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    [–] Is it bad to learn only the word in hiragana and not the kanji ? skater072t 17 points ago in LearnJapanese

    No, thats okay. Especially if you are just starting.

    You see there are words N4 level but their kanji level equivalent is not.

    Example 砂糖(さとう)sugar is a pretty easy N5 word. But their kanji is a bit hard to memorize. I believe this kanji is N2/N1?

    Its good to familiarize yourself with the kanji of the words though. Since those will still come up eventually in higher levels.

    [–] COMPUTER SCIENCE CURRICULUM skater072t 3 points ago in peyups

    Hi. A bit late reply but UPMin comsci follows UPLBs curriculum. As of 2015, pinafollow nila ung 2010 curriculum. Not sure kung nagbago na, haven't been there in 4 yrs. Yung course prospectus na nasa UPMin website, lumang version. Yun pa yung ginamit namin

    From the site:

    [–] the climb is all there is skater072t 2 points ago in freefolk

    GoT:Brotherhood where they faithfully follow the books

    [–] Anong top I.T. school dito sa Davao or Mindanao? skater072t 1 points ago in davao

    CS offered sa UPMin. Wala IT. Im not sure kung updated na curriculum to the latest technologies. Coz as of 2015, they were using the 2010 curriculum of UPLB.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl skater072t 3 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    there is no cow level

    [–] What should be the minimum specs of a laptop to be used in coding? skater072t 5 points ago in peyups

    I would say at least an i3 and 4gb ram for later languages like android. Yung mga unang pag aaralan nyo naman like C di naman ganun kabigat. Never had problems with my coal-powered celeron with 2gb ram lol.

    [–] *HUGE NEWS* - New hero(s) might be added! skater072t 7 points ago in IdleHeroesPS

    oooh nice. i just hope they balance those heroes. heard some are broken ahem aida

    [–] Studying in Japan without a degree skater072t 1 points ago in JapanJobs

    Yes, to have a working visa minimum requirement is a uni degree. Dunno if its a degree they give if you finish language school.

    But for your 2nd question check here

    [–] Multi Session in Mumu emulator skater072t 1 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    Yes, I'm currently using this coz my old laptop cant handle other emulators. Have 2 accts open. Main and slave priest

    [–] Multi Session in Mumu emulator skater072t 2 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    Install the app called Parallel Space Lite then clone ROMobile. Dont know if you can pinch/zoom tho, havent tried that

    [–] Do Paramedics take their shoes off when they go into a house? skater072t 4 points ago in japan

    No they dont in my experience but they wear some kind of foot sock/shoe cover. Had to call for ambulance just last year for a friend.

    [–] OFWs or those living abroad, what's a comfortable salary for where you live? skater072t 1 points ago in Philippines

    Nagoya. Sa major city ako. Medyo mahal din rent since wala ako kahati but unless mag shopping galore and gala to the max (mahal palipat lipat train) kayang kaya magtipid.

    [–] Japan's NHK to start simultaneous online streaming skater072t 3 points ago in japannews

    Sigh...those NHK guys will probably go knocking on my doors again at 10pm

    [–] Has anyone successfully contacted a GM or support? skater072t 3 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    theres can probably make another maxed pet before you can contact the GMs.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl skater072t 5 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    They call this a challenge??

    [–] Lunes skater072t 26 points ago in Philippines

    not one open space in sight...