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    [–] Hate for ally spys. see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago in tf2

    My guy, skill levels vary immensely in pubs. You shouldn’t hate ally spies just because you ran into some who weren’t very good. They’re learning the game and going at their own pace. You know what you get into if you play casual. If you’re upset about your cover being blown by an ally spy, I would switch off.

    [–] why wont you DIE?! see_my_money_carpet 14 points ago in tf2

    Jesus Christ don’t be an asshat about it. If you’re gonna give advice just do it with some class.

    [–] "Way to go, pally!" see_my_money_carpet 1 points ago in tf2

    I genuinely miss krunchynaut. Solid videos!

    [–] Caps Lock for duck? see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago in truetf2

    I’m glad someone remembers the days of combat arms! First pc shooter I played :-)

    [–] Difference between America and Scotland see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    The soldier only says this stuff when he is “dominating” another player. In this case it was the demoman. The soldier is kinda dumb, so his cracks are either flat out racist or make no sense. There are tons of voice lines he will make when he dominates opposing players. Here.

    [–] Difference between America and Scotland see_my_money_carpet 5 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    for those downvoting, this is a Team Fortress 2 refrence in which the Soldier class, a stereotypical right wing American, makes fun of the Demoman, a black Scotsman

    [–] The best soldier loadout see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago in tf2

    Now ya just gotta use “da whip” with demoman killed!

    [–] The #keeprandomcrits starterpack see_my_money_carpet 20 points ago in tf2

    Imma be real with u chief! I rarely see these players. This is almost throwing every negative stereotype in the bucket here. I’m not on either side of the crit debate cause I don’t mind either outcome, but there’s no reason to slam dudes for being late on memes n shit. Let a dude have fun.

    [–] Im new to trading, what key should i buy/ does it even matter? see_my_money_carpet 1 points ago in tf2

    Are you on a free account or premium? Free accounts have very little space, so if you’re buying more than one key, the purchase might exceed your backpack slots. I would delete a crate or two since they’re worth 2 cents, and try again :-) see if it works out.

    [–] Im new to trading, what key should i buy/ does it even matter? see_my_money_carpet 2 points ago in tf2

    The standard Mann Co. supply crate key is the most universal for trading. It’s best to buy them on the Steam market or

    [–] hey guyzz i do sfm suggest funi memz plz :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD see_my_money_carpet 3 points ago in tf2

    Hey I got a real zinger bro really hilarious put “spy does not know de wey” over a disappointed scout sfm.

    [–] What was the first ever hat you brought? see_my_money_carpet 1 points ago in tf2

    Holy hell thats like the price of a pro ks minigun for unique items off the mann co store

    [–] i am so fucking sick of soundsmith see_my_money_carpet 34 points ago in tf2

    he’s not saying he’s watching him, he’s just saying that soundsmith has too much control of the tf2 yt scene and a good chunk of the community in general. People will judge you unironically for hats you wear because of soundsmith “ironically” shitting on them, and there’s other tubers that deserve way more than he has at this point. He has no range in his videos and there’s nothing to back them up.

    He simply is being lazy with his content. Almost entering muselk territory.

    [–] i am so fucking sick of soundsmith see_my_money_carpet 56 points ago in tf2

    I know you’re probably going to enter downvote hell, but I agree. I keep trying to give him a chance but his videos are not up to par for how big his subscriber base is. He tends to pull the “it’s ironic so you can’t judge me!” card a whole lot, and in his most recent sniper video nothing interesting happens at all and he either bursts out laughing at the simplest things, or just kinda makes fun of gibus/inexperienced players the whole time.

    He needs to bring something worthwhile to the table. His weird attitude and staleness is starting to catch up to him.

    [–] Pyro see_my_money_carpet 8 points ago in tf2


    [–] DisgustingDamage.PNG see_my_money_carpet 42 points ago in tf2shitposterclub

    While I find this pretty funny, the reason why the frontier is in a decent spot right now is that 1. It’s rare to hit all your pellets from mid-long range whereas the diamondback has a dead accurate shot 2. Engie is fragile and doesn’t have tools to escape like the spy does 3. You’re sacrificing more firepower and tools (rescue ranger, stock shotty) while the spy’s really only other alternative is the l’etranger (I use stock just cause I feel bad using the diamondback).

    [–] Dane Fortress 2 [OC] see_my_money_carpet 21 points ago in tf2

    he used to rock the Endothermic Exowear before the Insulated Inventor existed. Back in the “BEST” frag video days.