacist, including actual white supremacists.

    [–] Life of a community manager sam_suite 1 points ago in gamedev

    this is fair. i am a coward

    [–] Life of a community manager sam_suite 16 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in gamedev

    i did community management as an intern for a while, and, uh, there's a reason i don't do it anymore. capital-g Gamers are often incredibly rude, entitled, and petty. it's very frustrating to exist in a community where the people who proclaim themselves to be the "real gamers" are some of the cruelest pricks imaginable

    (gonna nip in here with an edit before i get blasted: if you're not a dick and you call yourself a "gamer," cool! i'm not talking about you. i personally have tried to distance myself from that term, though, because the connotations are bad and they're only getting worse)

    [–] I'm Frustrated sam_suite 2 points ago in gamedev

    If you learn the fundamentals of graphic design, you can make games that look great without requiring too much artistic ability. I like to use Rymdkapsel as an example of this (Thomas Was Alone is another good one): with some practice, all it takes to make a good composition is knowing what you like and what you don't. Browse Twitter for inspiration, learn some color theory, try to dissect why you think things are appealing. This is a real skill and it takes work to develop, but you can see results more quickly than if you're trying to learn how to draw, for example.

    [–] Update to my Node 202 AIO case mod sam_suite 2 points ago in sffpc

    just saw this while Midway by BBH happened to be playing on spotify. spooky. also, rad build!

    [–] CBs are even in dog rescue sam_suite 13 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    There's a fee for adopting children, too. doesn't mean you're "buying" them lmao. the adoption agency has to stay in business

    also $125 is really low tbh. i paid $350 for my dog. much cheaper than going to the vet and covering all the shots/etc myself

    [–] Any glaring issues with this NCASE M1 build? sam_suite 1 points ago in buildapc

    Ok, good to know. I won't be doing much (if any) overclocking but it's probably worth the investment.

    [–] Is it possible to get a pc for 350$-400$ to make low end mobile games in Unity? sam_suite 4 points ago in Unity3D

    Keep in mind that you'll need a mac to build and test iOS games. you could also technically use a VM, but I'll just say I've done this and it's really more trouble than it's worth

    [–] Game workers unite wants Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO sam_suite -3 points ago in Games

    so tragic that those jobs mysteriously disappeared without it being anyone's fault

    [–] Game workers unite wants Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO sam_suite 8 points ago in Games

    This is true in the film industry too, and they have very strong unions. It'll be hard, but certainly not impossible.

    [–] Game workers unite wants Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO sam_suite 64 points ago in Games

    GWU has a UK branch that recently became an official union, but they're a worldwide organization and are working towards establishing real unions in a bunch of places, including the US

    [–] Game workers unite wants Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO sam_suite -19 points ago in Games

    Yeah, but, they were doing their jobs. What evidence do you have that they weren't? Also, if I was making the kind of money Bobby Kotick is, I'd happily take a huge pay cut if it meant my employees would still have jobs. I also think it's worth noting that this is exactly what Satoru Iwata did when the Wii U was underperforming: