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    [–] COVID-19: Anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver skyrocketed by over 700 percent in 2020 sanblvd -8 points ago in Coronavirus

    Lets put it this way... Asians have 0 natural contacts with blacks, they didn't invade Africa, they didn't enslave Africans, there was NO African population in Asia until recently, they only know of them from popular media from the West.

    So yeah, how they get their racism from? Let me guess... them evil Asians are just naturally racist I guess right? Not at al from the media influence they suck from the West?

    [–] Need help with taxes, I got divorced in 2020 sanblvd 1 points ago in tax

    Neither of them applied to me, we lived together after June, I let her stay because of covid, she only moved out around October.

    We are still on OK terms, so I think she should agree with me on file jointly. Otherwise I'll look into file separately option.

    Thanks for your help!!

    [–] Need help with taxes, I got divorced in 2020 sanblvd 1 points ago in tax

    Also since the divorce is finalized in January of 2021, can I just file as Single status for 2021 tax? Or will that few days in January going to effect my 2021 taxs?

    [–] Need help with taxes, I got divorced in 2020 sanblvd 1 points ago in tax

    We had no children, I will contact her to ask if she can provide me with documents for join filing.

    If she does not respond, what options do I have left?

    [–] All jokes aside now, this is absolutely ridiculous. sanblvd 7 points ago in texas

    Remember bunch of bankers went to jail over 2008 financial crisis and hundreds of public official were quit or fired for their handling of things?

    Yeah me either

    [–] Laos receives 300,000 covid vaccine from China. sanblvd 2 points ago in laos

    Yep, 300k is a very good start, they can now vaccinate all of their medical personal as well as most of their public employee such as policeman etc

    The key is can they distribute it efficiently?

    [–] Laos receives 300,000 covid vaccine from China. sanblvd 5 points ago in laos

    300,000 goes a LONG way for a population just over 7 million, by this pace Laos will be vaccinated soon and we can finally travel there.

    [–] A Year On, Wuhan Victims Are Still Scarred and Still Censored sanblvd 4 points ago in Coronavirus

    Is that why China had 400 million infection and 40 million death from covid today?

    [–] Curious how Communism is viewed in Laos vs. Vietnam. What do you guys think? sanblvd 2 points ago in laos

    I have spend about 2 months in Laos and 1 month in Vietnam, so I think my opinion is only surface deep, or rather my impressions.

    On the surface both country have a lot of communist propaganda posters but no one really pays any attention to it, people live their lives day to day with minimum involvement from the government or communism, both countries look like they are hassling to grow their economy and very much trying to attract tourist in their major cities, but I feel like Vietnam is much more successful at this.

    I think culture plays far larger role in each of their society than communism. I have spend many month in Thailand, Thai people and Lao people shares a lot of similar culture and it shows in Laos.

    A somewhat similar aspect plays out in Vietnam with China, I was a bit surprised how much similarity in culture there is between Vietnam with Southern China, although for some reason there is somewhat strong anti Chinese sentiment in Vietnam so no one will admit to that lol.

    Overall both countries really fails at being "communist" but I feel if I really have to compare, Vietnam is more successful at it, while Laos government is a bit paranoid by having a really difficult visa system, as a result not many people bother to visit Laos, but its a really beautiful country with so much to offer to the world.

    [–] Is there any plans or discussion to letting people into Laos if they are vaccinated? sanblvd 2 points ago in laos

    I am in the educational field, but I live in a small town so all the medical people already got their shots so its moving down the tier pretty rapidly that's how I got my chance.

    I think in a few months, the general public will get their chance and you can get yours.

    By then it will be summer time and I hope the US government can bully other countries to let Americans in lol This article is what I was talking about.

    [–] Is there any plans or discussion to letting people into Laos if they are vaccinated? sanblvd 1 points ago in laos

    Same situation here, I have not see my girl for more than a year now.

    I am getting my second shot next week, there is talk of vaccine passport here in US and I hope once enough people gets it, there would be pressure for people in other country accept this

    [–] 1 year after the first known US coronavirus death, over 450,000 families will never see a loved one again sanblvd 20 points ago in Coronavirus

    Goddamn... not sure how I felt about it, these were real morons, but at same time even morons shoudnl't suffer what they experienced.

    [–] Los Angeles Daily Discussion Thread - Mon, Jan 25 sanblvd 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    Wow, thank you for the detailed response, I really appreciate it, I'm glad they are this organized and that will make things easier. I was afraid when she got there it be all chaotic and she have no idea where to go.

    Thank you

    [–] Los Angeles Daily Discussion Thread - Mon, Jan 25 sanblvd 4 points ago in LosAngeles

    Have anyone got their vaccine from El Sereno Recreation Center? I just helped my mom to register for the 1st vaccine shot there, she speaks very basic English and she haven't been there before and I live 8 hours away so I can't take her there.

    If you have been there or had vaccine there, can someone help me by describing what was the process like at El Sereno Recreation Center for vaccine distribution? Does it have ample parking on site, was it organized and easy for people to follow to get vaccinated?


    [–] Covid-19 Vaccine Megathread #2 (Phase 1A and residents over age 65) sanblvd 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    Thanks everyone who offered me advice, I just sign my mom up for 27th.

    I literally checked every hour on the website and saw it updated.