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    [–] Does customer abuse ever make you laugh? siroonig 3 points ago in callcentres

    I placed an outbound call once to discuss a seriously past due act. Client answered the phone and I was trying my absolute best to help her, find a solution that would work. As I was going through my questions to help her she just kept saying I hope you feel terrible, that’s the only reason I’m staying on the phone with you. Like what? Why? You’re going to default on your loan and hurt your credit score. Why make me feel terrible for trying to help you...

    [–] Call center help siroonig 6 points ago in callcentres

    To keep call times down, my best suggestion is to just stick to the bare bones of information. If they’re calling about X, talk about X only and keep it basic. If the caller wants more info, they will ask for more info.

    [–] About to start a job in a call center. siroonig 4 points ago in callcentres

    Call center type jobs depend on the company and the company’s standards. The call center I work at has very reasonable standards and good stats are achievable without going insane.

    My one tip is to walk or move around on your breaks. Do a bit of stretching while on calls that don’t require you to stare at your screen. Any little bit definitely helps.

    Lastly, don’t bring your day home with you. Once you clock out, erase your mind of the day. Go home and do something you enjoy. If you focus on the work day you will burn out and be miserable.

    [–] Those of your who live with your SO, what is your evening routine like? siroonig 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I get home a few hours before my husband. I’ll eat something, see if there is any chores or errands to run and get those done. Then I’ll just relax on the couch, watch tv or squeeze in a FaceTime date with my mom or best friend. When husband gets home, he will text me and I’ll get something whipped up for him to eat when gets home. After he gets home and eats, we hop on the couch to watch tv together. Or he will play some video games while I read a book on the other side of the couch. Once we have relaxed, it’s shower time and bed time.

    [–] I said yes!❤️ from being a girlfriend to now a fiancée to a wifey soon, it’s been an incredible experience. This man means so much to me. We beat the distance and the odds! People are like long distance never works but here we are! I’m so happy❤️ he means so much to me. I love this man so much❤️ siroonig 6 points ago in LongDistance

    OP I am sorry you’re getting a lot of slack for being engaged within a day of meeting. You’re not alone though. I had known my now husband online for over 5 years, built an incredible friendship and bond. We tried the whole long distance, online dating thing and it just wasn’t working out. Friends seemed to be the best option. One day we decided to meet in person and it was absolutely electric. We too were engaged within 24 hrs of meeting.

    I am not sure of your plan but we fought tooth and nail in our long distance for 3 years. I moved to his state, and we then married three years after that. Our engagement wasn’t so much to say we want to get married tomorrow or in six months. It was more so we know this is our forever and we want to cement it in stone. There’s been a lot of fights, heart aches, and sadness. But there’s been even more happy times. I truly wish you the very best and hope you guys have a great marriage.

    [–] The proper way to order a subway sandwich. siroonig 7 points ago in subway

    Also if I may add, customers shouldn’t crowd the customer in front of them! Give plenty of space so y’all can move down the line and get a yummy sub at the end.

    [–] Wedding dress help! Can’t decide between these two dresses for my small ceremony in Botswana... siroonig 59 points ago in weddingplanning

    Maybe I’m the odd ball out but I much prefer the one on the right. The one on the left doesn’t seem as flattering to my eye, it feels like it’s cutting your silhouette up. The one on the right seems to me to be fitting you a bit better.

    [–] I'm the only one that enjoys the job? siroonig 2 points ago in callcentres

    I don’t personally like my job but I like the company I work for, they make this job bearable and not miserable. How we are evaluated is very fair and what is expected of us is achievable without losing our sense of worth. I think the company you work for is what makes or breaks a person. This is not to say that the job itself is not stressful or annoying at times, I’m sure all call center type of jobs can be at a point in time. But the company you work for can either add to that stress or help alleviate that stress.

    [–] Probably the saddest call I've ever had siroonig 1 points ago in talesfromcallcenters

    I work in a call center that handles student loans or small personal loans. The call that has stuck with me is this gentleman called in with his wife to discuss the account. The account was past due so we were talking about ways of taking care of the past due payment. We settle on a solution and as I’m reading the disclosures to get his permission to postpone payments, the gentleman mentions that he will be dead in a few weeks so it doesn’t matter when the loans resume repayment. He simply wanted to postpone them and then have us explain to his wife what she should do once he dies. He apparently is in complete heart failure and his organs are slowly shutting down.

    That call haunts me til this day.

    [–] Have you ever rekindled a relationship after ghosting someone? Why did you ghost and how did things work out? siroonig 2 points ago in AskWomen

    My husband and I met online back when we were 16/17. We lost touch but were friends still on yahoo messenger. He always messaged me there saying hi but I ignored him. I couldn’t remember exactly who he was or where I had met him. It had been a few years since we initially met. One day I decided to message him back and we became really good friends. Then decided to meet in person and the rest is history.

