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    [–] The 2.5 Update Beta for BG:EE, BGII:EE and IWD:EE is HERE (available on Steam, Beamdog, and Google Play)! secretly_a_marmoset 2 points ago in baldursgate

    Any way you can tell the Canadian App Store to get off their ass and approve these patches? Us unfortunate few are still in the dark ages playing 1.3

    [–] Haer Dalis is... surprisingly good... secretly_a_marmoset 12 points ago in baldursgate

    I've avoided Mazzy in the past because I had read that she wasn't that great. Wow, was I wrong. Give her Crom Faeyr and Kundane for the extra attack and watch her destroy. Her special ability spells like Lay on Hands and Haste make her all the better.

    [–] Full Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition iOS Patch 2.4 Notes (the patch is finally available!) secretly_a_marmoset 2 points ago in baldursgate

    Now if only the Canadian App Store would hurry up and make it available, we're still waiting for the BG2 patch to show up.

    [–] With solar sails being so thin, how do they avoid being punctured by tiny space debris? secretly_a_marmoset 122 points ago in askscience

    To add to that, part of the analysis includes simulating small particle impacts with a very cool gun to test their effect on components like solar sails

    [–] What insult has been stuck in your head since you've heard it? secretly_a_marmoset 2900 points ago in AskReddit

    I once read an article about how insulting someone's mother is found in every culture throughout history. The most savage example was "If the road were made of cocks, your mother would walk on her ass". I think it was Italian.

    [–] Latest update on patch status, IWD II, and Beamdog Client secretly_a_marmoset 5 points ago in baldursgate

    App store users finally get the patch?! Finally my days of playing 1.3 like a peasant are nearly over!

    [–] The Nashville Predators expansion draft team from 1998 secretly_a_marmoset 22 points ago in hockey

    Not only that, because Richter resigned with NYR, Nashville got a 2nd round pick that they turned into Shea Weber