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    [–] Caterpillars everywhere savedthebestforlast 2 points ago in whatsthisbug

    I believe thats a fall army worm. I have tons in my yard and have just been devouring my grass.

    [–] Something laid eggs on this guy. He's been growing beautifully with the advice I've received here but, now I'm worried. What are these and what should I do? savedthebestforlast 1 points ago in SavageGarden

    They had almost clear bodies and tiny black heads (from what I could tell anyways). As I scraped them off a few fell and were hanging by what looked like webbing. We have walnut caterpillars out here so I considered them but I'm not sure.

    [–] What kind of caterpillar has taken over my yard? Felt like millions of them while I was mowing. Fort worth Texas. savedthebestforlast 1 points ago in whatsthisbug

    I think your right. They were all over my yard. Some were dark like this and some were a brighter green. Also looked like the little spots had tiny little hairs on them.

    [–] What question do you hate being asked? savedthebestforlast 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I get this one a lot as well. I'm 28 and still tiny. It's either "how are you so small? Do you even eat?" Or some variation on what my diet is.

    [–] What is your favorite show that only got 1 or 2 seasons? savedthebestforlast 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was so happy when I found that show. And loved the way they were going then boom it's over. I was very upset for weeks.