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    [–] It is now an arena sfsabergrl87 10 points ago in stolendogbeds


    [–] My cotton candy coleus is growing like crazy!! sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in gardening

    Annuals unless brought in and sheltered through the winter

    [–] Not having a confirmation window on purchases should be seen as malpractice sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in WizardsUnite

    Do you have a setting on your phone for in app purchases? My phone automatically pops up a window to approve the purchase before it’s done

    [–] Daily Question & Help Thread - 6/27/2019 sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in WizardsUnite

    Has anyone noticed spell energy gained from visiting Inns varies greatly? 2 days ago I was getting 10-20 in one go and now I only get 3-5 at once.

    [–] Pet Insurance: BEST advice I ever got from REDDIT and r/personalfinance!! sfsabergrl87 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Vet here- can’t tell you enough how important the RIGHT pet insurance can be! Honestly in the US, the companies are still evolving and a lot of them are not worth the money- you really need to do your research! In Europe, the models are much better and consumer satisfaction significantly higher.

    I can’t tell you how many heartbreaks I have seen because a family could not afford a multi-thousand dollar life saving procedure.

    Before getting a pet, you really need to sit down and evaluate your means to provide for that life. That includes cost of basic care to costs of an emergency. For a lot of people, pet insurance makes sense. For some, not so much.

    For me personally, I did have a dog who got cancer and we spent $8,000+ on his care. He was our family and for us, important enough to spend that kind of money on. However, I deeply regret not having insurance.

    Now, I have insurance on my pets. Yes, as a Vet! (I don’t get care for free- have to pay for it like everyone else). Spending a small monthly fee makes sense to me for the peace of mind of a potential big bill. (Again with the right policy and company- there are certainly good ones and bad ones out there)

    I view pets as family personally and would never want to have to make the decision of euthanizing they because I couldn’t afford treatment. (I see this everyday and it sucks)