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    [–] The Nashville Predators expansion draft team from 1998 secretly_a_marmoset 21 points ago in hockey

    Not only that, because Richter resigned with NYR, Nashville got a 2nd round pick that they turned into Shea Weber

    [–] Any way to limit Grackles? secretly_a_marmoset 2 points ago in Ornithology

    Shortening the perches helps but you can also look at squirrel-proof feeders, either one with an outer cage that only allows smaller birds access or a squirrel-buster, which has a weight adjustable closing mechanism.

    [–] Creating a party around two companions? secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago in baldursgate

    One of my most enjoyable 3-person parties was a Berserker/Druid with Jan and Wilson. Less used characters, well-balanced, but not too OP. And it's a neutral party.

    [–] Got a ton of ground beef at Costco that was sell by 4/29 (3 days ago) can I cook it today? secretly_a_marmoset 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in AskCulinary

    If you want to be especially sure you won't get sick, one thing you can do is add cinnamon, it's extremely effective in killing E. coli. Clove and garlic also kill bacteria. I work in remote field camps and don't always have refrigeration. I would never use meat that is starting to really smell off, but if I'm pushing the "use by" date or the ice in the cooler went faster than expected, I'll make sweet and sour meatballs with cinnamon and garlic - tastes great and no one has ever had gotten sick or had stomach issues.

    Edit: according to this web page, a 1 percent ratio (2 to 5 teaspoons) of garlic powder to two pounds of ground beef kills 90-97 percent of E.coli

    [–] TIL that sucking a King’s nipples was an ancient Irish form of submission. secretly_a_marmoset 6 points ago in todayilearned

    Probably not. The only reference to the practice ever found is from Patrick's Confession. Patrick often attributed bizarre practices to the Irish to make them appear backwards and pagan.

    [–] We're drafting 13th! secretly_a_marmoset 12 points ago in winnipegjets

    It's called the Gold Plan. Here is what this year's draft would look like using it