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    [–] You spin my Dread round, baby si3rra_7 34 points ago in DeepRockGalactic

    Including teammates! Burnt eyebrows skin for engineer when?

    [–] We want to speak with your channel head si3rra_7 2 points ago in dankmemes

    Karen is not a race specific phenomenon. There's plenty of Karen representatives in other races.

    [–] LPT if you follow an american recipe and it calls for a stick of butter it means 113 g of butter si3rra_7 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    More like your recipes are modified to use prepackaged amounts. If a perfect recipe would need 9/10s of a stick of butter they'll just say a stick and fuck up the recipe, meanwhile i can measure the amount of butter i need precisely. Using volume recipes instead of by weight is not worth the comfort compared to a well balanced recipe.

    [–] To make masks si3rra_7 1 points ago in therewasanattempt

    no biggie, they're honorary Karens

    [–] GM Ben insults XQCs chat si3rra_7 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Hey you're the guy i always find in anime episode discussion threads.

    [–] 10 years and still a noob si3rra_7 1 points ago in Animemes

    i can't say this has happened to me. closest thing to it was playing csgo back in 2016, i was younger and didnt care that i spent 10 hours of daily practice, and now i don't aim at that level anymore.

    [–] My experience playing Driller so far si3rra_7 12 points ago in DeepRockGalactic

    As an engineer when i try to follow molly and she just fucking spidermans up a fucking cliff that would take me 3 minutes and 30 platforms to escalate i'd rather have my trusty driller teammate noclip his way towards the escale pod. They're great teammates, even if half the time i lose my eyebrows to a little

    [–] Unpopular opinion: Gemini System is fine. si3rra_7 2 points ago in DeepRockGalactic

    i use gemini wirh stun and defensive it's not there to kill stuff its mostly to slow down the hoard

    [–] If rapists had this shit. si3rra_7 24 points ago in DarkHumorAndMemes

    that rapist is a mod

    [–] BRING BACK THE USERNAMES si3rra_7 2 points ago in mobileweb

    Also the tag/flair is useful for a number of subreddits like askouija, and thats gone too

    [–] Do you refrigerate your eggs and milk? si3rra_7 8 points ago in AskEurope

    you must be buying the low fat ones. the ones i buy arent that bad

    [–] My microwave has a "no beep" setting si3rra_7 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    And it should self activate between 11PM and 8AM

    [–] My microwave has a "no beep" setting si3rra_7 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    By decree from the council of Night Owl Snackers, all microwaves should have this option going forward.

    [–] Do you refrigerate your eggs and milk? si3rra_7 19 points ago in AskEurope

    Not if you buy the UHT stuff. It can last a long time. Eggs too, depending on room temp, our pantry is ventilated with ouside air so we can keep temp sensitive stuff from october to march

    [–] quite the fall from Olympus si3rra_7 2 points ago in rareinsults

    what does live recorded mean? like, not edited at all or??

    [–] @forsen si3rra_7 6 points ago in forsen

    whats her insta? LULW

    [–] @forsen si3rra_7 33 points ago in forsen

    with the risk of being called a simp, whoever this is doesnt look that bad. i mean she's no pokimane but its better than most girls without makeup

    [–] we talking Shungite si3rra_7 10 points ago in forsen

    fuck you

    [–] we talking Shungite si3rra_7 26 points ago in forsen

    ootl, whats shungite