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    [–] Corgi owners- if you had an option, would you have kept your corgi’s tail or kept it docked? serophia 6 points ago in corgi

    I have a corgi that was born without a tail. He is a beautiful dog, but would have been just as wonderful with a tail. I can't imagine having one docked on purpose just to meet a breed standard, especially when you consider that the breeds are all completely arbitrary in the first place. Someone basicially just made up what they think a type of dog should look like.

    [–] Tiaris last gate of fate feat serophia 1 points ago in langrisser

    That one's easier than it looks at first once you realize how the enemies act. Matthew and Grenier will only chase your Tiaris, they ignore all your archers who will eventually pick them off. Just keep Tiaris out of their range and circle around

    [–] New Questionnaire and the fear whats going to happen serophia 1 points ago in langrisser

    I started playing the game because a youtuber I watch, mynameiskevin, had a video sponsored by Langrisser. The video was about a completely unrelated game, it just had a few seconds where he said hey Langrisser sponsored this video, go check them out.

    I assumed the questionnaire was them wanting to find out what kind of reach the "influencers" they were paying had.

    [–] Daily Questions Megathread (03/12) serophia 1 points ago in langrisser

    I really want Leon for my team, he seems so good and I don't have any useful cavalry units. But I've already got my focus SSR from this banner (Ledin, who I'm not complaining about). Is it worth it to pull more and hope for Leon, or are my chances so low it's not worth trying?

    [–] Do yalls corgi bark at ANY animal that comes on TV? serophia 1 points ago in corgi

    Mine barks at any sound that he hears but can't see the source of. Or any sound that he thinks he hears. Or that he makes up in his head.

    He doesn't look at the TV screen though, even when I try showing him videos of other corgis or puppies. He acts like he can't see anything on a TV or computer monitor at all, but he reacts to sounds they make.

    There's nothing wrong with his vision, he just doesn't care about flat, scentless animals I guess!

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex serophia 714 points ago in legaladvice

    I would point out that if they're staying you're the father, that means they're saying that she raped you, due to the ages of everyone involved.

    I would also start keeping records of what they say (save text messages, emails, record conversations if it's legal there) so that when they start changing the story (maybe claim you raped her?) you'll have proof.

    [–] Please help! serophia 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Terraria

    Best place to start is by ruling out more conflicts. Try disabling half the mods and see if the game works, then enable them and disable the others. If it works both times, start enabling mods one by one until you find the point where it crashes again. That way you can figure out which mod isn't playing nice with the others and that will help direct you where to look for more help.

    EDIT: Reading your crash message there it sounds like it just ran out of ram. I believe that there's a limit of how much ram the game can use since it's 32 bit. Could just be too much loaded.

    [–] I found a hydrogen geyser! Apart from unlimited electricity, what else can I use the hydrogen for? serophia 1 points ago in Oxygennotincluded

    Hydrogen geysers tend to have really long periods of dormancy, so don't go too overboard on your electricity production without saving up some gas for the vent's downtime

    [–] Is my landlord responsible for any cancellation fees after serving eviction notice? England UK serophia 8 points ago in legaladvice

    It's possible the ISP could get you out of the contract early if you let them know that you're moving. I was able to get out of one by simply asking, when I moved, but this was in the United States. I don't know if a UK situation would be different.

    Could also see if they can just transfer your service to the new location without affecting the contract.

    [–] New to the game, and can't find the answer to these questions online. serophia 5 points ago in Oxygennotincluded

    The list of resources on the right shows everything that your duplicants can currently reach. That list is up-to-date on everything that's on the ground within reach. For example, if something that's sitting on the ground gets walled off and becomes out of reach, it gets removed from the list.

    [–] Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Describes Challenges Caused by the Game’s Action Makeover serophia 1 points ago in PS4

    Agree with you completely. I've played and loved every final fantasy game multiple times. I absolutely hated FF13 and didn't care for FF15.

    I was excited for a FF7 remake but I won't be happy with what they give us.

    ...I'll still buy it though...

