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    [–] Oasis in a concrete jungle savvyfuck 44 points ago in bizarrebuildings

    I bet the nice folks over at r/powerwashingporn would like this

    I just shared this photo over there

    [–] Oasis in a concrete jungle savvyfuck 227 points ago in bizarrebuildings

    This is part of the Rockefeller Center complex.

    There's actually two!

    [–] "Which way do I go?" savvyfuck 132 points ago in evilbuildings

    this guy has some very interesting pieces

    [–] A clever way to show what ancient ruins used to look like. savvyfuck 21 points ago in pics

    lol this was on the FrontPage r/popular like 10 hours ago, 3 days ago, a week ago....

    [–] Supreme leader savvyfuck 2 points ago in pics

    Sorry, I meant Rocketman 🚀