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    [–] AITA for choosing my dogs over my 5year long relationship? shelley1005 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole


    He gave the ultimatum, not you. Your pets are part of your family and it doesn't surprise me at all that you choose them. If you two do decide to work it out, it might be better to not live together yet because it doesn't sound like the two of you are there. And if you do decide to live together, I'd recommend making hard and fast rules about the dogs before you even move in.

    [–] This racist manager of this hotel shelley1005 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Bye guy who deletes all his posts trying oh so hard to defend this guy!!!

    [–] This racist manager of this hotel shelley1005 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    When the guy filming said the things he had said about him, he happily repeated it. Guess in your mind you are right, both are unpleasant. One was filmed throwing names and prejudiced names at the other and the other filmed him while saying nothing about the other guy's really poor appearance. My standards are different.

    [–] This racist manager of this hotel shelley1005 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Do you film yourself 24/7??? Probably not. Most in these situations start filming after someone starts treating them like garbage. That only makes sense. The guy repeated his garbage and never, not once, did the guy filming remark on this employee unfortunate appearance back to him in kind. But sure, he's as ass.

    [–] This racist manager of this hotel shelley1005 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Call the Days Inn and let them know how embarrassing it is.

    [–] This racist manager of this hotel shelley1005 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Seems like a pleasant dude and he's as ass. Hmm.....

    [–] AITA for rejecting my dad’s apology and not agreeing to donate my kidney to him? shelley1005 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. Your dad sounds like a master manipulator. The choice to make an organ donation is a very difficult one to make and it is totally understandable to not want to go through that very difficult and dangerous process for someone who walked away from you without a second thought.

    [–] Woman thinks her daughter can use the man's bathroom. When i say know she says i raped her shelley1005 1 points ago in entitledparents

    Ahh the made up "you raped me" claim to prove this story is made up fiction. Way to make it obvious. Invest in a creative writing class.

    [–] I am NOT the help shelley1005 4 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    You would be wrong. I have been in environments you have stated and not one person immediately assumed I was the help. You denying the protective factor that being white is doesn't make it not a thing. It is a race thing and it is disappointing to me how ingrained racism is by the push back in this thread. Stereotypes and assumptions aren't something to be waved away.

    [–] I am NOT the help shelley1005 7 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    You are grossly naive if you think race does not play a factor. I have never driven a luxury car and been in some pretty fancy places with door men and security with gates and when I drive up, no one assumes my whiteness is the help. It's not nonsense, but discounting someone's own experience is what is insulting.

    [–] I am NOT the help shelley1005 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in TwoXChromosomes

    It's amazing how many people in the comments are going out of their way to explain to you that you're lived experience isn't about race, but issue x y or z. Staggering. Infuriating.

    You are already this kick ass black woman and on your way to conquering the world. If people can't get outside their ingrained racism to see it, fuck them. Go get it. Hugs.

    [–] Feeling ganged up on, know I need to keep my held high but guilt is getting to me shelley1005 2 points ago in socialwork

    That sounds like a difficult and frustrating day. What I would focus on more than the clients being upset and not feeling like they were getting what they needed from you, but that individually and collectively they didn't feel they could share their needs and frustrations with you.

    [–] ED tries to ruin the movie claiming our food as his, then tries to frame me for rape shelley1005 1 points ago in entitledparents

    Adding the rape line is always the tell for fake ass stories. Enjoy your karma farming.

    Edited: and confirmed with not finishing the story and saying you'll post the second half of people want it. You know. To farm for karma.

    [–] he just posted all the adidas shorts on his instagram account shelley1005 1 points ago in donaldglover

    Download them while you can. You know how notorious he is for posting and then deleting.

    [–] AITA for offering to pay for my nephew’s tuition but not my girlfriend’s son? shelley1005 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. At all. She doesn't want you to have a fatherly relationship with her son and never encouraged that until she saw that you could be a cash cow and pay for his school. She wants the money and it's incredibly entitled and selfish. You don't owe her son anything because you want to help your nephew out.

    [–] [Landlord asking for advice from tenants] Are you guys seeing “no vaping” in your leases? Would you honestly comply with a Vaping prohibition? shelley1005 2 points ago in bostonhousing

    That's a risk to take in MA where I have never seen such strict rules when it comes to security deposits. And vaping doesn't do the damage that actual smoke does. It's vapor. It would be no different than someone who uses a diffuser.

    And my hypothetical was about a lease violation not taking money out of a security deposit. I'd love to see how a landlord would prove that since it is vapor that dissapates and leave no lasting proof.

    I'd hypothesize that your answer depends on whether you are asking a tenant, a landlord or a landlord that tries to take as much security of a tenant as they can. I've met all three and the last one is what I think the landlords you have asked would be. Vapor is just that, vapor.

    [–] [Landlord asking for advice from tenants] Are you guys seeing “no vaping” in your leases? Would you honestly comply with a Vaping prohibition? shelley1005 2 points ago in bostonhousing

    I don't smoke, but I'll answer this question as if I did and that I smoke via vaping.

    I'd sign the lease and keep on vaping. Vaping is not going to damage the apartment in any way. If I did get a leasing violation for vaping, I would like to see my landlord prove in housing court that I was in fact vaping.

    Edit: and to answer about Marijuana. If I was going to smoke pot in a non smoking unit, I would also do that by way of vaping as well. No smoking is not just about tobacco, but smoking anything. I wouldn't want to bring the attention of smoking anything to my neighbors or my landlord. Let's be real, people get violationa for smoking if the unit or hallways smell enough that someone notices or complains to the landlord.

    [–] Finally paid off all credit card debt. Had to be seriously planned. Was planned 4 months ago but only happened today because of unexpected reasons. Repeat after me: my spending power is the amount in my debit and not my credit line. Never again spending a penny I cannot immediately pay off. shelley1005 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in povertyfinance

    I use my credit card for almost all of my monthly expenses and I pay it off in full each and every month. One, I get cash back so it pays me to use it. And two, I don't have to worry about an expense close to payday putting me in the negative because I made a slight miscalculation.

    If credit cards are used consciously and responsibly then they can be a true asset.

    [–] AITA for telling my morbidly obese 10 year old sister to eat healthier? shelley1005 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH. Since I don't think your sister is the asshole either and probably not your mother either since obesity is often something learned from one generation to the next.

    Now do I think what you did had any chance of being successful? No and so I'd encourage you to take a different approach if you want to actually help and make a difference in your sister's life. Wanting someone to go from 5 oil dripping grilled cheese sandwiches, 2 bags of chips and a sugar coke to eating tofu is just asking for too much change at once. I doubt you started with tofu when you first made changes in food choices. You might want to work with your sister on just some smaller changes that would make a huge difference off the bat. She might get to tofu or she might never get there, but if she made a small change here or there if could be life changing for her.

    I am also someone who grew up obese in an obese family and then made the lifestyle changes I needed to make to live a much healthier, more fit life. I wish I made those changes earlier and so I totally feel where you are coming from.