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    [–] Lunes skater072t 17 points ago in Philippines

    not one open space in sight...

    [–] Better farming site - High Wizards skater072t 1 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    i suggest bongun. mercury is 3k ea now. easy 600k-1m everyday

    [–] From Czech with love skater072t 1 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in IdleHeroes

    Wow. VIP1 in Philippines is almost 1 day wage. VIP13 is something an avg person can never earn in their lifetime

    [–] Can you still live well in the Philippines for around 300 USD/month? skater072t 1 points ago in digitalnomad

    4-5 years ago, you can with that budget. Especially when you live outside Manila and if you live on your own.

    But now, maybe no. Prices of everything went up.

    [–] Alumni of science high schools, nasaan na kayo ngayon? skater072t 3 points ago in Philippines

    pasig city science


    nagawa ng eroplano ngayon dito sa japan

    [–] College syllabi skater072t 1 points ago in tumblr

    lol you think thats hard? try

    final exam-100% engineering class

    [–] LPT: Answer telemarketing calls like a business. skater072t 2 points ago in LifeProTips

    i was a telemarketer. doing that will put your number to the business numbers dbase. and theyll call you again when they need businesses. better to pretend you dont speak english.

    [–] [Serious] People who had been bullied, did it have any long term effects on you? skater072t 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Self-esteem, trust issues, extreme anxiety that lead to apathy. And all the negative effects that came with this. It affects my everyday life, relationship with friends, job, even myself. Especially the apathy.

    [–] Anong reason mo para magstay dito sa pinas? skater072t 1 points ago in Philippines

    you can check in then double check in the poea website if agency is valid. japan has some openings for web dev. agency will train you in nihonggo for free if you get selected for a job

    [–] Made a vertical vector wallpaper skater072t 3 points ago in RWBY

    new lockscreen. thank you

    [–] Get IT related job in Japan skater072t 1 points ago in Philippines

    workabroad ph. may mga agency na hiring dun IT for japan. yung iba sila na mismo mag train sayo nihonggo