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    [–] Younger people of reddit: How do you easily identify the old folks on here? sam_suite 9 points ago in AskReddit

    this (and the post you're replying to) misses a point that I think is actually pretty interesting: much in the same way that inflection can help communicate extra information in spoken speech, "incorrect" grammar and punctuation can communicate extra information in written (specifically, typed) english.

    for example, the way I'm writing right now is not standard in a lot of ways I bet you spotted. older people tend to assume that this means that I'm a sloppy dumbass who doesn't know how grammar works, but The Youths[sic] would recognize that I'm just being informal. funnily enough, typing this way is actually MORE work than typing "correctly," because I'm on my phone so I have to dodge autocapitalization. the reason I'm putting in the effort is that, to those who are "fluent," this is a more relaxed, and even more polite tone.

    it's like how everyone universally recognizes that TYPING IN ALL-CAPS IS EQUIVALENT TO YELLING. that's not, like, an actual rule of english. it's just a convention, and in fact it's technically AGAINST the rules. by being terminally online 24/7, lots of younger-ish people have recognized and developed and evolved more conventions that, to outside observers, just feels like a bunch of messy mistakes. tumblr basically has its own entire internet dialect.

    what's funny is that for any of this to work, you have to assume that whoever's typing actually knows what all the rules are, and is breaking them intentionally. in my experience, that tends to be true 99% of the time. young people have better grammar (when they need it) than lots of older people, and that makes sense -- they spend a ludicrous amount of time typing and reading.

    [–] meπŸŒ™irl sam_suite 50 points ago in me_irl

    man i don't know. do i look like i work at nasa

    [–] meπŸŒ™irl sam_suite 31 points ago in me_irl

    stanley kubrick is driving the train

    [–] meπŸŒ™irl sam_suite 63 points ago in me_irl

    thank you. i agree

    [–] Do UVs matter for colored materials with no texture? sam_suite 4 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in gamedev

    it's tricky! most of the time when generating levels procedurally, people will use kits of pre-made models that fit together into an environment. if you do need to generate a mesh on the fly, you probably wouldn't want to rely on UVs, since you wouldn't be able to texture the model in advance anyway. if you needed to, you'd have to come up with some kind of (pretty complicated) algorithm to set up UVs for each vertex, probably based on position.

    UVs are basically just coordinates -- you can think of the pair of values U and V as being basically equivalent to X and Y on a 2D plane. Every vertex has a UV value, which means it has a coordinate somewhere on a plane (where the edges are at 0 and 1 on each axis).

    here's an example of what that can look like:

    you can see that every vertex on the 3d model has a corresponding 2d point on the UV plane. this is usually treated as a texture coordinate. so if you wanted to texture this head, you'd load up the UV chart in photoshop or whatever and paint over it. then in your engine, you'd be able to apply this texture to the model (essentially "unwrapping" the texture over the mesh).

    hope that's helpful!

    [–] Where are the prophesied ones? sam_suite 12 points ago in tumblr

    technically jesus' fursona

    [–] Are there any other games with Tokyo 42's art style? sam_suite 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in gamedev

    i enjoyed it! not for everyone though apparently lol

    oh, and to answer your question: This is the only game I've seen with a style quite like this! Monument Valley and Overland are arguably similar. i'd love to see more, though

    [–] Texture looks really bad when viewed from the back sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    yeah, it also helps prevent moire patterns. just trying to provide a simple explanation

    [–] Texture looks really bad when viewed from the back sam_suite 1 points ago in Unity3D

    no problem! Mipmapping is basically just lowering the resolution of a texture when it's far away or viewed at a very oblique angle. it's faster to draw lower-resolution images, so this is often a helpful speedup (it's essentially the same concept as having different meshes at different levels of detail for different distances).

    wikipedia has more details if you're curious:

    [–] Texture looks really bad when viewed from the back sam_suite 3 points ago in Unity3D

    looks like mipmapping! you can disable mipmap generation in the texture import settings

    [–] What is the minimum amount of legal protection I should acquire before sharing game development? sam_suite 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in gamedev

    no game idea is so good that anyone is going to bother stealing and working on it instead of one of the other 1000 ideas for games every developer already has.

    once in a while, large mobile game companies will steal concepts from indies and have lower-quality versions developed before the real game comes out. this happened to Donut County and Ridiculous Fishing. that completely sucks, but:

    a) it's pretty rare and usually happens to people who already have a decent following
    b) it won't happen unless the idea is provably compelling (i.e. they've seen gameplay footage and there's been a positive reception already)
    c) there's really nothing you can do about it other than "never release any footage of your game," which is a terrible idea

    so, essentially: don't worry about it. you have to tell people about your game or literally no one will buy it, so being stingy about ideas is only ever self-defeating.

