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    [–] I have a concert tomorrow. Any concert ‘advice’ lmao sarhan182 1 points ago in the1975

    Sweet! Do u think there’s gonna be any opening band? I think i’m gonna be late!

    [–] Got you. sarhan182 1 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    I thought so too!!

    [–] SCDF Firetruck's contents sarhan182 -19 points ago in singapore

    better not enjoy themselves too much & throw someone inside their well

    [–] Nine review by Michael Scott sarhan182 1 points ago in Blink182

    Nice song but i think it’s gonna suck live

    [–] iPhone 11 Pro spotted in the wild sarhan182 1 points ago in iphone

    i have an xs max but i feel like buying the pro max too 🤔

    [–] Mark dealing with angry fans after he said the new album would be like untitled sarhan182 11 points ago in Blink182

    California sucked so bad that people think that NINE is super great. It’s okay i think. Nothing special.

    [–] Straight up sarhan182 1 points ago in Blink182

    Who leaked the album?