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    [–] Deogie's present sellyourcomputer 9 points ago in DeogieComics

    this was made to give the cat a name

    [–] the temptation sellyourcomputer 20 points ago in funny

    Thank you for reading. His name is pronounced D-O-G. More comics here /r/DeogieComics/


    [–] Deogie Sad sellyourcomputer 3 points ago in DeogieComics

    i love you both.

    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 54 points ago in comics


    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 72 points ago in comics

    i only have one life to give. Maybe Kalidoscope98 will let you borrow it sometime.

    [–] Deogie Hands sellyourcomputer 7 points ago in DeogieComics

    this is the first comment on this subreddit ever so i gave u a Platinum. i love you

    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 184 points ago in comics

    thank you Kalidoscope98. When i put my comics on the internet, I like to think I'm sharing these comics with my friends as well. I would die for you Kalidoscope

    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 36 points ago in funny

    Honestly I'm just trying to make something i can actually show my family. my other comics are a bit much for my southern Baptist family to handle

    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 95 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in comics

    thank you for reading. more comics here /r/DeogieComics/


    [–] encouragement sellyourcomputer 49 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in funny

    thank you for reading. more comics here /r/DeogieComics/