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    [–] I hate those flimsy synthetic garden nets (warning: birds get stuck in them) sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in gardening

    What about Japanese beetles? Any specific netting recommendations to keep those buggers out? I got swarms of them last year and ironically the birds and squirrels left my berries alone! They were only attacked by the beetles

    [–] Peeing sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in pregnant

    I’ve been wearing Poise liners for this haha. Currently 39 weeks and stuck in prodromal labor hell.... which makes me have to pee even more!

    [–] Interaction with hubby this morning sfsabergrl87 20 points ago in pregnant

    Lol! I thought I was going to make it through without getting many. I’m 39 weeks and they just started popping up and multiplying! Ugh

    [–] Cat owners of Reddit, what's the weirdest thing your cat has ever done? sfsabergrl87 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh careful! My idiot cat Penny is also Q-tip obsessed. She pooped out a whole one once. So glad it didn’t need surgery to be removed from her gut!

    [–] Cat owners of Reddit, what's the weirdest thing your cat has ever done? sfsabergrl87 13 points ago in AskReddit

    My cat Sheldon likes to open my underwear drawer and pull everything out onto the floor. He’s an asshole

    [–] Being a freelancer at 38 weeks pregnant is a lot like being unemployed David Wallace. sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in pregnant

    Haha I’m 38 + 4 and still somehow working. Although I’ve started cutting back my work load each day and taking more breaks to sit down (I’m. Veterinarian). My leave starts April 1st so who knows if I will make it until then!

    On my days off though I’m a total couch potato and my husband has had to take over the house work duties

    [–] My jeans dont fit already?! sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in pregnant

    The bloat is the worst! Trust me, investing in maternity pants early is worth every penny. I loved the pants from Motherhood Maternity and they are very affordable and have sales often. I’ve worn them all throughout my pregnancy and have gotten good use of them.

    I wore my normal tops for quite awhile until about 7 months I think. But pants are a different story!

    [–] I will never complain about my job again. sfsabergrl87 18 points ago in funny

    This is actually an extremely dangerous job. Many Veterinarians have been killed or seriously injured when trying to collect semen from stallions and breeding

    No joke

    Source: I am a Veterinarian (small animal but we learn all species in school)

    [–] My hidden gem! My first strawberry sfsabergrl87 4 points ago in gardening

    Yay! My strawberries last year for decimated by Japanese beetles :(

    I hope I can build something this year to protect them

    [–] [TEXT] Depression comes from living in the past. Anxiety comes from living in the future. Peace comes from being fully present. Lao Tzu. sfsabergrl87 75 points ago in GetMotivated

    Or how about depression is an actual medical/physiological condition in which your body is incapable of producing the correct types and amounts of hormones. Instead of making people feel guilty as if it’s something they can actually control. We need to be providing understanding, support, and openness without judgment. Statements like this are incredibly harmful to those suffering from mental illness

    [–] Delivery Room sfsabergrl87 22 points ago in pregnant

    It’s your body that’s going to be on full display during labor. If you don’t want her there, NO ONE else gets a say in it. And they can just shove it

    [–] TIC because I’m supposed to stay off my feet, but I’m a vet tech and have to be on my feet for 10 hours a day... sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in pregnant

    Haha yes there was a time I would run away from poopy blow outs or AG and my poor techs would clean up the mess so I wouldn’t get sick! Now trying to do surgery, especially dental extractions, if I lean up against the table edge my little boy starts kicking at it like mad!

    And unfortunately I got bit by a dog a few days ago with unknown rabies history! Luckily owner was great and found his records from his previous Vet. Still no fun though!

    [–] TIC because I’m supposed to stay off my feet, but I’m a vet tech and have to be on my feet for 10 hours a day... sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in pregnant

    So sorry, hang in there! Have you tried compression socks? I totally understand, I’m a Vet and due in 2.5 weeks. Trying to work until the end of the month! It’s definitely becoming more challenging and exhausting.

    [–] Call Victoria sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in funny

    Meh. As a female who loves wearing tanks, I honestly hate it when people say things like this. I know it’s showing dumbass! You don’t need to point it out. If I cared, it wouldn’t be showing

    [–] I’m not gaining weight and it’s freaking me out. sfsabergrl87 7 points ago in pregnant

    I lost over 20 pounds during my first 2 trimesters. I have only just started putting weight on and I am at my pre-pregnancy weight now at 37 weeks pregnant.

    Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Just check with your provider if you are concerned. Don’t compare yourself to others!

    [–] Maternity bras sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in pregnant

    I love the ones from Motherhood Maternity

    [–] I’m jealous of everybody’s spring garden prep. Can’t even see my raised beds yet. sfsabergrl87 117 points ago in gardening

    Right there with you! I’m in MN and have 3 feet of snow! Can’t indoor garden because my cats are jerks and seek and destroy all plant life

    [–] Happy birthday to me! Magnolia and camellia! sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in gardening

    So pretty! I’m jealous, I live in MN and we are still under 3 feet of snow ☹️

    [–] TIFU by self-medicating to manage pain, only to find myself in a hospital from an overdose. sfsabergrl87 52 points ago in tifu

    OMG I needed this laugh but Jm so sorry for you! I’m 9 months pregnant with my first baby and have developed horrible hemorrhoids! They are awful so I can relate! Will remember not to make these mistakes!

    [–] Good news FTMs! sfsabergrl87 5 points ago in pregnant

    Waiting for mine to drop! I’m also 36 weeks right now. Tired of not being to breath!