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    [–] 33 [f]loating and all natural. Any takers? sheerpariah 1 points ago in Amateur

    Literally just watched catching fire on dvr.

    [–] Mixing alcohol with living leeches sheerpariah 1 points ago in WTF

    I do not! Freebase coccaine.

    [–] The ol' razzle dazzle sheerpariah 12 points ago in sports

    He only got one shot

    [–] Sometimes I get really worried I might slip out a "nigga" when talking to a black guy. sheerpariah -4 points ago in intrusivethoughts

    As long as it's used conservatively and you don't put that "r" on the end of it then they usually don't care. There isn't even a comedic needle scratch that freezes everyone. It's the meaning they hate.

    "You hear what that nigga said?" this is ok

    "Which niggar nigger took the last donut?" this is not ok

    Source-Nigga my nigga game is on nigga point my nigga.

    [–] We were talking about fishing and taking our infant son. She uses worms. I use lures. This was me trying to get her to use lures. This was swype. Not autocorrect sheerpariah 1 points ago in DamnYouAutocorrect

    No. It wasn't. I deleted it anyway since there's no way to prove it. I was making stupid jokes about rubber toys you fish with implying there was a sexual nature but my phone had made fishing into fisting thereby making the joke on me. But thanks for your supreme judgement.

    [–] Family With Infant Children Booted Off Delta Flight sheerpariah 1 points ago in videos

    That makes fine sense and all, but This comment thread is dialog from a really really amazingly stupid movie and not a condemnation of flight attendants.

    [–] I just streamed American Gods on Starz. I have to say I'm very impressed and excited. I wonder what the reddit thinks sheerpariah 1 points ago in television

    Wait a minute. I've just read up to as far as the airport. The show was not literally word for word but damn it was really, really. ....REALLY close.

    [–] Family With Infant Children Booted Off Delta Flight sheerpariah 183 points ago in videos

    I want to introduce the Derek Zoolander center for flight attendants who can't people good. And want to learn to do other stuff good too .

    [–] NSFW Photographer captures a photo of the exploding mortar tube that killed her. sheerpariah 1 points ago in WTF

    Welp. Literally every single thing I said was pulled right out of my pooper apparently. Thanks for the education and all around humbling experience.

    [–] What if I'm meant to be a great rapper and just don't know it? sheerpariah 2 points ago in intrusivethoughts

    Foos roh dah! .....nope. Fuck.

    Ka may kaaaaa haaaaaah maaaaayyy HAAAAAAAAA!

    Apparently not a sayan. Either.