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    [–] Tell us what you can about Unai Emery saucyalternative 6 points ago in Gunners

    That Valencia team around that time was stacked. Villa, Silva, Mata, Joaquin, Vicente, Banega, Albelda, Albiol and Alba.

    [–] Tell us what you can about Unai Emery saucyalternative 12 points ago in Gunners

    Yo he was brilliant with Villa, Silva and Mata. That Valencia team was delicious.

    [–] Heartache... What happens now? saucyalternative 1 points ago in u_huntingchasers

    Hey man. If you need to talk then absolutely do not be afraid to holler a brother like myself. You are amazing and everyday is a new day to discover new experiences.

    [–] Clown Proof. Beautiful advertising yet again from Audi. saucyalternative 2 points ago in videos

    I actually don't see it like this. I see it like people causing danger on the road and the surroundings and Audi doing a fantastic job of advertising the technology they have on their cars to protect their drivers and other road users against that. Technology, which has been around for years.

    Audi can't dictate who drives their cars.

    [–] Our top-six Wengerisms ( saucyalternative 41 points ago in Gunners

    This is perfect.

    Especially loved the phonetic for Top Top Quality.