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    [–] THEY HAD TO CUT OFF THE BEARD!? scabspoon 1 points ago in InfinityWar

    Talking to future version of black widow

    [–] I’m a Celebrity 2018 catchphrases scabspoon -5 points ago in ImACelebTV

    Ant gets smashed on a regular basis

    [–] SPLASH scabspoon 2 points ago in combinedgifs

    Need to save this as gif.. how?

    [–] Anyone else hate the activation phrases? scabspoon 1 points ago in googlehome

    Google AI was called genie.. they should revert it back to that.. hey genie ding...sing a song

    [–] 3 round burst sucks they said. scabspoon 0 points ago in gaming

    Stupid question.. what game is this?

    [–] How strict is Piracy in the UK? scabspoon 6 points ago in Piracy

    I got an email from your the other day asking for money

    [–] Bomgar scabspoon 1 points ago in sysadmin


    [–] Emby & Fire TV scabspoon 0 points ago in emby

    Don't think that's true. For you to be able to play anything from your emby server it requires subscription

    [–] My husband looks at Imgur porn all day scabspoon -13 points ago in sexover30

    May be time for you to make a little effort too.