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    [–] i am so fucking sick of soundsmith see_my_money_carpet 36 points ago in tf2

    he’s not saying he’s watching him, he’s just saying that soundsmith has too much control of the tf2 yt scene and a good chunk of the community in general. People will judge you unironically for hats you wear because of soundsmith “ironically” shitting on them, and there’s other tubers that deserve way more than he has at this point. He has no range in his videos and there’s nothing to back them up.

    He simply is being lazy with his content. Almost entering muselk territory.

    [–] i am so fucking sick of soundsmith see_my_money_carpet 51 points ago in tf2

    I know you’re probably going to enter downvote hell, but I agree. I keep trying to give him a chance but his videos are not up to par for how big his subscriber base is. He tends to pull the “it’s ironic so you can’t judge me!” card a whole lot, and in his most recent sniper video nothing interesting happens at all and he either bursts out laughing at the simplest things, or just kinda makes fun of gibus/inexperienced players the whole time.

    He needs to bring something worthwhile to the table. His weird attitude and staleness is starting to catch up to him.

    [–] Pyro see_my_money_carpet 8 points ago in tf2


    [–] DisgustingDamage.PNG see_my_money_carpet 33 points ago in tf2shitposterclub

    While I find this pretty funny, the reason why the frontier is in a decent spot right now is that 1. It’s rare to hit all your pellets from mid-long range whereas the diamondback has a dead accurate shot 2. Engie is fragile and doesn’t have tools to escape like the spy does 3. You’re sacrificing more firepower and tools (rescue ranger, stock shotty) while the spy’s really only other alternative is the l’etranger (I use stock just cause I feel bad using the diamondback).

    [–] Dane Fortress 2 [OC] see_my_money_carpet 19 points ago in tf2

    he used to rock the Endothermic Exowear before the Insulated Inventor existed. Back in the “BEST” frag video days.

    [–] Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R LM see_my_money_carpet 17 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in carporn

    Fun Fact about this car. The R33 LM was the replacement to the famous “Calsonic” R32 skyline that won 29 races from 29 starts across 4 seasons. But in order for this car to be used on the track, it needed to homologated. So they did, and this is the only road-going version they made. It’s now housed at the Nissan DNA Garage.

    [–] Alfa Romeo 4C Spider see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago in carporn

    Here in the U.S., maybe a little hyped since they’re kinda new, but the Giulia coupe is honestly such a gorgeous little car. I just want to slightly lower one and slap some rotiforms on it and be done. I understand what you’re saying though.

    [–] Soldier hurt a bit see_my_money_carpet 103 points ago in tf2

    now that’s a skull fracture for sure!

    [–] i see_my_money_carpet 15 points ago in tf2shitposterclub

    r/tf2 downvotes these so I have to post here, the superior r/tf2shitposterclub

    [–] Peugeot 205 Rallye, one of my favorite cars see_my_money_carpet 1 points ago in carporn

    Love it. An underrated little number, usually overshadowed a tad by the Stratos or the Quattro, but I just love the retro vibe on this thing. Same with the Delta