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    [–] Tornado schwarzkraut 30 points ago in AbruptChaos

    The issue is the ground in parts of America... (& you may be underestimating how & tornadoes work and how strong they are.)

    If you’ve seen footage from the so called “Tornado Alley” area of the United States, ironically many homes in that area cannot be built with a basement in a cost effective way. The ground is too hard. Without a basement it doesn’t really matter what you build it it out of...a tornado is just going to fling it around. A brick house without the stability of a basement won’t collapse like a wooden house but it’ll have been damaged beyond repair from the stress (like how you can’t just cut the roof off of a car & maintain structural integrity) Accordingly it’s literally cheaper to build a house that’s just affixed to a slab & then rebuild it after the unlikely event of a tornado than to build one in those areas capable of withstanding a tornado.

    Additionally, tornados can often be very focused & concentrated. Like in the video, they can rip through a neighborhood destroying one house while leaving others...& even vehicles in the driveway seemingly untouched.

    [–] [Tutorial] How to install jailbreak (or any IPA) via patched AltServer on Windows schwarzkraut 1 points ago in jailbreak

    It is absolutely jailbroken. All tweaks went back to working immediately. Can open Cydia, etc.

    Is that 7 days if he wants to have unc0ver to rejailbreak after a reboot or in order to keep the jailbreak? I always thought that the jailbroken state is supposed to persist until a reboot...does it destabilize once unc0ver’s certificate expires?

    [–] [Tutorial] How to install jailbreak (or any IPA) via patched AltServer on Windows schwarzkraut 1 points ago in jailbreak

    First things first THANK YOU to the creators of this. I’m confused though as to whether this needs to be “redone”. My friend had ReProvision but it is by all accounts dead. After it stopped working his phone slowly stopped working like it had cancer (random resprings after unc0ver’s cert expired, camera stopped working, & then suddenly from one minute to the next without a reboot he was no longer jailbroken). Altstore successfully reinstalled unc0ver but when you open cert time to check how long until it’s certificate expires it says “State: No certificate compatible” and no date/time info on when unc0ver presumably has to be resigned. Full disclosure he’s on 12.1 so this wasn’t even supposed to work so I’m not sure if maybe he’s found some magical demilitarized zone where he’s free to be jailbroken...

    Any info about how to keep his jailbreak going forward would be greatly appreciated.

    [–] Theoretical question schwarzkraut 2 points ago in suspiciouslyspecific

    Musiq Soulchild wrote an entire song about it: seventeen