    [–] My husband is stealing from me siroonig 1 points ago in Advice

    I completely understand where you’re coming from. My husband has done this before and sometimes still does it. I had a rainy day fund stashed in our closet. He kept taking from it and I kept adding to it not realizing that he was taking from it. Eventually I caught on and stopped hiding it in our closet. I instead changed locations and he still doesn’t know about it. Additionally we have separate accounts and we split the household bills. He takes a few and I take a few then we split the rent. What he has left over is his to do whatever he pleases to do and whatever I have leftover is mine to whatever I please.

    The matter of the fact is that your husband is acting very immature. You guys need to have a serious talk about financing and finding a solution that works. My husband and I had a serious talk and the above way of us handling our finances was our solution. It works for us. You guys need to find what works for you guys.

    Best of luck.

    [–] The way I (21f) met my boyfriend (20m) is a bit cringy. How do i tell people when they ask siroonig 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    I understand where you’re coming from. Not many people know how I met my husband. We met online when it wasn’t the norm, when there was a lot of talk and fear about meeting weirdos on the internet. I just tell people we met online and leave it at that. I don’t think you need to give the specifics of what led up to meeting online. That’s something you can keep between the two of you.

    [–] Do you ever find yourself lying in bed unable to fall asleep because there are too many things on your mind? If so, what is it that makes you ponder? siroonig 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I have moved 2,000 miles away from home and I constantly agonize over missing my parents and not being there to continue to make memories with them as they grow old. The guilt of moving out and doing things for myself has kept me up every night since I moved out 5 years ago.

    [–] What's your opinion on going out braless? siroonig 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I wear a bra during the day while at work or social functions. But if I’m running errands and I wear loose enough clothing I can just wear a bralette to contain my girls and be just fine. I prefer it that way. My girls prefer to be free I just don’t wanna like an eye out lol

    [–] I haven't shaved for a year and this is how I feel siroonig 3 points ago in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

    I wax my underarms religiously because I sweat moderately and it helps keep my B.O in check. But I rarely shave my legs and keep my nether regions neatly trimmed. I used to feel obligated to be a hairless cat but not anymore. If you won’t sleep with me because I’m not hairless then I don’t wanna sleep with you either. My husband accepts my choices and it doesn’t bother him. Sure he’d like me to shave a bit more but he wouldn’t demand it or expect it.

    [–] For sexual assault survivors, did you have trouble calling it rape due to the circumstances (i.e. he claimed you consented but you don't remember)? How did you get over that, or did you? siroonig 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I was in a sexually abusive relationship and it’s even hard for me to say that simply because it wasn’t like that for majority of our relationship. The sexual problems began taking over our relationship with him becoming more and more mean towards me. He often did rape me or take advantage of me. See even now, typing this I’m having difficulty saying what it actually was. I guess I’ll never see myself as a victim or a survivor. I just was in a terrible situation that I thankfully got the strength to leave.

    [–] What is something nice going on in your life right now? siroonig 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m finally in a position where I’m not worried about affording my bills. I don’t have to religiously check my bank account to make sure I can afford groceries or afford to put some gas in my car.

    [–] Me [26F] trying to be okay with boyfriend's [32M] relationship with his best friend [26F] siroonig 1 points ago in relationships

    I have a male best friend who is married. My best friend and I dated way back when but quickly realized that we are much better off as friends. Been best friends now close to ten years. His wife knows about me and knows about our prior status. My husband knows about my best friend and our prior status. We are always open about our plans and it has not caused one single issue in our respective marriages. If there is no funny business happening behind the scenes then there should be no reason to keep everything hush hush. You’re in the right to feel like something more is happening behind the scenes. And it’s not okay behavior to take your best friend to events and disregard your significant other.

    [–] Ladies, how do you handle those friends that are always down on themselves and always talk about how terrible everything is for them? siroonig 2 points ago in AskWomen

    Currently going through this with a long time friend of mine. Everything is dark and gloomy in her world. She never attempts to make her situation better. It’s becoming so taxing on me to listen to the same stories over and over again when she isn’t doing anything to help herself. My advice? There isn’t much more to do then to just listen to the same stories and slowly fade out. There’s only so much you can handle before it becomes a stressor for you too.

    [–] How can you ever enjoy physical intimacy after being sexually assaulted? siroonig 1 points ago in AskWomen

    It takes a very long time. There’s still times where my ptsd is triggered and all physical intimacy comes to a halt. My husband is a champ at understating and recognizing that my ptsd is kick in. Therapy is an amazing resource to help cope and relearn how to be physically intimate.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex siroonig 9 points ago in legaladvice

    Please contact your social worker or case worker. This needs to get documented and you need to be placed in another home. A safer home. If threats continue and you’re fearing for your safety, call the police.

    Above all else do not sign one single sheet of paper with these people. You don’t owe them anything. Continue to deny any sexual involvement with this person. If she claims you’re the baby’s father, a paternity test will determine who is the child’s father if you deny it is yours. The courts in MN want a baby to have two parents and they will do testing to make sure there are two parents at least accounted for.

    [–] Two gangsters regret fighting trained fighter. siroonig 1 points ago in fightporn

    Keeping it classy in Old Town Pasadena...