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    [–] Rest of the fucking puyo scottasin12343 4 points ago in restofthefuckingowl

    so its like Puzzle Pirates then.

    [–] Why I am leaving this sub. scottasin12343 1 points ago in AntiJokes

    shit man, I've never had gold and I don't believe you... but I'll comment out of curiosity.

    [–] Swimming Through Air scottasin12343 1 points ago in woahdude

    grayling actually. related, not a trout

    [–] found while making my bed this morning, bedbug or just bug on bed? scottasin12343 1 points ago in whatsthisbug

    recently stayed at a friends place in NYC at the same time as a touring band, so although his place was clean I could totally see the band having picked up hitchhikers. Is my paranoia founded?

    [–] I'll be honest. Trash panda sounds derogatory. scottasin12343 3 points ago in trashpandas

    I think its a slang term for a junk collector/reseller. theres a TV show called American Pickers, and sadly its about junk and not bluegrass...

    [–] Ice Ingredients scottasin12343 3 points ago in notinteresting

    found the pot dealer

    [–] She asked him to use a real technique on her. scottasin12343 1 points ago in gifs

    I'm just here for your user name. Signed, a Michigander.

    [–] HMJB while I jump in the pool scottasin12343 9 points ago in holdmyjuicebox

    my family had a pool growing up... the rules at our pool were the same as pools everywhere... no diving in the shallow end, and no diving without your hands in front of you... this kid is breaking both of those rules and is being filmed by his parents... if he'd succeeded, kid would have snapped his neck under water. great parenting.

    [–] Playing With These Shapes At School scottasin12343 3 points ago in nostalgia

    how do I get hands on some of these? I think I could have a lot of fun.

    [–] I think one of my housemates has tapeworms. scottasin12343 1 points ago in WTF

    different than a midge larva... midges are mosquito sized brah.