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    [–] [Game Thread] #7 Purdue @ Michigan (9:00 PM ET) saxman162 6 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Dackich is really sniffing Diop’s jock strap tonight.

    [–] Terry Rozier’s future saxman162 2 points ago in bostonceltics

    Terry reminds me of Bobby Jackson from the Sacramento Kings’ hay days.

    [–] Tirade Tuesday saxman162 13 points ago in crossfit

    I’m so out of shape right now that I can only ironically wear my “meet me at the bar”[bell] shirt :/

    [–] Thoughts on Marcus Morris missing extended time. saxman162 1 points ago in bostonceltics

    Morris is historically a good defender on Lebron. Just get him back to 100% for when we play the Cavs in the playoffs.

    [–] This Is Us [Episode Discussion] - S02E08 - Number One saxman162 5 points ago in thisisus

    The shot of Kevin in his basement room lingered on his desk lamp after he got up. I thought that might have been a clue :( The circuit breaker idea adds to this thought...

    [–] 20 point losses this year for teams in Indiana. saxman162 3 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    This title is misleading. It was a 21 point IU loss!

    [–] This Is Us [Episode Discussion] - S02E06 - The 20's saxman162 7 points ago in thisisus

    Product placement man. NBC put that candy wrapper clear on screen to the highest bidder.

    [–] In 2013 Rick Pitino called into a Boston radio station and gave the shortest interview ever. saxman162 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    I talked about how he wanted to full court press dudes in the NBA and how that only really works at college and below. Lame.