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    [–] This Is Us [Episode Discussion] - S02E02 - A Manny-Splendored Thing saxman162 11 points ago in thisisus

    I thought they really wanted us to notice the guys putting their cigarettes in the ash tray before going into the church for AA. Likely foreshadowing how the house fire started...

    To me it seemed as obvious as when they showed the phone cord around Rebecca’s pregnant stomach in season 1.

    [–] Getting chased by this terrifying beast at St. Mary's. saxman162 5 points ago in skiing

    Are you sure this isn’t a screen capture from the old windows game ski free??

    [–] What Tom Hanks movie did they go to see in the last episode? He wasn't in any movies in 1997 according to this. saxman162 10 points ago in thisisus

    You're right. I guess it could have been any Tom Hanks movie up to that point. Although I doubt she would have tried to cheer them up by seeing one like Philadelphia.

    [–] This Is Us S2E01 - "A Father's Advice" LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD!!! saxman162 189 points ago in thisisus

    You just know that the firefighter that found Randal will be the one to find Jack...

    [–] John Daly winning British Open 1995 saxman162 2 points ago in trashy

    Good Ole University of Arkansas!