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    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 0 points ago in europe

    Yeah, when 60 marriage from 100 ends in divorce its totally silly from me to think loaning on not yet born children that you might not even be able to bear - and then you have to pay back with insane interest - is a bad idea. The corrupt system that never poured money into sectors that really needed it like healthcare and education and social services had nothing to do with it, its all because we have an aging citizenship! Its not like every goddamn European country has that problem and they still manage to upkeep those areas, right? And tons of money pouring into the real estate market didnt spike the prices insanely, alienating potential young poeople who wanted to have kids, but not that many? Silly, dense me, its not at all your tongue being far up in the asshole that promises free shit. Ceasing this conversation most definitely will be better for the both of us. Cant wait to see the deviza loan 2 happen.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 0 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in europe

    Hungary is not a bad place? We are 12th on the world suicide list (which is quite extreme for a first world country), 94th on the living expectancy list, have a bad gdp and we do quite bad on the European Social Modell requirements. It's awful in comparison to what the average living is in western Europe and speaking up against it in time is one of the things we can do to stop it. Also lets not try to act like Orban is the savior of anything. He is our leader, and he isnt "saving" us from anything other than goverment funds, its quite clear for the whole world.

    Glad to hear our immigration isnt insane, but people definitely leave because they hate it here and dont see a future in this country. Anyone I asked in my life answered with "oh god i cant wait to leave this place" and i had relatives usher me to just go while I can. Hungary is not a desirable place to live in compared to west-europe, it never was, but the governing party's lean into extremism surely added to the already growing dumpster fire.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 0 points ago in europe

    Why are pensions lowered and lowered? Why is the working class decreasing? Why is the hethcare system in an awful shape? Could it have something to do with pumping money for a decade into things that doesnt need it and stealing the rest? They are aiding surface wounds without adressing the infection itself.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    Yeah, giving away free puppies is absolutely irreaponsible when shelters are full so I hope they wont do that either. That money has to come somewhere and could be used for way better things than housing loans in exchange for babies. Easy mistake making parents jump into expenses and decisions they might not manage on the long run.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    That was happening since a decade, why the sudden and drastic act? Maybe because almost every intellectual and able person is leaving? Its clear desperation and appeal to the easily guillable. Immigration is on a high rise and they'd like to mask it and make up with bounding people here.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    No. Paranoia is what led these politicians to the top to begin with and helped to stay here for 3 terms. Paranoa of EU, of migrants and of the boogieman Soros is what turned this country into a bigger shithole than it ever was because we're chasing ghosts instead of focusing on our skeletons in the closets. I need clarity. I need education. I need a stop to dictatorship. I need a way to dethrone this so called democracy we have here.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in europe

    No. Lets do countermesures so no other country succumbs to it. But one cant argue with deaf ears. You only hear what you want in your paranoia hole.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    individual liberties are already lost in Hungary. We already live in fascism

    [–] Nothin but net sassylin7 1 points ago in Overwatch

    once i slept a hammond that was flinging around in nepal sanctum. The sight of him falling i to that pit still brings a smile on my face.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    Posting a picture is not being biased. I can work at Burger King and post eating McDonalds. It doesnt work like how you described. In no free country at least.

    You fail to touch on any counterarguments against the state and go right back to insulting the EU while failing to realise that anything the EU is trying to propose is less dangerous than what is in place already in Hungary. I'd gladly take a system to filter out fake news if that would mean we have a less guillable population fed by right wing lies and fearmongoring. Our media isnt free anymore, we dont really have much to lose. There is a reason why more socialist and left leaning countries have waaaaay better living conditions and expectancies than more right wing propagated eastern europe. We failed to go with the times and progress and this is the aftermatch. You can cry all you want about the EU, statistics wont lie. This is a shit place to live in so people rather take refuge in any other oh-so-horrible EU country than this. You can be all high and mighty with your ideas when they dont do shit about the current state of this country, - which the EU has no hand in.

    I also appreciate the attempt at a personal insult, its really cute. Do I need to show credentials for reading a book to? Where do I submit my essay?

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 1 points ago in europe

    "Adapt, or be an outcast, an enemy, a danger to our cult." How do you not see that's exactly what the party in power is doing? This is what the post is about. She got fired for being against the party. Eerily similar to Orwel dontcha think? The EU is the least of our problems when our own goddamn government does everything in its power to keep people dumb and satisfied with scraps while they live in their ivory towers. Everything you're worried about the EU doing is something our party is guilty of. If if wasnt for the EU there wouldnt be even that small amount of progress we have now in infrastructure and social services, but our politicians are doing their utmost best to steal from that money too. The problem is inside, not outside.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 2 points ago in europe

    Why do they open more kindergartens? Why do they pump money into families getting housing loans? We are trying to fix or get attention to the root of the problem. People are leaving in masses because they dont want to live in this fear controlled shithole, so they are grasping at straws, wasting taxpayer money at that while taking away every last forint from healthcare and retirement funds. Things arent going better just because you earn better. We blame the entire country because the majority is guilty in keeping this idiot in place and sitting by while the country falls into ruins, but of course most people only care about what affects them closely, and nothing else.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 2 points ago in europe

    if anyone is curious, these are the people we have to fight against. Its really hard when they dont hear the facts and their only weapon is fear tactics and boogiemans. The problem is always outside , never inside.

    [–] Hungary Has To Fucking Change sassylin7 2 points ago in europe

    The prime.miniszer literally painted EU as the enemy of people, while the EU resources are the only one keeping some kind of positive reform up on the social spaces among all this corruption. And the people ate it up, somehow the majority did. Why are we so stupid. Everything feels so hopeless.

    [–] Sand Curtain sassylin7 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I WAS LOOKING FOR THE NAME OF THESE! Everyone had at least one of these, in various colors in the 90s

    [–] Save entire team. Shutdown reaper ult. Kill entire enemy team. This is how you fully experience transcendence. sassylin7 1 points ago in Overwatch

    totally depends on the rank you are in. I rather have anything else than a silver/gold zen, he's too high skill ceiling to be useful there.

    [–] How to Properly Defeat Bastion sassylin7 14 points ago in Overwatch

    how the heck did that wall not go down in seconds

    [–] What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives? sassylin7 1 points ago in AskReddit

    While this sounds very tempting I cant help but feel too scared to do that as a woman, even in European countries. I wonder if i can get over this once, maybe when Im more used to travelling.

    [–] What's a movie you refuse to watch for one reason or another? sassylin7 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I watched it with friends and while they were horrified and disgusted I actually laughed and really enjoyed it. For me it was a "so bad its good" movie. Interestingly I hated Wreck it Ralph 2 and I dare to say I enjoyed the Emoji Movie more.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review sassylin7 4 points ago in science

    what? we were taught about insects from like second or third grade, and then again in highschool, and we also learned about the importance of every animal in the chain. Another question is who paid attention though.

    [–] This is so cute! sassylin7 5 points ago in skyrim

    very cute art. worst ruins to explore.