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    [–] AITA for telling my mom to get a hobby? silverturtle14 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in AmItheAsshole

    NAH, your mom sounds like she's just in an emotionally sensitive place right now, and getting defensive about people talking about her, even though it's only to try to help her. Try reassuring her that you guys are just trying to make sure your mom is having a nice time in her retirement, and that it can be hard on people sometimes to figure out what to do with all their newfound free time.

    Edit: changing my answer from NTA to NAH. Your mom may have been a little harsh, but I don't think she's really being an asshole either, just a bit sensitive about the topic.

    [–] AITA for being the loud upstairs neighbor? silverturtle14 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    This depends way too much on how loud you're actually being. However, if you feel you're doing your best to not make more noise than necessary, you're NTA. Maybe make a comment to your super that your downstairs neighbor is upset you're making noise with things that are just a product of the place being old, like the railing, or encourage your neighbor to talk to the super, because there's nothing you can do about it.

    [–] So, what's Purdue like for CS grad students? silverturtle14 9 points ago in Purdue

    I'm just a Master's student, not a PhD, but I think I can still contribute a bit to this discussion.

    1. Day to day life is fairly similar to undergrad, to be honest, except I attend my classes even less. Many of the classes are pretty similar to the undergrad version, but there are gems, like Tiark's compilers course, that are very different and interesting. Besides that, I'm a GTA, so that takes up a good portion of my time. I get emails from students fairly frequently, and besides that work a lot on grading, coming up with PSO material, keeping up with the class topics, and writing solutions to student assignments.

    2. There is graduate student housing, but I don't personally use it. I think it's primarily for PhDs.

    3. I have my own close knit group of friends, so personally I don't socialize too much outside of that. However, there are a lot of fun events put on by GSB (right now they're putting together an intramural dodgeball team) and they try to get the grad students together frequently. I believe many PhD students have families, so they tend not to go out much. This also depends on your research group, though. I did research for a short time, and our group was very active, going out for drinks once a week and other stuff outside of that.

    4. As I mentioned before, I'm a GTA. It's a lot of work, but I love teaching, so I find it enjoyable. You're also compensated VERY well. All but about $1000/semester is remitted from your tuition, and you're paid $2000/month for your work. As for the job itself, that depends a lot on who you TA for and what class it is. Some classes are a nightmare in certain areas; take for example grading Operating Systems. It's a horrible job, because there's no good grading framework in Xinu, and it takes forever. Other classes have long assignments to grade, like machine learning. Overall though, if you care about students learning and get enjoyment out of teaching, it's an extremely worthwhile job, especially considering the compensation.

    Hope this was helpful information! If you have any other more specific questions feel free to ask :)

    [–] What movie did you see when you were "too young" that scarred you for life? silverturtle14 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A little late to the party, but I watched the movie Anaconda when I was like 10. Holy shit I was so terrified. For 3 weeks after I had a hard time going to sleep, because I was afraid a snake was going to sneak into my bed and kill me. I had to tuck my blanket around every inch of my body, because obviously the only way to protect yourself from constrictors is to start their job for them.

    It didn't help that I also grew up in Florida with the occasional long black snake in the backyard, or that my mother was terrified of snakes herself. Around the time I watched Anaconda she told me about a recurring dream she had about being killed by a black mamba, so yeah.

    [–] Irish Soda Bread silverturtle14 75 points ago in GifRecipes

    Well at least they added a 4 leaf clover. Nothing is Irish if it doesn't have that weed

    [–] LAOP’s father is threatening them with guardianship when they turn 18 shortly, apparently because they have mild autism. LAOP makes about $96K per year via YouTube, and their parents have taken their money but not paid taxes on it. silverturtle14 2 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    There are definitely channels like that but Ryan's Toy Reviews is not. They've had to be pretty public about this, because they've been accused of using their child by a lot of people. All the money from his channel goes into a fund he'll have full control of when he turns 18. They never force him to make videos, it's entirely whether he wants to or not. Also all the toys are donated after they're opened.

    [–] it do be like that though silverturtle14 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    It was more of a "to my knowledge, no" which is where that "not a lie, but not the whole truth" deception comes into play, especially with something so severe as "can people who work at Twitter see dms"

    [–] it do be like that though silverturtle14 2 points ago in JoeRogan

    But she doesn't just work as a lawyer for Twitter, she's the Chief Legal Officer, and in charge of setting policy on what is/isn't bannable offences. I actually thought she was a fantastic addition to the podcast, and really appreciated she was there. Note, I didn't say I think what they do is right; I think there were several instances Pool perfectly backed them into a corner, and with her being there it was very obvious where their biases impact their policy.

    [–] Question about the Math-Computer Science major silverturtle14 1 points ago in Purdue

    A word of caution about the MACS program: because it is technically a program under the math department and simply coordinated with the CS department, you aren't treated as a computer science student. There are several benefits to being in the computer science department, most importantly registering for classes and the CS career fair. Due to the high volume of students in the department, anyone who is not a CS major is treated as basically a second-class citizen. When registering for CS classes, you'd have to wait until all CS students would have registered, at which point many classes are often full. With regards to the CS career fair, that is by far the best opportunity on campus to get interviews, and MACS students are completely not allowed to go. You also wouldn't receive announcements for events like companiy days (you wouldn't be barred from those; anyone can attend, but you wouldn't be notified of them through standard channels like CS emails).

    It's up to you, but given the way MACS students are pretty much disregarded by the CS department as a whole, I wouldn't recommend it.

    [–] What are some fun things to do around with your SO at home that isn’t sex? silverturtle14 405 points ago in AskReddit

    I relate to this so much, haha. We both started jiu jitsu a while back, and it's pretty much completely changed hugs/wrestling. Go for a hug behind the back? Casually slip in a RNC. Someone hops in the other's lap? Insta closed guard. I love it, but sometimes I also miss just relaxed cuddles :<

    [–] UFC 235 Main Card silverturtle14 1 points ago in ufc

    He actually did give a thumbs up if you watch the replay from the side of the cage, but it's very delayed to when Herb was prodding him to respond, and it was a half-hearted thumbs up at best. I don't think given the situation it was the horrible stoppage some people are calling it. Yes he possibly was able to go on longer, but he didn't reply well enough to the ref, and if that doesn't happen the ref's duty is to stop the fight to protect the fighter.