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    [–] Didn't ask for help, but blames others for bad manners sewer_pickles 25 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Probably didn’t get the sympathetic reaction that she had hoped for. Most of the comments were pretty brutal and said it was her fault for not asking anyone for help.

    [–] Didn't ask for help, but blames others for bad manners sewer_pickles 20 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Yep, that’s where I grabbed the screenshot. It’s been entertaining to watch the comments come in.

    [–] First attempt at reverse-searing rib eyes. I’ll never prepare steak any other way. 70 min at 225 then 4 min per side at 450 and these were PERFECT. sewer_pickles 1 points ago in Traeger

    I get good results when using a cast iron pan for the reverse sear. I recently switched from using a cast iron frying pan to using a rectangle shaped cast iron. It is large enough for a couple steaks and it has ridges for grill marks. It’s the 15” lean grill pan at this link:

    [–] Our boy locked himself in the bathroom :( sewer_pickles -1 points ago in pics

    Glad to hear everyone is ok. As a parent, I sympathize with how scary that must have felt for everyone.

    [–] Making Excel Charts Colorblind Friendly sewer_pickles 5 points ago in microsoft

    You should tweet this idea to @‪jennylayfluffy‬. She is Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer and can make this happen.

    [–] Home Depot not following Washington state mask mandate. Says it's risky for staff sewer_pickles 4 points ago in SeaWA

    What about employees who are required to enforce liquor laws? They aren’t law enforcement but following the law is part of the job. If there were similar consequences to business that failed to enforce the mask law (i.e. loss or suspension of their business license) then every business would be motivated to support this.

    [–] Here’s Johnny Depp being a light to the world and visiting a children’s hospital as Jack Sparrow. His courage and charity should be an example to us all. sewer_pickles 1 points ago in videos

    While I worked at Disneyland they hosted a couple of the PotC movie premieres. For one of the premieres the reporters were pissed off because Johnny Depp was running late. Turns out that he was in full costume and spending time visiting the sick kids at the local hospital.

    [–] Grease bucket sewer_pickles 1 points ago in Traeger

    I store my grease bucket inside the grill when it isn’t in use. I found that it sometimes came off when I tried to put the cover on, so it was just easier to store the bucket inside the grill.

    Also, cleanup is much easier if you buy the little foil inserts that Traeger sells for the grease bucket. You can just dump that right into the trash rather than trying to clean the bucket.

    [–] SF Man fired after blocking Latino man from entering his own apartment building sewer_pickles 161 points ago in news

    I think this article is about the same guy. It says that he suffered a head injury in a car accident, had steroid use that led to temperament issues, and then had another head injury from an attempted suicide.

    [–] Python Paige sewer_pickles 5 points ago in WtSSTaDaMiT

    Just the occasional bikini photo:

    [–] Is Surface pro 4 suitable to be used as a desktop? sewer_pickles 1 points ago in microsoft

    I use mine with a surface dock and it works great. I have two monitors connected to the dock and you can use the laptop screen as a third if you need it.

    I like that I can use the laptop’s video camera for conference calls and for Windows Hello to unlock. If it works better for the space on your desk, you can detach the surface screen and flip it around (so the keyboard is backwards).

    They just came out with a new version of the surface dock. I think the biggest change is that it has more USB-C ports than the earlier version.

    [–] Visited CHAZ about an hour ago sewer_pickles 21 points ago in Seattle

    I can’t believe you are calling out minorities. /s

    [–] Show Me Your (Bedroom) Peloton Space! sewer_pickles 2 points ago in pelotoncycle

    I have my bike on plush carpet, with the mat, in our guest room. I’ve never had any stability issues.

    [–] [Discussion]Favorite woman vocalists with deep voices? sewer_pickles 1 points ago in listentothis

    Diana Krall. Her voice is like a spoonful of honey with a drop of bourbon.

    [–] 10,000 pennies made a boring space way more interesting. sewer_pickles 1 points ago in DIY

    Can you share what you did for the shelves? It looks like you built them out of 2x4s and plywood and then added something else for a finished facing. Is that right?

    [–] Washington State Fair currently scheduled to go on in Sept sewer_pickles 14 points ago in CoronavirusWA

    Everyone who goes will be full of regret, much like I was after trying the fair’s deep fried butter.