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    [–] Daily Talk Thread - April 22, 2019 sebastiancavolina 1 points ago in vzla

    Jakjskakska mano el que gaste plata en alquiler de maquinaria CNC por hobby en Venezuela está miando bien fuera del perol. Es interesante y divertido si sabes que hacer, pero me voy a tener que poner a parir un cerro e bola si quiero diseñar algo lacreoso para sacar money. Por eso el énfasis en Inventor y las simulaciones físicas que tiene, I'm not willing to throw away money just for shits and giggles lmao.

    [–] Translation: I'll never have women like her cuz I'm ugly sebastiancavolina 3 points ago in youngpeopleyoutube

    Maybe you meant to type r/brandnewsentence.

    I'm not a bot, and if you reply with "delet dis" i might delete it, but i also might not, since I'm a lazy fuck.

    [–] You must conform, Jon sebastiancavolina 7 points ago in imsorryjon

    There is no escape, Jon. You will be A S S I M I L A T E D

    [–] Daily Talk Thread - April 22, 2019 sebastiancavolina 1 points ago in vzla

    No realmente. Solo estoy interesado en crear cosas y ver como interactuan en una simulación antes de gastar plata en prototipar. Precisamente para prototipar es que voy a aprender a usar Inventor y controles de CNC y 3D printing.

    [–] Daily Talk Thread - April 22, 2019 sebastiancavolina 1 points ago in vzla

    Agreed, pero es bueno para aprender las bases del Inventor. El inventor es la misma verga pero con motores que simulan física. Hasta le puedes instalar un plugin de simulación aerodinámica.

    [–] Daily Talk Thread - April 22, 2019 sebastiancavolina 3 points ago in vzla

    Terminé mi curso de AutoCAD 2D, voy a inscribirme en 3D y luego uno de AutodeskInventor. Quiero aprender a manejar CNC.

    [–] Starts fight on bus, gets beat unconscious then stomped to a bloody mess sebastiancavolina 2 points ago in BrutalBeatdowns

    Lmao, i dont get what is so hard to understand. She maybe didn't deserve to be left bleeding on the brink of death, but if you start shit, you better expect some more shit. People don't have to take your bullshit. He's just another keyboard SJW, dont bother.

    [–] Just...why sebastiancavolina 1 points ago in Why

    Nope. Its a weird internet products retailer. Mosly web store. They sell giant gummy bears, giant gummy worms, magnetic silly putty, remote controlled desk cannons, etc. Everything that has gone viral in the last 10 years, they got it.

    Edit for clarification: this is just their youtube channel where they goof around with the products. Its a pretty fucking fun chanel for just being some YouTube-ized infomercial outlet.

    [–] This man reddits sebastiancavolina 4 points ago in everyfuckingthread

    What about r/wush then?

    Edit: for fucks sake

    [–] This man reddits sebastiancavolina 19 points ago in everyfuckingthread

    I'm more of a r/wosh kind of guy. Praise the wosh.

    [–] Guy gets destroyed at the hood's favorite breakfast place sebastiancavolina 1 points ago in BrutalBeatdowns

    IHOP sure has their full stock of freaks every fucking year lmao this is getting ridiculous.

    [–] *sadness intensifies* sebastiancavolina 2 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    Yes it does. First is the dog all happy and hyper and super cute, and then there's the reaction from when he remembers the mass murders he committed with his buddy Mao back in China. They still haunt him to this day.