    As a show of good faith, here are five ideas for games i have in my notes right now:
    - open world trucking game that regenerates the world every time you open the map
    - rts about moving information around with carrier pigeons
    - design and build furniture for alien creatures
    - fish seeds (?? i don't know what that means either, but i sure wrote it down)
    - deck building game where you collect phrases for rap battles

    any of these games could be cool or completely terrible, and they're only worth anything to me (barely).

    [–] [Request] How fast was this bottle moving after it hit the wall? sam_suite 7 points ago in theydidthemath

    you could approximate the acceleration of the bottle after he threw it, but it'd be pretty rough

    [–] Game developers in the UK launch a new union. sam_suite 5 points ago in gamedev

    i'll just say this: you have a lot of control over the people you encourage to apply.

    [–] Game developers in the UK launch a new union. sam_suite 2 points ago in gamedev

    yeah, that sucks! it's definitely even trickier to unionize in smaller studios, but i still think it's worth a try. sounds like it would have helped your coworker. also, it'd be helpful for organizing salary minimums! Β£20k is pretty rough at a game dev job, even at entry-level

    [–] Game developers in the UK launch a new union. sam_suite 11 points ago in gamedev

    acting is also an incredibly competitive field where people are willing to do just about anything to get a foot in the door, and they have extremely strong unions. i don't think it'll be easy, but there's no reason to be defeatist.

    also, "picky" is a pretty condescending way to describe organizing game developers if you've been paying any attention to the way they're being treated.

    [–] Game developers in the UK launch a new union. sam_suite 7 points ago in gamedev

    three things here:

    it's a common misconception that the candidate pool is 99% white men. even when you don't go out of your way to look for underrepresented groups (more on that in a moment), there are many people who are overlooked because they aren't white dudes. this isn't necessarily overt racism/sexism, but people's (even recruiter's) brains are powerful pattern matching machines, and if you have an idea of what a programmer typically "looks like," you'll be biased towards paying attention to those people if you're not working against it. Long story short, a demographically representative hiring pool does not by default equal a demographically representative workforce, and the hiring pool is in fact more diverse than you might think.

    secondly, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I'm a person who's excited about game development (or any job), and I don't see anyone who looks like me in that workforce, I might assume that I'll never be able to find a job in that field and I'll avoid that career path entirely, never making it into the hiring pool at all. Why are there so many white men in the hiring pool relative to other people? well, besides economic forces like being more likely to have access to a computer from a young age (which is also important), boys see a lot of white guys making video games and recognize that it's a career option for them. It's not like they're better at programming or whatever than anyone else. I know this because I was one of those boys. i mean, like, just look at Indie Game the Movie.

    And thirdly, you make your own candidate pool. you'll often hear people ask something like, "but what if the ideal candidate is a white guy who got skipped over because of diversity initiatives?" well, for one thing, if that guy's really so great he'll be hired somewhere else no problem. he'll be fine -- it's not like studios are suddenly not hiring any white dudes anymore. but the concept of an "ideal candidate" is actually pretty silly when you think about it. there are a huge number of people who can do any given job and excel at it, so i'm not sure there is ever a "best" person. this isn't the 100-meter dash. if there is someone who's definitively better, the margin is so small that you'll have no idea until they're actually working for you, and they have just as good a chance of being from any background. This is all to say: searching outside of the normal white guy demographic will not get you worse candidates.

    there's a lot working against non-white men in this industry, and many others. If you've been passed over because you're "not diverse enough," what's really happened is you've lost part of an unfair advantage you've had your entire life. I think you'll be ok. I will.

    [–] Game developers in the UK launch a new union. sam_suite 7 points ago in gamedev

    hmm i wonder if that's because liberal "moderates" also have a history of praising "civility" at all costs over quality of life for actual human beings, thereby supporting the rapidly regressing status quo while conservatives ruthlessly slash civil rights for everyone but themselves

    just a hunch

    [–] Scaling the radius of a point light along one axis? sam_suite 2 points ago in Unity3D

    good question! my guess is that this is something you'd only be able to achieve with source access. you could probably approximate the effect in other ways, but as far as I know there's no way to modify/add new types of lights without fundamentally changing the renderer. i'd be delighted to be wrong, though.