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    [–] Day 3 of my side project, any feedback on improving the aesthetic would be apprecited! Namely the colour scheme :) sam_suite 2 points ago in IndieGaming

    your palette is really really good! the one thing I'd note is that since the fog desaturates the landscape in the distance, it clashes slightly with the sky, which is also kind of desaturated (and pretty dark).

    [–] I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. I need advice or help for Discord and other social media. sam_suite 2 points ago in gamedev

    Huh, those links work for me (and I'm not logged in) -- that's weird. The first one is on youtube, but the second one is unfortunately just on the vault. It should be free, though. Not sure what's up.

    [–] Almost graduate, bushiness card help needed sam_suite 0 points ago in gamedev

    in this scenario, a business card is sort of like an elevator pitch for yourself! recruiters will probably get a lot of cards throughout the day, so see if you can come up with something that connects your card to you in a way that's memorable. that doesn't mean you have to put a picture of your face on it (although that isn't necessarily a horrible idea), but something unique is always nice. if your portfolio contains cool screenshots or art or something that wouldn't look nasty on a tiny piece of paper, maybe put it on there! just make sure it's not too busy.

    oh, and it can be tempting to make a card that's a weird form factor in order to stand out, but in my experience it's a better idea to just use the normal business card dimensions. the other ones can be annoying to carry around, since they don't fit neatly into a stack with other sizes. recruiters will appreciate it! some slightly heavier paper can be worth it, though, since it just feels nicer to hold.

    don't worry about it too much, honestly. the important part is actually talking to them. as long as you've got the basic contact info on there, no one's gonna judge you too bad for not having the perfect card (unless you're a graphic designer or something, in which case you probably know better than i do).

    good luck!

    [–] Just found a possible artist but... sam_suite 6 points ago in gamedev

    Depends. What do you bring to the table? are you willing to learn how to code, or do art, or write music or something? If all you have is a cool idea, it's going to be hard to get people interested. There are hobbyists out there who are willing to work for revshare, but they all have their own ideas that they'd probably rather work on. If you have a skill that's really helpful to the team, it'll be easier to find people to work with -- "idea guy" isn't a job description.

    [–] How to setup Palette Swapping sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    you can do the same thing without if statements with a bit of math! for example:
    float is_all_red = saturate(ceil(col.r) - ceil(col.g) - ceil(col.b));
    will give you 1 if the red value is > 0 and nothing else is, and 0 otherwise. then you can multiply that by the color you'd like to replace red with, et viola :)

    [–] Hey friendos can anyone tell me what the difference is between cel-shaded and flat-shaded (like with low-poly)? sam_suite 1 points ago in gamedev

    i don't think this is the actual origin of the term, but for me it's helpful to think of cel shading as creating blobs, or cells, of a single color. instead of a sphere having a smooth gradient from light to dark, you'd have a big blob of light color and a big blob of dark color. this is often done to make an object look hand-drawn and so sometimes people get it mixed up with other effects that make things look hand-drawn (like outlines). cel shading doesn't have anything to do with outlines, but they are often used together (unity's toon shader combines them, for example).

    flat shading would be something like Poly Bridge, where each face of an object is a single color, but only because the surface is matte and has hard angles between the faces. this is arguably a more realistic rendering style, but it's still pretty stylized on the total scale of things.

    [–] Hi devs, how do I make my game appearence feel less artificial? sam_suite 6 points ago in Unity3D

    you would be really surprised how often established studios buy premade models because it's cheaper than paying their artists for the time to make them

    [–] Cursed sam_suite 81 points ago in tumblr

    every episode sorted chronologically by shot

    [–] How do they come up with melodies like this? sam_suite 1 points ago in gamedev

    sure, I just mean it's a learnable skill for anyone! it's definitely easier for some people than others. I just don't want to discourage folks from trying if they're interested

    [–] Realtime lighting disparity, close to Cam's Far Clipping Plane? sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    take a look at the Quality settings -- there are a bunch of settings there for shadows (including distance)

    [–] How do I make the material preview match what appears on the Game Object? sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    looks like the UV map on the sphere in the scene is different than the one on the preview sphere. I'm not a 3D artist, but look up how to do UV mapping in your tool of choice and you should be able to get it looking how you want.

    [–] How do they come up with melodies like this? sam_suite 3 points ago in gamedev

    nah, no one is born with innate ability. if you want to learn, you can learn. some people just started early

    [–] How to send all important files. sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    if you just want to send someone your project, you can put the whole project folder in a zip. you can safely delete Library and Temp (those will get regenerated when the project is opened)

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 2 points ago in gamedev

    please do a little research before you claim that something has never been proven

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite -2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in gamedev

    devs aren't child laborers, and i never really implied that: my point is that the "small businesses will suffer" argument was as weak then as it is now. bosses have used this argument for centuries. for example, when:

    • standardizing the 40-hour work week
    • enforcing weekends
    • anyone says they can't discriminate against people by race/class/gender/etc
    • and yes, to be even more dramatic, when abolishing slavery (although in this case "boss" is a pretty charitable term).

    could everyone quit their game dev job and find something else? in the slickly-oiled libertarian dream world, yeah -- although not really in real life. but for the sake of argument let's say that i can quit my crappy job as a developer, or a fry cook, or a zoologist at a zoo where no one stops the monkeys from shitting on my face, or whatever, and I'll be fine. someone is going to take that job, and just because they may be more willing to put up with all the bullshit than i was doesn't mean they should have to. that is exploitation. you shouldn't be allowed to find the limits of what your employees are willing to go through and force them to ride the edge 24/7. someone should hold you accountable for that.

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 15 points ago in gamedev

    this is why my modern, ethical sweatshop employs only raccoons

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 5 points ago in gamedev

    ok chief let's go through it:

    That is precisely what they are saying. It is quite literally prioritizing race as a factor, and preferably those who are politically loyal and who will know which hand is feeding them.

    race is a factor in hiring because race is a factor in life. people have unfair disadvantages due to their ethnicity (some career related), so of course we should try to counterbalance that where possible. not sure where you're getting this "politically loyal" stuff -- combating racism should be bipartisan.

    Funny, last I checked, there were tons of Asians in tech. Which is fine, since outside of H1-B cases no one needed to push a diversity initiative to make it happen. Merit and hard work does amazing stuff.

    asian folks tend to be doing better financially than other minorities because in recent years they've generally had fewer systemic disadvantages. certainly not none, though. america has been hugely racist against asians for a long time (take a look at the early history of the LAPD, for example, or, uh, the whole japanese internment camp thing). but this is a complex topic and I'm not an expert, so I'll refrain from talking out of my ass. i will say this: asian americans don't somehow magically "work harder" or "have more merit" than other people.

    Oh please, white savior. Tell me all about the non-white experience. While you're at it, tell me about the female experience in tech.

    I obviously don't know it first-hand, but listening to people who have had those experiences is largely how i formed my own (imperfect) opinion on the issue. if anyone who has directly experienced this has a different take on it, I'd obviously trust it more than my own take. i have never tried to be a savior, just an ally. i'm not sure how you could argue that that's worse than the alternative.

    [–] Why Game Developers Are Talking About Unionization sam_suite 15 points ago in gamedev

    this is some of the funniest shit i've seen in my life. holy fuck dude. i'm living in the woods now. have a good one man