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    [–] You know you’re a true Minnesotan when you feel a sense of accomplishment after shoveling your driveway. sfsabergrl87 6 points ago in minnesota

    And it’s nice having thoughtful neighbors who shovel the snow plow mountain at the end of the drive!!! I’m 8 months pregnant and the plows come by after my husband has already left for work. I couldn’t get my snow blower started this morning to clear the end of our drive so I could make it to my OB appointment. One of my neighbors must have seen me struggling and they did it for me! Such lovely people here!

    [–] Stop driving around like this please. sfsabergrl87 28 points ago in Minneapolis

    I got hit 2 years ago because someone stopped in front of me reversed with their whole back windshield covered in snow. They reversed right into my front bumper. Luckily no major damage. I screamed st and cursed the woman out (I think I terrified the poor Minnesota Midwest mother...given I’m an outspoken Italian from Philly) but she deserved to get her ass reamed

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. sfsabergrl87 68 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    So sorry you experience this! I’m also a young female in the medical field but I’m a Veterinarian so I don’t have to work directly on my clients! This behavior should never be tolerated and your office should intervene when needed to make it clear that it’s not okay

    [–] I finally understand what it's like to feel "done" with being pregnant. sfsabergrl87 3 points ago in pregnant

    Also 32 weeks and DONE! Having terrible sacroiliac pain making walking difficult, horrible insomnia for the past two months, can’t breath, and can barely eat much at a time

    [–] Ladies with hypothyroidism, what’s your experience so far? sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in pregnant

    I’m currently 31 weeks. I’ve had to increase my Synthroid dose twice in my first trimester. I’ve been steady ever since then. I get my thyroid checked every 4 weeks

    [–] Favorite tattoo shops? sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in Minneapolis

    I second Uptown tattoo!! They did my sleeve and I love it!

    [–] Ready to pee in the -24 F temps here in Minnesota!! sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in aww

    ROFL the arc doesn’t freeze but the puddle pretty instantly does

    [–] After we came back in from pottying outside (-24 F). He loved his blanket burrito! sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in aww

    Most schools are closed here, they are also shutting down the postal service tomorrow. Besides that, we continue on as normal. My husband and I still have to go to work!

    [–] Nutrition interview of a pregnant person for college sfsabergrl87 1 points ago in pregnant

    How are you doing your interviews? Phone, email? If by email, I don’t mind helping out

    [–] Feeling useless at work sfsabergrl87 5 points ago in pregnant

    I would speak to your boss about how you have limitations on what you can do for your and your babies safety.

    I completely understand though! I’m a Vet and can’t lift or restrain my patients anymore. Working with aggressive dogs or just big dogs has become quite challenging. (I’m 30 weeks now). And I definitely need to sit down and take breaks every so often! Growing a baby is hard work!

    Hang in there!

    [–] Any advice please . We will be trying this year. sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in pregnant

    While the apps like Clue can help, every woman’s cycle, length, and ovulation times vary. This means they are not very accurate by themselves. I would use a tracking app along with Ovulation testing strips. You can buy inexpensive strips on amazon that measure the LH hormone (lutenizing hormone). Studies have shown that using these strips are the most reliable way to track ovulation and time fertility when trying to conceive.

    [–] 2% woes sfsabergrl87 2 points ago in pregnant

    I’m lactose intolerant but I drink Lactaid milk. I have been drinking so much of it during this pregnancy! There always has to be two jugs in the fridge!