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    [–] What are the best workout headphones? selflessGene 1 points ago in leangains

    Jaybird has shitty customer service. My $150 x3 stopped working in 1 ear after 2 years and I couldn't get them to respond to my email, or phone calls. The wires will fray at the connection to the earpiece and there are multiple reports of this happening.

    Ended up buying some generic wireless in-ear brand on Amazon for $40 and they've been great so far. You can control the music via the earpieces themselves and it has good sound isolation and decent bass. At least if these break in a couple years I won't be pissed I spent $$$.

    [–] Trump in Hindsight selflessGene 1 points ago in Ask_Politics

    Hadn't thought of this, but I bet you're absolutely right on this.

    [–] Don't know how to get started at my age. selflessGene 3 points ago in cycling

    It's fine to have ambitious goals, but hold off until you've done a year of high level training before you decide if you really want to have Tour de France on your bucket list.

    Can you ride a bike doing high level volume of 30+ hours PER WEEK? Do you have a coach or are you willing to do the research yourself to learn how to train and do your nutrition to be an elite athlete?

    Your parents willingness to let you ride far and long is also and issue. You need MASSIVE amounts of miles to get your fitness up to even consider this a possibility.

    You'll be going to college in a couple of years. Willing to sacrifice social life, and probably your academics for the dream? Have you yet pushed your body to the limit to know if you have the genetic potential to recover fast enough to complete the race?

    You're young enough that I think it's possible that you could complete the TdF. But I don't think you yet understand how much you'd have to sacrifice.

    [–] Riding your mountain bike down some mountain steps selflessGene 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    It's pretty hard if you don't know those steps you just listed

    [–] Andrew Yang wants to Create a Department of Technology, to help regulate and guide the use of Emerging Technologies like AI. selflessGene 0 points ago in Futurology

    Warren was a law professor who was sole author of 3 books and co-author of 6 more. She's also a highly respected scholar for her legal publications and one of the most cited in commercial law.

    She's taught law at several top law universities including Harvard.

    Buttigieg was a Rhodes Scholar, which is usually a pretty high signal of intellectual horsepower.

    Now I'm not saying Yang isn't smart. He clearly is. I've met him. But absent some IQ test, the intellectual accomplishments of Warren/Buttigieg would make me bet on those two being smarter.

    [–] Is it worth waiting for spring to get a power meter? selflessGene 2 points ago in Velo

    What's the value of 2.5 months of structured training to you? For me, it's more than any discount I'd get by waiting.

    Pull the trigger.

    [–] Andrew Yang wants to Create a Department of Technology, to help regulate and guide the use of Emerging Technologies like AI. selflessGene -3 points ago in Futurology

    He's more focused on the impact of technology on society, which is commendable but he ain't smarter than Warren. Buttigieg is also probably smarter though just another corporate Democrat.

    [–] What kind of goals do you reach for? selflessGene 5 points ago in cycling

    My goal is to get better than average cardio. My entire adult life's fitness had been focused on lifting on and off at the expense of cardio. I look like a decently in shape guy but my VO2max and FTP are in the dumps. Would like to improve both by at least 50% over the next couple of years.

    [–] How to find investors if startup won't earn any money for quite a long time? selflessGene 1 points ago in startups

    The more uncertain your revenues, the better of a story teller you need to be to sell your vision.

    [–] To be racist selflessGene 4 points ago in therewasanattempt not a thing

    [–] To be racist selflessGene 1157 points ago in therewasanattempt

    This is probably a troll post.

    [–] Humility lesson last night. selflessGene 14 points ago in cycling

    This would make a great prank video for the cat 1s and pro women out there.

    Get a huffy, put on some jeans/skirt and go humiliate the weekend warriors like myself.

    [–] Does anyone limit weight on squats/deadlifts for injury prevention? selflessGene 1 points ago in fitness30plus

    Very few people in the commercial gyms I've gone to for the past 20 years have done 315 squat.

    I'm obviously not training around strong men, but to see a casual lifter put up 3 plates is an impressive feat.

    [–] Garmin Edge 530 or Wahoo Elemnt Bolt selflessGene 1 points ago in cycling

    As someone who once had the Garmin 820 touchscreen, don't go down that road. You don't want to be fiddling with an unreliable screen while you're moving a 25 mph down a descent.