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    [–] Are there any low cost, easy ways to manipulate steps on a step-tracker? savvyfuck 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Apparently running it in your dryer with no heat truly works but will ultimately pretty costly with electricity

    [–] In Shanghai, a unique underground hotel opened last month. It utilizes an abandoned quarry and the bottom two levels are completely underwater savvyfuck 22 points ago in interestingasfuck

    The world’s first underground hotel has opened in Shanghai, buried almost 90 metres deep in an old quarry. Built into the side wall of a decommissioned quarry, the 18-storey InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is almost entirely subterranean.

    In the Sheshan Mountain Range on the fringes of Shanghai, the luxury hotel has two floors above ground and 16 below ground, including two floors that are underwater.

    Key design features of the quarry hotel include a cascading glass waterfall and exposed rock. Inside, the 336 rooms and suites are designed to mimic the quarry’s landscape, with eye-popping views of the surrounding quarry. There are also underwater suites featuring an in-room aquarium where guests can watch shoals of fish swim past.

    And if guests get bored of staying in such a bonkers environment, there are other extreme adventures available, including rock climbing, kayaking and walking across the glass-floor skywalk. There's also a nightly light show and, in a nod to the hotel's location, a Quarry Bar.

    [–] Damn girl, nice ass savvyfuck 456 points ago in evilbuildings

    This is a steelworks factory in Donetsk, Ukraine

    [–] Cool guide for learning where your milk is coming from (America) savvyfuck 23 points ago in coolguides

    I was trying to find the other territories besides DC and PR then saw your comment, duh

    [–] Cool guide for learning where your milk is coming from (America) savvyfuck 39 points ago in coolguides

    My boss seriously believes milk that is sold in the store is water that's been reconstituted with milk powder, not actually fresh milk. I told him he's dumb for thinking that but whatever

    [–] That's called a mother-in-law suite savvyfuck 32 points ago in evilbuildings

    As long as she's far away.. I'm ok with it

    [–] That's called a mother-in-law suite savvyfuck 283 points ago in evilbuildings

    Orava Castle, is situated on a high rock above the Orava river in Slovakia. The castle was built in the Kingdom of Hungary in the thirteenth century. 

    Orava Castle was owned by many aristocrats, county heads and noblemen, protecting important road to Poland and serving as an administrative and military centre for the region

    The perspective is a little tricky in the original picture. Here's the full castle from a distance

    [–] 🎶 It's a beautiful morning 🎶 savvyfuck 1153 points ago in evilbuildings

    This picture was taken in Beijing