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    [–] Found my ole reliable etika headphones shinx457 2 points ago in EtikaRedditNetwork

    They are but their also like 12 years old

    [–] Me this splatfest shinx457 6 points ago in splatoon

    That’s why I’m on ketchup, don’t wanna end up like big Ed

    [–] Isabelle, Piranha Plant, King K. Rool amiibo are up for pre-order at Walmart shinx457 1 points ago in AmiiboCanada

    Is it only gonna be restocked on by any chance? They are the only one from the smash line I’m missing and I’ve heard Walmart is very bad when it comes to shipping

    [–] Seeing the DV tomorrow here in Canada and just had a couple questions shinx457 3 points ago in LoveLive

    Honestly I have no idea, I can understand the most basic of basic japanese so hopefully I can get through

    [–] Also leaked is ninja if anyone cares shinx457 20 points ago in funkopop

    My toys r us had a shitload of unsold ninja merch that’s been there for months

    [–] Joker concept courtesy of artist Andrew V. Albuena shinx457 7 points ago in funkopop

    Any idea why 2019 joker hasn’t gotten a pop

    [–] Friday's Funkos (Today's haul) shinx457 2 points ago in funkopop

    Ah nice, I’m in Canada so I’m not sure where exclusives sometimes go for stores not here but here’s hoping she comes to the toys r us where I work

    [–] Friday's Funkos (Today's haul) shinx457 2 points ago in funkopop

    Where’d you get asuka she looks great

    [–] Should I wear my EGGMAN costume to the sonic movie? shinx457 1 points ago in gaming

    1. Not the greatest costume I know, I made it in two days before Halloween

    2, Canadian house some have that step thing. that’s my bathroom door and there’s a lamp behind me creating that shadow

    1. Pingas

    [–] This is why I come to my 8 am classes shinx457 9 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Nah it’s mine and someone else’s coats