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    [–] Perfectly executed double play shamdamdoodly -1 points ago in sports

    I like that she actually celebrated. MLB plays would almost never do that.

    [–] Kings Questions shamdamdoodly 4 points ago in kings

    That's what Im saying dude. I mean Buddy can still develope honestly too. He's only in his third season.

    I think people think that because he's 26 he's at his peak but he's still pretty new to the NBA and can still learn and develope a lot.

    [–] I wonder why? shamdamdoodly 22 points ago in facepalm

    I mean the woman lost her daughter to her own... Inability to comprehend reality. Probably persuaded by some idiots pushing falsehoods.

    I can't help but feel horrible she had to lose a child due to incompetence. Its really just sad

    [–] Fox shoulda won shamdamdoodly 19 points ago in kings

    For real. The dude made a crazy 3. Looked pretty clear to me that Fox is the more skilled. If not, then the tape certainly does.

    [–] "One of the most underrated cities in the world" - Charles Barkley shamdamdoodly 2 points ago in kings

    People everywhere hate it. Charles Barkley really right that uts underrated

    [–] Only vegans are allowed to rescue animals shamdamdoodly 1 points ago in facepalm

    Okay so, I was primarily a dressing your claim that people who think cows arent a significant source of greenhouse gases are comprable to anti-vaxxers. Since you didnt adress any of that Im going to assume you understand that the real anti-vaxxers in this case are those who deny the scientifically founded understanding that indeed they are a significant source.

    Secondly. I mean, yeah we should probably all take shorter showers. Yes, human population is a real issue and we should worry about the number of people on the planet. No we shouldnt just kill a bunch of people to save water.

    Secondly, really? Cause those two things are the same. Changing your diet and killing people to save water are equally morally sound. Such a troll argument

    [–] [OC] Sacramento Kings Current Draft Rights shamdamdoodly 11 points ago in kings

    Im sitting here reading trying to understand like "Oh is he starting to perform super well over there? Can we bring him in or something"

    Abd then get to the bottom feeling like I just got Rick Rolled

    [–] "One of the most underrated cities in the world" - Charles Barkley shamdamdoodly 31 points ago in kings

    Wow, thats big shouts from Barkley.

    And then Kimmel comes in like "Is it?" Not sure if he meant like "Oh people dont like that city? Its a great city" or if he meant "Is it really though? C'mon Charles"

    [–] Only vegans are allowed to rescue animals shamdamdoodly 11 points ago in facepalm

    Wow can you say seriously ignorant?

    First of all, most of the methabe comes from cows burps. Just to be clear.

    Secondly, if cows were a country, they we be the most populous country in the world at 1.4 billion.

    Thirdly, each cow produces 70-120 kg of mrthane per year. Methanr is a greenhouse gas approximately 35x more potent than CO2 over a 100 year span, and even nore potent in the 25-50 year span.

    Fourthly, the forests constantly being cut down and burned in places like Brazil for cattle raising. So not only are greenhouse gases from the tree being released, but that tree is no longer removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

    Thus brings to fact the other negative environmental effects besides global warming. Obviously destroying habitats and ecosystems, especially in species rich rainforests is bad for the earth.

    A cow takes 1800 gallons of water to grow. Often that comes from diverting water from ecosystems that might need it.

    If you consider space an environmental issue, if every country had an American diet, we would need 97% of the worlds land for agriculture. Which is impossible, because 97% of the land isn't even arable.

    Lastly, a huge record conducted by several leading scientists acrossed the globe, produced a list of the top 100 solutions to climate change by looking iver and analyzing tons of scholarly papers. Its called the drawdown and at #4.

    TL;DR Animal rich diets, especially uminants, fuck up the planet in a lot of ways and definately contribute an appreciabke amount of greenhouse gases both directly and indirectly.

    [–] The Bush Absorbed That 150+ Damage shamdamdoodly 10 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Makes SMGs so much more valuable if it becomes META

    [–] Next Album Thoughts shamdamdoodly 3 points ago in gretavanfleet

    Yeah, I mea theyre growing rapidly and just won Best Rock album. I dont know why they would change a whole lot.

    [–] Showcasing the new gun shamdamdoodly 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Only takes one from a hunting rifle.

    Also only takes like 3 from an AK which is hitscan

    [–] [OC] Sacramento vs. the Mainstream Media shamdamdoodly 9 points ago in kings

    I would love for him to go in there after a W vs Denver and have them still doubt the Scores.

    [–] Isaiah Thomas to potentially debut against us tmr. shamdamdoodly 1 points ago in kings

    I havent really followed the NBA until the last couple of years. But I know in the NFL its pretty common for coaches to sort of bluff to throw off game game plans.

    Does that happen in the NBA?

    [–] Why is girlfriend one word but best friend is two words? shamdamdoodly 2 points ago in Jokes

    I thought it was a weird ELI5 and was just real confuaed about how it got to the frontpage