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    [–] Links + Discussion secretlyanastronaut 2 points ago in loopdaddy

    He's made an equipment rundown here if you've not seen it already, very in depth

    [–] He waited his enitre life for this moment secretlyanastronaut 8 points ago in funny

    He backflipped his tie out of his waistcoat. That's pretty impressive

    [–] Crash Zoom Kickstarter secretlyanastronaut 2 points ago in TomSka


    Seriously though, seems like a good plan. Especially as you've already been through all of this before, so you know the pitfalls to avoid. The perks all seem very reasonable as well.

    So yeah, go for it!

    [–] oof ouch my clams secretlyanastronaut 104 points ago in bonehurtingjuice

    At this time of year?