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    [–] I wrote my third song! Let me know what you think? senraku 1 points ago in Songwriters

    You're stretching the lyrics to fit the rhymes... inebriation\vacation... While it works, doin it too much makes for awkward lyrics. Also you're singing could have more support.. little shaky but overall good job, decent song, good uke playing

    [–] Hi! I just made a new song and would love to get some feedback. [Progressive Metal] senraku 2 points ago in Songwriters

    Are you mixing in headphones? Look up Graham Cochrane and The Recording Revolution YouTube series for some great pointers. Also I listened again through car stereo and really noticed a lack of bass in the overall mix. Either you can improve it all yourself, or you might consider sending your tracks to be mixed by someone else, who will have fresh ears too. Or leave it like it is... It's fine! Lol

    [–] Hi! I just made a new song and would love to get some feedback. [Progressive Metal] senraku 1 points ago in Songwriters

    Composition is cool. Guitars get lost in the mix especially at the end, the clean part in middle could be played with a little more confidence. Overall awesome

    [–] Arguments for homosexuality not being a sin senraku 0 points ago in Christianity

    Probly cause God wanted everyone in the church and whoever reads it for themselves to get it wrong for thousands of years until the enlightened non growing, noncommittal, post modernists came along and corrected it for Him.

    [–] Moana Mandela Effect??? senraku 5 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Downvoted cause it will make you angrier

    [–] IMHO, the ME Paradigm is in Direct Opposition to the AI Paradigm senraku 1 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Maybe that's what the Bible means when it talks about being imprisoned and separated from God for eternity in hell...

    [–] Experiment Succeeded senraku 2 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Dude have you ever watched the CERN opening ceremony? Kind of freaky and strangely disturbing

    [–] Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery senraku 3 points ago in worldnews

    In which case he would be a martyr for standing up to evil, and from a Christian perspective, is desirable

    [–] Weekly Song Thread (Comment your Original Songs Here) senraku 3 points ago in Songwriting

    Change my Name is a song I wrote about how animals have temporary names at the shelter, but when you adopt them, you change it ;)