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    [–] Moana Mandela Effect??? senraku 3 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Downvoted cause it will make you angrier

    [–] IMHO, the ME Paradigm is in Direct Opposition to the AI Paradigm senraku 1 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Maybe that's what the Bible means when it talks about being imprisoned and separated from God for eternity in hell...

    [–] Experiment Succeeded senraku 4 points ago in MandelaEffect

    Dude have you ever watched the CERN opening ceremony? Kind of freaky and strangely disturbing

    [–] Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery senraku 3 points ago in worldnews

    In which case he would be a martyr for standing up to evil, and from a Christian perspective, is desirable

    [–] Weekly Song Thread (Comment your Original Songs Here) senraku 3 points ago in Songwriting

    Change my Name is a song I wrote about how animals have temporary names at the shelter, but when you adopt them, you change it ;)

    [–] In Copenhagen - why do so many bikes here have the exact same blue tape around the left handle and break? senraku 1 points ago in whatisthisthing

    I'm still trying to get q handlebars Hitler AnneFranke the diary of Ann Frank Helen Keller the Wright Brothers Aon these pun threads. Maybe I'm just too Pedals to get it

    [–] China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt - and encourages you to report them if they seem capable of paying up' senraku 1 points ago in technology

    This is a powerful tool. This means the government can dump a large amount of debt on a person and locate them within seconds. It's kind of an act of war on the basic human right to privacy itself.

    If the Chinese government is willing to do this to their own people can you imagine what it will do to anyone who becomes its enemy? We must fight this type of technology becoming prevalent.

    [–] This isn't discipline, dedication or willpower senraku 3 points ago in keto

    For real, my legs are so strong from carrying around 400lb all day and then I imagine dropping 200, mad ups

    [–] The most natural VR treadmill yet. senraku -2 points ago in gaming

    How y'all gonn upvote he comment but not mines

    [–] Bought this in preparation for the new Tool album. 🤟 senraku 2 points ago in drums

    I dig wasa waaay more than the metal thing, no offense. Loved the feel of it better, that's all. It's a better more honest sound.

    Hey check out my band, brother That video is crucial because our guitar player just quit and it's been the 3rd show that I played in probably 10 years. The kids you see walking around covering us up while we play are our kids, and our wives are in the crowd and filming it. A group of overweight 30something dad's were able to bring it back for a few good songs and shows. Now we're looking for a new guitar player with the wind squarely knocked out of our sails.

    [–] The most natural VR treadmill yet. senraku 2 points ago in gaming

    They could engineer IoT haptic shoe insoles with a flat rubber pad that can raise and lower bumps and simulate texture, tied to the VR game/presentation to simulate the texture of the ground beneath your feet