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    [–] Automation skeleton_claw 15 points ago in comics

    The robots can also drive poorly. Anyway, here are more places you can see my stuff:

    Subreddit | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

    [–] Good morning r/bjj! Check out this high percentage triangle from side control. skeleton_claw 6 points ago in bjj

    Awesome video. Love the editing and effects on it, they make it really clear. Great job.

    [–] Follow Your Dreams [OC] skeleton_claw 2 points ago in comics

    Pound for pound best mouth drawer in comics

    [–] Definitely doing this at my next meeting. 🤘🏼 skeleton_claw 172 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in ProgrammerHumor

    Oh hi there. I am the guy that drew this comic. Here are a couple other programming related comics you may enjoy

    Love you.

    edit: if you dig these consider subscribing to my subreddit: r/skeletonclaw

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 5 points ago in comics

    That's quite nice of you to say. Thanks.

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 3 points ago in skeletonclaw

    I do. Shoot me a DM if there's something you'd like.

    [–] Protection skeleton_claw 22 points ago in comics

    I think there's a trojan joke to be made here somewhere.

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 58 points ago in comics

    I take what I can get.

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 39 points ago in funny

    That's a good edit

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 5 points ago in funny

    Thanks, that one is a personal favorite.

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 64 points ago in comics

    You can't ignore an endorsement like that.

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 4 points ago in funny

    That is fascinating

    [–] Still Life skeleton_claw 36 points ago in funny

    If you enjoy comics that personify the struggles of inanimate objects, then boy do I have the website for you: