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    [–] ELI5: What is the Bible all about? sheerpariah 0 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Part 1 is about controlling people with laws made by a supernatural megalomaniac.

    Part 2 is about controlling people with laws made by a supernatural megalomaniac and not being a jerk to other people about it.

    [–] Today it's been five years since I had a drink. That's one year for each finger on a one-handed man! sheerpariah 4 points ago in pics

    Congratulations on a huge accomplishment. I, at one point, had 3 years clean from opiates only to relapse. The two years that followed were pure hell and now at 6 months clean the mess my life is is starting to improve.

    [–] What animal can just fuck off? sheerpariah 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Sorry. As an American I assume everyone else also is American. Our president has banned entry of citizens from several Muslim nations. Hawaii, being awesome, is fighting this ban.

    [–] This is why you don't mess with fentanyl. Fatal doses of both sheerpariah -1 points ago in pics

    It would if you'd ever shot coke and fantakill before. There's a reason speed balling is incredible. And deadly.

    [–] Sometimes I get really worried I might slip out a "nigga" when talking to a black guy. sheerpariah -4 points ago in intrusivethoughts

    As long as it's used conservatively and you don't put that "r" on the end of it then they usually don't care. There isn't even a comedic needle scratch that freezes everyone. It's the meaning they hate.

    "You hear what that nigga said?" this is ok

    "Which niggar nigger took the last donut?" this is not ok

    Source-Nigga my nigga game is on nigga point my nigga.