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    [–] Retroactive punishment for cheating? silverturtle14 6 points ago in Purdue

    That's not true at all. As someone who's run MOSS, it's not black and white "this person cheated, that one didn't." It gives percentages of similarity of code. Having a firsthand account of someone bragging about cheating might make a professor go back and review someone's MOSS results, and reconsider someone's results that were clost, but not quite close enough to reprimand them the first time around.

    [–] Ramen Noodles silverturtle14 2 points ago in misleadingthumbnails

    It's yarn from a crochet project I scrapped.

    [–] AITA for very rarely/almost never wanting to go to restaurants because my girlfriend makes food that's just as good, if not better, than restaurant food? silverturtle14 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA. Just because she enjoys cooking doesn't mean she wants to do it all the time. It's good that you recognize how amazing she is for what she does for you, but you're definitely taking advantage of her, a lot. Especially when she specifically brought up not wanting to cook and wanting to do date nights out. It's work for her to cook, unless it's a team effort and something planned out, it probably lessened the "date night" feel for her. You're basically telling her "No, we shouldn't go out to dinner because you can just do all the work," which is really shitty.

    [–] [FO] Merry Christmas Everyone! silverturtle14 2 points ago in CrossStitch

    Thank you! It's a grab-bag Christmas gift for my fiance's aunt :)

    [–] [FO] Merry Christmas Everyone! silverturtle14 1 points ago in CrossStitch

    This pattern is available at Tiny Modernist! I made some small changes here and there, but it's primarily that pattern. This was my first time trying out letters, I think they turned out pretty good!

    [–] Say it louder so the white guys finally get it silverturtle14 3 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    I mean, I'm in at least one of the massive comment threads that was completely shut down.

    [–] I was a pleasant person to be around when I was 13 silverturtle14 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    To be honest, that's probably all I knew about Kim Jong-Un at the time, lol. I'm actually showing off my ignorance in this post, because Kim Jong-Il had already died at this point, so they were talking about Kim Jong-Un, lmao.

    [–] Say it louder so the white guys finally get it silverturtle14 10 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    So does every comment that doesn't align with your views constitute being "trash"? Search through my post history of you want, I'm not exactly an MGTOW or MRA. I just disagree with this post and the comparison that's brought here.

    It also seems to me that a lot of people who are commenting haven't even read the court case, which brings to light many points people have been bringing up, like the fact that the man was sleeping when he was shot. If you just want comments that corroborate your viewpoint, maybe the sub should be made private because no one really seems interested in a differing viewpoint. And, when I say "differing viewpoint", it's not even all that different! I just think that the comparison is bad. I'm violently opposed to what happened with Brock Turner, I still remember when it was going on; it made me feel sick hearing about the absolute shitpile of a court case it was. But, these two situations are too dissimilar in my opinion.

    [–] Say it louder so the white guys finally get it silverturtle14 -14 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Is privilege not beneficial outcomes to you because of a characteristic of you that you can't control? Privilege exists because of bias. Just because a bias is a result of something you don't like doesn't mean it's not a privilege.

    [–] Say it louder so the white guys finally get it silverturtle14 57 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Well, rape and murder are two different crimes, with different punishments. I'm NOT saying that what happened with Brock Turner is right, I vehemently oppose what he did, and the pitiful "punishment" he received. But this comparison is not applicable, it's apples and oranges. And, this comment shows that the content of the tweet is inaccurate, and furthering a false narrative.

    [–] what a dad silverturtle14 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    Right? Obviously taking advantage of them and the situation.

    [–] "Is this your wallet?" silverturtle14 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    You can tell partially by the thumbs ups. Only 1 of the two people has the thumbs ups

    [–] Snickerdoodles! silverturtle14 3 points ago in Baking

    Thanks!! They also came out DELICIOUS. All my friends (who usually are reserved when it comes to sweets) couldn't keep their hands off!

    The most important thing I think was that I didn't over cook them. They're going to look unfinished when you take them out- don't be afraid!