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    [–] I asked my mom to take this picture. Do your worst saucyalternative 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Your mum taking the picture is the least of your worries here, buddy.

    [–] Gone Girl is absolutely fantastic. saucyalternative 2 points ago in movies

    God yes! Stumbled across it on Netflix one night and was hooked from the get go. Watching Hugh Jackman's character evolve throughout the film was excellent to watch.

    [–] Thierry Henry as an expert analyst vs Thierry Henry as a manager saucyalternative 12 points ago in Gunners

    Yea. They had a 17 year old left winger debutant, Massengo, come on against PSG after one of their other youngster's, a sub for Nacer Chadli who suffered a muscular injury, pulled his hamstring. Really awful time they are going through

    [–] Premier League clubs put Video Assistant Referees (VAR) back on the agenda saucyalternative 3 points ago in soccer

    Each time he pointed to his earpiece and gave the decision in less than a minute on each occasion. So slick.

    [–] What old insults need to make a comeback? saucyalternative 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I still use this regularly. You either get someone that sulks away or takes real offence to it.

    [–] Post-match thread? Palace 2 - 2 Arsenal saucyalternative 1 points ago in Gunners

    Have you Tierney or Tah?

    Genuinely interested into why you think we should but them and how they are better than what we have.

    [–] Post-match thread? Palace 2 - 2 Arsenal saucyalternative 4 points ago in Gunners

    What? Mustafi had been absolutely superb until this game. He gave away a stupid penalty and I'm sure Emery will have a word with him about that. Xhaka is being played out of position because of Injuries to both our left backs, which is unfortunate.

    Tell me, who would you buy (Realistically)?

    [–] Post-match thread? Palace 2 - 2 Arsenal saucyalternative 0 points ago in Gunners

    Why should we buy more defenders? We have more than adequate cover. It's just unfortunate the injuries we've had in key areas.

    [–] Post Match Thread: Crystal Palace 2-2 Arsenal saucyalternative 3 points ago in Gunners

    Over reactionary nonsense in the match thread. Jesus Christ, I don't think these people enjoy the trials and tribulations of football.

    [–] Match Thread: Crystal Palace vs Arsenal [English Premier League] saucyalternative -8 points ago in Gunners

    The penalties were legit.

    Lacazette handled the ball for the assist.

    Horrible subs.

    Get over it you cunts.

    [–] Explosion? saucyalternative 1 points ago in glasgow

    There was two yesterday near the daily record building. Is there a recycling plant down there?

    [–] Gordon Ramsay is no better than Americans professing how Scottish they are through Scottish "Ancestors" saucyalternative 2 points ago in glasgow

    The way he pronounced 'Brechin' like Breachon was when I switched off from his 'I'm Scottish' yarns. That was a minute and a half into the programme.

    It's pronunced Bree-chin, Gordon.

    [–] Arsenal traveling squad saucyalternative 1 points ago in Gunners

    You cunts need to chill tf out. This is by far the hardest game in the group. Let's qualify and then give the youngsters minutes.

    [–] Arsenal linked with Nicolas Tagliafico saucyalternative 17 points ago in soccer

    If that freaks you out; I'd stay clear of Cisse's, Dembele's and Toure's.

    [–] Absolute tragedy - RIP to my 'going away to Uni' mug, been with me thru 3 uni homes send 2 flats, cheers to all the tea over the years! 😭♥️ saucyalternative 74 points ago in CasualUK

    "Shit, sorry man. Have you got a dustpan and brush?"

    "No, no it's fine I'll get it"

    while reaching for the pan and brush and gently sobbing "it was just a glass..."

    We are all here for you.