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    [–] Well guys, my hair is pretty much almost gone shams3322 8 points ago in malegrooming

    If you plan on keeping your hair, advise just getting basic blood tests done, often it can point to an imbalance. Also can talk to your doctor about Finasteride (prevents further hair loss) or Minoxidil (regrows hair) if it's male pattern baldness.

    [–] Feel the clang! shams3322 96 points ago in instant_regret

    That guy just don't stop pumpin'

    [–] My EKG report says i have heart issues but my doctor says im fine ? shams3322 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in AskDocs

    A blood pressure of 130/80 is totally normal and is normal variation throughout the day. EKG results can be varied quite significantly if you are anxious during the procedure so that's probably why the machine gave a false positive. Don't see any reason why your doctor would hide something from you.

    Maybe talk to someone about health anxiety

    [–] should I get a PEP vaccine for Rabies? shams3322 1 points ago in AskDocs

    No way for the virus to enter your body unless there was a bite or contact of a rabid dog's saliva to an open wound

    [–] 18M graphite isn't poisonous. but after I bit my pencil in the exam I don't feel good shams3322 2 points ago in AskDocs

    Possibly because you're thinking about it and the bad taste is lingering in your mouth. Floss your teeth. Chew on a gum. Eat something with a strong taste like mint and it should pass.

    Ofcourse if the symptoms get worse go to a doctor

    [–] This is probably a really common question, sorry. I took a pregnancy test today and the second line is super faded. shams3322 2 points ago in AskDocs

    The only difference is build quality and sensitivity to hCG meaning the only benefit expensive ones have is that they would give a positive result few days earlier than cheaper ones

    [–] Wierd pain in lower right abdomen shams3322 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in AskDocs

    Go to your doctor or urgent care! Could be your appendix

    Do you have a fever? Has the pain constantly been in the same spot? Did you perform any hard physical activity before this pain appeared?

    [–] 2000 mg of paracetamol shams3322 3 points ago in AskDocs

    Like another user mentioned, once liver damage sets in from paracetamol, it will cause a slow, painful and miserable death. Please go to the ER, there's an antidote available and you can prevent most if not all potential damage. You can always send me an inbox if you need someone to talk to. Take care man.

    [–] Why do my bones crack constantly? shams3322 1 points ago in AskDocs

    Hypermobility syndrome or just general hypermobility can cause tensing up of joints and cracking

    [–] Why do my bones crack constantly? shams3322 1 points ago in AskDocs

    How's your life style (Sedentary/active)? Have you ever noticed to be more flexible than normal?

    Consider seeing a rheumatologist or ortho if it keeps on getting worse and causes pain and stiffness. Minor cracking can be normal and be fixed with making diet and activity changes

    [–] Gallbladder pain symptoms? shams3322 1 points ago in AskDocs

    What dose are you taking? Taking not more than 2 pills of extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours is usually considered safe

    [–] Gallbladder pain symptoms? shams3322 4 points ago in AskDocs

    Yes, those symptoms are very typical of something related to your gall bladder. Gallbladder surgery or cholecystectomy is very common and has a low incidence of any complications. Now as for when and where you need surgery or not, only your doctors can confirm that. In case of a laparoscopic surgery, patients often go back home the same day of surgery and it will take 1-2 weeks to return to your normal activities.

    Take an NSAID such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help deal with the pain and avoid fatty foods

    [–] What does it mean to have both Hep B antigen and antibody? shams3322 2 points ago in AskDocs

    Chronic HepB usually lasts a lifetime and (to my knowledge) no current treatment is available to completely eradicate the virus. Such people are regularly monitored for any signs of liver damage and appropriate treatment is given in case there is.

    [–] What does it mean to have both Hep B antigen and antibody? shams3322 2 points ago in AskDocs

    It occurs sometimes in chronic hepatitis. It means their body is producing antibodies against the virus but the virus is tolerant to it.

    [–] M33 (5'7", 136lbs) - High post-exercise heart rate shams3322 2 points ago in AskDocs

    Called Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). It is normal after hard cardio or HIIT and can stay in effect for hours after a workout. It is actually the reason why many prefer HIIT as compared to steady state cardio for fat loss.

    I wouldn't be too worried unless you consistently have high heart rate for an extended period of time

    [–] 15M Got a burn while cooking and now my hand looks like a pizza bubble. shams3322 31 points ago in AskDocs

    Burn blister. It's your body's response to prevent infection. Usually requires no attention and goes away on its own by bursting or absorbing back into the body. If it bursts wash with water and soap. What you need to do is look out if it gets infected or keeps growing in size. Do not burst it as there's a chance of infection.

    [–] Odd feelings of being detached from my body shams3322 3 points ago in AskDocs

    Sounds like depersonalization which is a type of dissociation disorder. It can very well be related to your depression or anxiety as they are known risk factors.

    Recommend going to a psychiatrist and getting a psychiatric evaluation

    [–] My anxiety is making me worry that I'm going to get sick from vaping shams3322 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in AskDocs

    I don't think that little exposure would have done much harm if any. Also to note, the common thing between most reported cases of lung problems is use of black market or THC cartridges in vaping. So if your friends got it from a legitimate source you should be fine.

    Nytimes covered it recently