    [–] Stoves botched again? serophia 2 points ago in Oxygennotincluded

    Until they fix it you can always just dismantle the stove and build a new one. At least that's what I did when I got annoyed by all the "lacks materials" messages.

    [–] Michael Cohen paid IT firm to tweet that he was sexy serophia 118 points ago in nottheonion

    So, $12 and some whiskey that was worn by a Brazilian MMA fighter?

    [–] Element Filter on Bottle Emptiers early game serophia 4 points ago in Oxygennotincluded

    I found by accident that you can just mop up the polluted water even if it's mixed in with your clean water, as long as it's a small amount, even underwater

    [–] Possible to have two people mining a node, third person haul to storage? serophia 2 points ago in Kenshi

    I'd try having the two miners set to the mining job, then have your runner set to deliver copper to storage, then below that have him follow one of the miners. Should automatically run back to the miners after every delivery

    [–] Pack Bulls or Pack Beasts? serophia 3 points ago in Kenshi

    I think pack beast bags stack up to 6x while bulls only hold 5x stacks.

    But I went with only bulls in my latest game because pack beast have those stupid lanterns which make it hard for them to sneak anywhere and sometimes I just want to go somewhere without aggroing everything in the world.

    [–] The bare minimum to create an outpost? serophia 2 points ago in Kenshi

    Bandits will loot food from food barrels but won't bother anything else. You don't need to be able to defend an outpost from anything that might come. You can set up some mining stations and building material/iron plate storage and stock up supplies while fist fighting starving bandits and dust bandits, and running away from anything scarier.

    No need to worry about walls until you move out in the world and get a real home.

    [–] Is it possible to have a little peaceful farm? serophia 3 points ago in Kenshi

    Any outpost with characters in it will get raids, and anything you build outside of a city counts as an outpost.

    Although they do generally ignore outposts that you don't have any characters at. So you could set up wheat farms and wells just outside of town, and only go there to water and harvest the wheat, and stay away the rest of the time. You can't really automate that though.

    Once you have hydroponics technology you can build hydroponics wheatstraw farms in city limits, but you'll still have to get water from somewhere since you can't build an indoors well.

    Another thing you can do is just don't bother with defenses and run away from your wheat farm whenever you get a raid. They won't destroy or steal anything as long as you don't have food sitting around in barrels for them to loot.

    [–] How can I keep my non-human squaddies safe in my Rainbow Valley base? serophia 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in Kenshi

    If you have a male human with a Holy Flame in his inventory, he can talk the Holy Nation out of any attack. Even if they see a Dark One and come back with an assault force, if you manage to talk to the leader before they start swinging you can convince them to leave.

    If they're mad about women you can tell them that you're male and this Outpost belongs to you. If they're mad about non humans you can tell them that they are your slaves and helping you promote Okrams will.

    I know it definitely works for hivers and shek, but not sure about skeletons. I haven't tried setting up camp in the Holy Nations back yard with skeletons but I think they attack those on sight.

    But depending on where you set up it can get annoying being constantly interrupted by patrols you have to talk out of murdering your friends.

    Edit to add: Hiding them on a roof in stealth will prevent them from being seen. Keeping them indoors is fine too. I had mine running around a walled-in base and they were definitely spotted by patrols that were outside the gate.

    [–] Are robotic limbs “better” or is it just a cool factor? serophia 1 points ago in Kenshi

    Lower quality limbs have big penalties and are just replacements so you don't have to hop around on one foot. Higher quality ones give huge boosts and I'm slowly working on peeling my entire army and replacing all of their limbs.

    Slap a couple masterwork scout legs on someone and they'll get up to a 40mph run speed.

    Skeleton arms give huge dex bonuses and industrial lifter arms give huge strength bonuses. There's also steady arms for crossbows, and other things like that.

    [–] What can you do with all the dead bodies? serophia 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in Kenshi

    You can put bodies into a Peeler to get animal skin from it. I haven't found a way to easily automate it though so it's a bit awkward to do individually. Plus there's some weirdness about ghost bodies hovering there forever.

    But, I mean, free leather!