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    [–] Corgi owners- if you had an option, would you have kept your corgi’s tail or kept it docked? serophia 5 points ago in corgi

    I have a corgi that was born without a tail. He is a beautiful dog, but would have been just as wonderful with a tail. I can't imagine having one docked on purpose just to meet a breed standard, especially when you consider that the breeds are all completely arbitrary in the first place. Someone basicially just made up what they think a type of dog should look like.

    [–] Do yalls corgi bark at ANY animal that comes on TV? serophia 1 points ago in corgi

    Mine barks at any sound that he hears but can't see the source of. Or any sound that he thinks he hears. Or that he makes up in his head.

    He doesn't look at the TV screen though, even when I try showing him videos of other corgis or puppies. He acts like he can't see anything on a TV or computer monitor at all, but he reacts to sounds they make.

    There's nothing wrong with his vision, he just doesn't care about flat, scentless animals I guess!

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex serophia 717 points ago in legaladvice

    I would point out that if they're staying you're the father, that means they're saying that she raped you, due to the ages of everyone involved.

    I would also start keeping records of what they say (save text messages, emails, record conversations if it's legal there) so that when they start changing the story (maybe claim you raped her?) you'll have proof.

    [–] Is my landlord responsible for any cancellation fees after serving eviction notice? England UK serophia 9 points ago in legaladvice

    It's possible the ISP could get you out of the contract early if you let them know that you're moving. I was able to get out of one by simply asking, when I moved, but this was in the United States. I don't know if a UK situation would be different.

    Could also see if they can just transfer your service to the new location without affecting the contract.

    [–] Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Describes Challenges Caused by the Game’s Action Makeover serophia 1 points ago in PS4

    Agree with you completely. I've played and loved every final fantasy game multiple times. I absolutely hated FF13 and didn't care for FF15.

    I was excited for a FF7 remake but I won't be happy with what they give us.

    ...I'll still buy it though...

    [–] Michael Cohen paid IT firm to tweet that he was sexy serophia 123 points ago in nottheonion

    So, $12 and some whiskey that was worn by a Brazilian MMA fighter?

    [–] What’s your top 5 game soundtracks of all time? serophia 1 points ago in PS4

    Favorite video game soundtrack of all time has to be Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager. It's an old cd-rom CRPG from 1994. The music was so good. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't heard it before.

    [–] The Last of Us is so freakin good. serophia 1 points ago in PS4

    I had a very similar expereience. When The Last of Us came out for the PS3 I got it on release day, played for a couple hours, decided I didn't really like the controls and gave up on it.

    A long time later, after upgrading to a PS4 and having seen people rave about how great it was for ages, I picked up TLOU Remastered on sale, got hooked immediately and loved it.

    I now consider it one of my top three favorite games, even though I almost skipped it.

    If anyone hasn't played TLOU, I would highly recommend.

    [–] SRPG Recommendations? serophia 2 points ago in vita

    I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but since you have a 3ds I'd suggest taking a look at the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 1 and 2

    If you like SRPGs with lots of different units, they're pretty good.

    [–] Controller Creep serophia 2 points ago in prey

    I've seen a couple other posts about this, and it's happening to me too, so you're not the only one.

    It seems like the game just has a smaller "dead zone" for movement than usual, or something. Any time it's happening to me, a light tap on the analog stick stops it, but it is pretty annoying.

    I thought my controller was starting to go bad or something too, but I've seen others talking about this issue with Prey too so I don't think it's a couple troller specific problem.

    [–] what's your biggest gripes with persona 5 so far? serophia 5 points ago in PS4

    The +7 SP-per-turn accessory is 100k as soon as you unlock it. If you level up her confidant again, she gives you a 50% discount.

    She also sells cheaper ones that I assume give less SP, but I skipped those

    [–] what's your biggest gripes with persona 5 so far? serophia 5 points ago in PS4

    Once you get your Death confidant up to level 5, you can purchase accessories that give +7 SP every turn. Slap one on each character and never run out of SP again

    [–] what's your biggest gripes with persona 5 so far? serophia 15 points ago in PS4

    During those questions at school you can press the touchpad to get help from the Thieves Guild. It tells you what percentage of other players picked each of the answers, so you can easily see which is the correct one

    [–] How do you switch ammo types? serophia 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in horizon

    Precision arrows are used with sharpshot bows. You can't use them with your hunting bow.

    [–] Chapter 4: coal? serophia 2 points ago in DQBuilders

    Coal blocks do need to be purified with holy water like iron, yes.

    Look for the big round balls of dirt floating in the air, usually around the bloodstone (red) areas. When you climb up and holy water them, they'll either be 100% coal, or 50% coal/50% iron. Hit a couple of these balls and you'll have more coal than you will ever need.

    [–] Chapter 4 help, where can I find zenithium? serophia 2 points ago in DQBuilders

    I found mine in caves in the mountains near the sandy desert area. It is a blueish block that was grouped up near orihalcum deposits, so look for those.

    Zenithium was too hard to mine with the sledgehammer so make sure you bring some bombs along to blast it out.

    Also I don't remember exactly how many you need total but you need more for another item later, after you make the armor, so try to grab like 6-8 before you go home so you don't have to go back hunting for more like I did.

    [–] Ch.4 - Source of food? serophia 3 points ago in DQBuilders

    Oh, I bet you need to discover coal first since that's the other ingredient.

    Keep an eye out for the giant round floating balls of ash, they're full of literally hundreds of iron and coal once you purify them. It took me a while to realize that.

    [–] Ch.4 - Source of food? serophia 3 points ago in DQBuilders

    Before you get your banner, the old man NPC will feed you if you talk to him.

    After you get the banner, I don't recall having a problem finding food, I randomly came across more mushrooms than I could ever eat.

    There's always fishing, I guess..

    As far as crab claws, I think you need to build a BBQ kitchen to be able to cook them.

    [–] Metal Slime sludge? serophia 2 points ago in DQBuilders

    There were a whole lot of materials that I couldn't find a use for in chapter 1, like silver, ruby, obsidian, and others I can't think of off hand.

    [–] Metal Slime sludge? serophia 1 points ago in DQBuilders

    I didn't find a use for the silvery slime I got from a metal slime in chapter 1

    In chapter 2 I discovered a recipe for a light that used it as a material when I killed a second one.

    [–] Toughest material for building walls & floors ? serophia 1 points ago in DQBuilders

    I didn't try flagstone but regular stone seemed tougher than brick. Obsidian is a lot stronger than both though.

    [–] Filling in holes serophia 3 points ago in DQBuilders

    Hold R1 to "aim" down

    [–] What's your [safe word?] serophia 172 points ago in sex

    For most people on the road, a yellow traffic light means speed up and get through before it turns red.

    Just a thought that struck me as funny. I've used red/yellow in the past as well.

    [–] Ladies, what is your [Preferred] length of time for [PIV] sex to last? serophia 26 points ago in sex

    Like 5-10 minutes. I've got a friend that's talked about doing it with her boyfriend for hours, and that's just crazy. Ain't nobody got time for that, I've got shit to do.