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    [–] Moving into a new place and don't own any living room furniture - help me plan? secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in DesignMyRoom

    That's good advice about colour, and it would give me more flexibility if I ever move as well. Thanks! Any idea how you would arrange it?

    [–] Siege of Dragonspear is now on the App Store secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in baldursgate

    I'm not seeing it on Canadian app store but maybe it'll show up later today.

    Does this mean the updates for BG and BGII will be available some time today as well?

    [–] Would give this movie a watch secretly_a_marmoset 26 points ago in funny

    3 actually - only Schwartzman is American

    [–] Darren Dreger: The Jets are talking to a number of teams. Nash, Hoffman, Maroon, Letestu, Hartman, among the many Wpg has kicked tires on. Busy week ahead. secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in hockey

    TBH I'm not an expert but during last night's Jets broadcast they reported that bonuses would eat all but $1.5 million worth of the Jets cap space this year. Bonuses have to count against the cap somehow (maybe you can roll it forward to next year?) otherwise it would be a big loophole.

    [–] Marc Bergevin’s biggest deadline asset isn’t a player (Spoiler Alert: It's Cap Space) secretly_a_marmoset 2 points ago in Habs

    I agree but one thing you're forgetting about with other team's cap space is performance bonuses. Winnipeg is going to pay our $4.5 worth, leaving them with around $1.5 in space. I'm sure some of the other better teams like NJD are similar. We on the other hand are unlikely to have that problem :(

    [–] Tape to Tape NHL Podcast: Are the Jets better off keeping Wheeler at centre? secretly_a_marmoset 11 points ago in winnipegjets

    Long story short: If Wheeler and Scheifele center the top 2 lines, teams won't have the bottom six depth to match the Lowery and Little lines.

    [–] This bombardier beetle surviving 88 minutes in a toad's stomach while causing toxic explosions to make it vomit is 🔥 secretly_a_marmoset 6 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Insects can survive longer with less air than mammals. Here is the write-up of the experiments. The bigger question is how can they survive so long covered in stomach acid. They think the beetles toxic excretions neutralizing the toad's acid may be one possibility.

    [–] $10M+ contracts = death knell of success secretly_a_marmoset 47 points ago in hockey

    Whenever I see Lucic's contract I remember that he turned down more money in Montreal to play with McDavid. Our GM really isn't very good.

    [–] Max Pacioretty reportedly expects to be dealt 'soon' secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in Habs

    Yeah, the whole thing is worth listening to. The idea of trading our first round pick this year was an interesting take too.

    [–] How will muriatic acid affect floor putty? secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Thanks for the response! It may actually be caulking, I just assumed putty because it's a light taupe color.

    I'm already committed to painting - the other side of the garage was done a couple of months ago so this is just to match it. I'm using Drylok Latex Concrete Floor Paint so hopefully it holds up. It's actually my parent's floor which has been left unsealed for the past 10 years - I'm just glad they finally left me put something down on it to keep the concrete dust down.

    [–] Ranged combat in ToB is... actually kinda underrated secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in baldursgate

    I've played this game for a few years, how am I just learning about this Shield of Refection now? I've totally missed it!