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    [–] What's your "WTF, I thought stuff like this only happened in movies" moment? shortnblu 21 points ago in AskWomen

    When I got shoved into a locker in middle school. Had no idea that actually could happen to me.

    [–] Adults, what questions do you want answered by teenagers? shortnblu 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Instagram has a huge negative affect on me. Constantly seeing women with plastic surgery, plumped up lips, implants, Facetune, etc. It’s tough to then look at myself in the mirror and think I am good looking or even worth talking to.

    [–] Rock lifted by a water fountain shortnblu 1 points ago in gifs

    I thought this was a hippo at first glance

    [–] Patients of Reddit: What happened when a doctor or nurse accused you of "faking it" when you were actually in need of urgent medical care? shortnblu 7 points ago in AskReddit

    My mom had a horrific headache and went to the ER. She could walk and talk fine but was in excruciating pain.

    The doctor immediately discharged her and said she must have experienced a panic attack

    My mom, as she was signing papers, lifted up her pen and said “a panic attack? This pain is not from a panic attack.”

    They got into an argument and the doctor screamed “that’s it! Im wasting all your money and sending you to catscan!”

    My mom had to WALK herself to the other side of the hospital to get to the CT rooms.

    While she was being scanned, multiple people came in and out of the room. Suddenly they rolled her out and said “Don’t move. If you move you will die.”

    She had a blood clot in the brain.

    [–] This came out of my ass. What is it? shortnblu 1 points ago in AskDocs

    Looks like either roundworm or hookworm.

    [–] Facebook friend thinks it’s cool to be a choosing beggar shortnblu 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    You should always ask permission of the artist! If you can’t ask the artist then ask their label!

    [–] Video snapping into place. How do I avoid this? shortnblu 1 points ago in editors

    Okay thanks!

    And yeah I delete the camera audio after I’ve synced it up :)