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    [–] I Still play Skyrim :) shackilj2 5 points ago in skyrim

    Gears of War 2

    [–] Buyer Agent Contract - Is there ever anyway out? shackilj2 33 points ago in RealEstate

    Also mention to the broker how pressured you felt to use her husband as broker. That's a big no-no

    [–] One of my rentals turns out to be part of an association and they are forcing me to sell because properties in that area must be owner-occupied. What do I do? Wha recourse do I have against the person who sold it to me? shackilj2 1 points ago in RealEstate

    The HOA and their restrictions should be on record with the Deed which is the one paper that means the most at closing to show proof of ownership. The HOA must properly state that the property is a part of the HOA and owes dues. It.should read that OP owns the property subject to the following.HOA rules and guiselines. Id guess if the deed wasnt properly recorded to show HOA ownership, there would be an argument out of the HOA and that the property is freestanding

    [–] Parents were offered 25k over asking on a fixer. How worried should I be for them? shackilj2 1 points ago in RealEstate

    Change the contract to demand an inspection request be provided in 4 days. That way your parents dont waste time with a bs offer

    [–] Season 7 isn't canon either folks shackilj2 5 points ago in freefolk

    You left out the power of Brann, who probably spelled out to Sansa everything LF was doing leading to her victory.

    Brann was powerful then

    [–] Previous owner of house wants me to give him checks with our address printed......should I be worried? shackilj2 14 points ago in RBI

    Great advice here. I would also NOT let the scum know what you're doing yet. You may be able to help put this bum behind bars in a sting operation if Chase and the police want to do so.

    [–] Seller bait and switched appliances on me shackilj2 9 points ago in RealEstate

    Time away from work is rarely honored. However, even if you could install the new appliances yourself, I would obtain an estimate for cost of appliances PLUS installation PLUS cost of a permit if necessary. In NJ I would argue this is fraud and qualifies under a special statue which entitles you to 3x damages plus attorneys fees. Thats why you get a lawyer.

    [–] "You're about to get dropped." shackilj2 4 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Update: She plead guilty to one count of a "disorderly persons" offense and was banned from the town of Wildwood for 1 year. The worst part of the arrest (the cop striking her in the face) isn't shown in this video. You can see it in the update article here:

    [–] Give me details. shackilj2 145 points ago in Rainbow6

    "The roamer bitch is by the door!"

    [–] Is clash banned again? shackilj2 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    She is banned. ubi also took away deployed shields again

    [–] New Property manager told us we were $6000 behind on rent, we paid in a panic, now we find out they misread the lease. They won’t return the money. shackilj2 6 points ago in RealEstate

    It's a commercial lease, so it's over the date the lease ends. They are supposed to give you a 30 day notice to quit which cannot start and end in the middle of the month. It has to be a full month.

    As for the $6,000, I would say stop paying rent and tell them to take it from the 6k. If they file a Landlord Tenant complaint against you for non-payment, you can explain there that they unlawfully retained your rent.

    But if they're kicking you out because your lease is over, you aren't going to Landlord Tenant Court, you'd have to file a small claims action against them to get the 6k back.

    PM me if you have any more questions. I'm a NJ Landlord Tenant Attorney. But this is not legal advice and we cannot form a Landlord - Client relationship on Reddit. There are a lot more questions I need answered and I'd need to review the lease.

    [–] Monopoly shackilj2 2 points ago in monopoly

    Ubisoft made the game. Should tell you all you need to know