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    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex siroonig 9 points ago in legaladvice

    Please contact your social worker or case worker. This needs to get documented and you need to be placed in another home. A safer home. If threats continue and you’re fearing for your safety, call the police.

    Above all else do not sign one single sheet of paper with these people. You don’t owe them anything. Continue to deny any sexual involvement with this person. If she claims you’re the baby’s father, a paternity test will determine who is the child’s father if you deny it is yours. The courts in MN want a baby to have two parents and they will do testing to make sure there are two parents at least accounted for.

    [–] Married couples, what is the unspoken rules of a successful marriage? siroonig 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Our unspoken rule that makes our marriage work is “do what you have to do, just let me know”. This means if he wants to go to a baseball game with his buddies, go right on ahead, just text me and let me know. Or if I want a spa day, all I gotta do is text him that l will be home soon. We aren’t prisoners. We don’t need to ask for permission to live our lives. This rule probably works best for us because we met online and online dated for years before we closed the gap. In doing so, we just had to let the other person do their thing and just give a heads up.

    [–] Salad bar fixins siroonig 2 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    This is pretty genius I gotta say. Definitely keeping this in mind for when I get back to work. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] What’s a very common thing that you just cannot relate to? siroonig 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Going to the bar and drinking to oblivion week after week. Sure go grab a drink or two with buddies after work. Or hey go meet with friends for a cold pint. But going weekend after weekend to the bar, spending hundreds of dollars on drink and only to wake up with a hangover, just doesn’t make sense to me.

    [–] Dae regardless of what you're doing with your free time feel like you're wasting it and should be doing something else but don't know what? siroonig 4 points ago in DoesAnybodyElse

    All the time. When I have free time, I wonder what am I not doing that I’m supposed to be doing. Or what can I do so as not to waste time. It’s a never ending cycle.

    [–] My wife loves her early Christmas present siroonig 1 points ago in corgi

    Are you looking for a second wife haha!

    [–] My father wants me and my two siblings to take on $106K of debt, and we we aren't ready siroonig 1 points ago in relationships

    Call the student loan servicer for the student loan to talk about options. Parent Plus loans cannot be transferred to the students and the student is not financially responsible for the loan. And like other suggested, head over to legal advice to see if there are any other legal options to protect yourself.

    [–] Can you hurry up I’m late for a meeting? siroonig 1 points ago in starbucks

    If I know I’m running late, I mobile order so all I have to do is swing in grab and go. No fuss and no stressing out others over my poor planning lol.

    [–] What is something that has been eating you up inside and you just need to get off your chest anonymously? siroonig 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Most of life I’ve been called annoying but I never seem to understand what I’m doing or saying that is necessarily annoying. So I stay silent, especially in new environments. Eventually I’ll be called out for being so quiet so I open up a bit. Then that’s when shit hits the fan. I end up saying something they don’t like or they avoid me. I’m really tired of this cycle and it just seems like nothing I ever do is ever good enough. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not good enough.

    [–] Midnight Melt Taco in MN siroonig 1 points ago in tacobell

    Maybe I am the odd duckling but I wasn’t a fan of it. All the cheese in the core of the taco made it beyond mushy. The flavors were awesome but it was just a mushy mess to eat.

    [–] Taco Bell Tests Blue Corn Taco Shell with New Midnight Melt Taco in Minneapolis siroonig 3 points ago in tacobell

    I had this a couple nights ago. It wasn’t that great, it was very mushy considering I ate in store. May try it again before it disappears.

    [–] Customer question: flavored cold foam? siroonig 1 points ago in starbucks

    You’re awesome, thank you. I’m gonna try this next time I stop in.

    [–] Customer question: flavored cold foam? siroonig 5 points ago in starbucks

    And to extend this question, how does one go about ordering a flavored cold foam? Would it be an iced white mocha with raspberry cold foam? Would that even taste good lol?

    [–] My sign for the toasted white mocha siroonig 1 points ago in starbucks

    Random question from a curious customer. What does a toasted white mocha taste like in comparison to a regular non toasted one?

    [–] Im bisexual and I see nothing wrong with staying in the closet forever siroonig 3 points ago in confession

    I too am bisexual and will forever stay in the closet. Certain friends and obviously my husband know but that’s about it. Guys hearing I’m bisexual immediately makes them think a threesome is possible. Women immediately think well of course, we all have kissed our college roommate drunk one night.

    So I say stay in the closet. It’s easier lol.

    [–] Del Taco is better than Taco Bell. Why am I wrong? siroonig 5 points ago in tacobell

    I grew up on Del Taco and I whole heartedly prefer Del Taco over Taco Bell. But I have since moved where there are no Del Tacos, only a ton of Taco Bells. Del Taco quesadillas are a 100 times better than Taco Bell quesadillas. And yes Del Taco to me is a bit more fresher and the cheese actually melts. To top it all off, they have amazing crinkle cut fries without gross seasoning on them. To me Del Taco is far better....

    [–] What do unemployed lawyers do? siroonig 77 points ago in LawSchool

    I graduated in May of 2017, took the July bar and didn’t pass by 12 points. While I studied for the following February bar I took a job as a forms processor at a car dealership. It was part time evenings and gave me time to study and income to survive. When I didn’t pass the Feb Bar exam by one point I stayed at the car dealership till I found a JD incentive job. For a year I kept looking and for one reason or another couldn’t land a JD incentive job. So I officially stopped caring about using my degree and started looking for any job that would pay my bills. Tomorrow I start as a loan advisor for law students.

    Sometimes how you plan the future doesn’t pan out the way you hoped. You gotta make do with what ya got.