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    [–] 'Winds of Winter' not coming in 2018 screambloodymurder -1 points ago in books

    There's so much anger here from fans of the books. Like Martin owes the world another book.

    [–] What's your slightly illegal life hack? screambloodymurder 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Try for downloading movies and TV shows

    [–] What common product has a feature you’re not sure everyone is aware of? screambloodymurder 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This is also true of Android phones. Google Maps knew where I live and work within about a week of me getting my phone. It's both convenient and creepy.

    [–] Finally, the mysterious first part of photosynthesis comes into view screambloodymurder 7 points ago in Futurology

    If scientists were able to understand all of the intricacies of photosynthesis and reproduce them artificially, could that be used as a source of renewable energy?

    [–] Tennessee man wrongly jailed for 31 years finally becomes a millionaire screambloodymurder -2 points ago in news

    Even the headline is idiotic. It seems to imply that he spent all that time in prison by choice, just so he could get a million dollars when he got out.

    [–] Trump sacks Rex Tillerson as state secretary screambloodymurder 8 points ago in worldnews

    So your support for Trump is based entirely on "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

    [–] [Image] Wise words from Nadiya Hussain screambloodymurder 32 points ago in GetMotivated

    She's not in Iran, numbnuts. The show is called the Great British Bake Off.

    [–] [Image] Wise words from Nadiya Hussain screambloodymurder 12 points ago in GetMotivated

    Many women do choose to wear the Hijab regardless of what people think. Freedom is a double edged sword. Women should be free to do as they want. And if what they want is to wear the Hijab, so be it. And this post is about her winning a baking competition man, so untwist your knickers, would you?

    [–] ELI5: How does the French healthcare system work and why is it rated as one of the best in the world? screambloodymurder 11 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Indian here. I recently had both upper wisdom teeth removed, a filling, and teeth cleaned and polished for about US$135 in India. No insurance.

    [–] cut my Internet bill by almost half by calling anf asking for a better deal screambloodymurder 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Sadly, there are only 4 options for the internet where I live and my provider is the only one that offers fiber internet. The others are even worse. This is not in the US, by the way. I should have said earlier. Sorry for the confusion.