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    [–] ‘We’ll never be the same’: How a hydroponic tomato garden inspired cops to raid a family’s home slake_thirst 1 points ago in farming

    First of all, correlation doesn't equal causation.

    Second, your sample size is so small as to be meaningless.

    Third, variety choice and how close to ripeness the tomatoes are when picked does more to influence flavor than anything else.

    Fourth, literally any plant is a weed if you don't want it where it's growing.

    Fifth, climate has much less to do with growing tomatoes than you think. We grow huge tomato plants in our backyard with only rainfall for water in a semi arid environment.

    Your argument is anti-science and complete bullshit. You claim to grow tomatoes, but don't jack shit about them.

    Hydroponic weed fell out of favor because hydroponic supply sales are closely monitored and marijuana is still illegal in most of the country. It has nothing to do with quality.

    Your so stupid you don't even know how stupid you are. You're fucking pathetic.

    [–] To save rural Iowa, we must oppose Monsanto-Bayer merger slake_thirst 3 points ago in farming

    Or, you could stop buying the same old technology seed, try conventional seed, try a different crop, stop buying expensive new tractors and implements, etc.

    I own nothing that was me when I bought it. I plant 30-80% conventional seed every year. I rotate cotton, peanuts, and grain sorghum. I still cultivate in season. I switch herbicide chemistries and modes of action throughout the year.

    This idea that farmers are somehow entitled to cheap technology seed, brands new equipment, and lazy farming is just absurd. Stop giving those assholes your money. They'll figure out soon enough that they have to lower seed costs in order to stay in business.

    [–] Pulling out my stuck tractor. slake_thirst 11 points ago in farming

    Because you very obviously reposted a pic that's been posted here several times before. Doing a reverse image search to find other pics from the same incident doesn't magically count as proof. It's a repost. It's been proven to be a repost.

    Stop being a little bitch and tell the fucking truth, you slimy little shit.

    [–] Same-sex weddings still not allowed in Waco. 2 years after Supreme Court ruling. slake_thirst -39 points ago in texas

    Christianity literally has nothing like Sharia law. You either don't know anything about Christianity, don't know anything about Islam, or are ignorant of both.

    Plus, you have to actually attack Islam to make that insult work. So good job. You've revealed you hate Muslims. Now we know how you really feel.

    [–] Same-sex weddings still not allowed in Waco. 2 years after Supreme Court ruling. slake_thirst -25 points ago in texas

    Al Qaeda is a brutal terrorist organization that's killed tens of thousands. This is a judge that's denying same sex marriage. Hope the fuck is that the same?

    You might as well just call them Nazis. It's just as useless a comparison. It's the same amount of divisive hatemongering. It's just as completely inaccurate. And it's just as useful by the Republicans to dismiss anything you have to say.

    This kind of bullshit rhetoric is traitorous, IMHO. You're actively making it less possible to achieve progress.

    I'm completely done with you hateful, useless, jackass, liberals. I want you out of my political party. Statistically speaking, you don't even vote! So why the fuck do you even have an opinion? Just shut the fuck up so those of us while actually progressive can get something done!

    [–] Vegan Orgy [NSFW] slake_thirst -4 points ago in funny

    Ironically, most of the vegetables she eats were pollinated by bees forced into a truck and hauled cross country like livestock. In fact, if she did any research at all on how most of the food she eats was grown, she'd be starving.

    Most plants need a robust micro ecosystem in the soil to thrive. Literally billions of bacteria, fungi, earthworms, etc are required to grow anything at all. They're basically soil livestock.

    Like most rabid far left (or far right) morality ideologies, veganism is absolutely anti-science and rooted in ignorance.

    [–] Vegan Orgy [NSFW] slake_thirst 0 points ago in funny

    That's pretty much been disproven. The smell of cut grass is a plant distress signal. Plants communicate with each other and with microorganisms by signaling with hormones.

    Plants aren't sentient, for sure. But the idea that plants can't feel or communicate is utterly anti-science.

    [–] Hitler supporter on Facebook slake_thirst -11 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    It's allegedly about a former Neo-Nazi. Cracked isn't known for their journalistic integrity. And that psychology bullshit is just that: bullshit.

    Some people are bastard coated bastards. Nobody made them that way. That's literally what their DNA tells them to be. This farcical narrative people create that these kinds of people are only the result of social awkwardness or bastards spring on the wall is just a way for normal people to feel safe and secure.

    Anybody you know could be a massive racist. The most normal person you can think of might be a neo-Nazi. That's the reality. Surprise, surprise, the former Neo-Nazi wants you to believe he's actually a good person who just got preyed upon by manipulative people. It's not his fault. Really!

    Were you born yesterday?

    [–] Hitler supporter on Facebook slake_thirst 5 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Sort of. Jews and Christians are a lot closer to each other than either are to Islam, but they all seem to have been birthed from the same ancient mythos.

    [–] DeVos appoints CEO of student loan company head of federal student aid slake_thirst 2 points ago in news

    Yeah, like how people from the 1800's got screwed over by not having internet. Let's take the internet away from everybody.

    [–] DeVos appoints CEO of student loan company head of federal student aid slake_thirst 1 points ago in news

    Because it is a form of income. Student aid is for actual poor people. Not privileged people who think they're poor.

    [–] To the asshole with the mustard packets... slake_thirst 1 points ago in funny

    Or you just buy a cheap comforter from Walmart, wash it once a week, then throw it out when it starts getting worn. Also, wash your sheets once a week, ya heathen.

    [–] To the asshole with the mustard packets... slake_thirst 50 points ago in funny

    You know that's not permanent, right? You can just untuck it.

    [–] To the asshole with the mustard packets... slake_thirst 9 points ago in funny

    And vicious. Squirrels are small and adorable too, but you wouldn't want to grab a wild one and hug it either.

    [–] TIL there are 5 enormous cylindrical shafts underneath of Tokyo, Japan which fill with water in case of a flood so it does not to destroy the city. slake_thirst 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Finland is also extremely white, racially speaking. It's impossible to find hard numbers because it's illegal to gather racial data like that in Finland. But seriously, it's one of the whitest countries in Western Europe.

    I'm not trying to make a white supremacist point here. I just think it's interesting that all the Scandinavian countries reddit loves so much are all devoid of people of color. Almost like immigrants are being actively discouraged unless they're white.

    [–] Lady choked out cold after trying to pepper spray a guy near a baby. [xpost from /r/justiceserved] slake_thirst -4 points ago in pussypassdenied

    It's a fight. All bets are off. I mean, he definitely took it much farther than he had to. You're right about that. But, it's a fight. She threatened the baby.

    This isn't PPD, though.

    [–] You know you're getting old when the "edgy" music you used to play to piss your parents off is being played as background music at Walmart slake_thirst 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Three Dollar Bill, Y'all was fucking good. So were Korn's first 2 albums. And it's likely without Korn, nobody would've ever signed the Deftones or SOAD.

    Yeah, we got a shit pile of shitty numetal bands and Papa Roach is still around somehow, but it's all worth for Deftones and SOAD IMO.

    [–] Miami Man Fined $120 Million for Making 96 Million Robocalls in Three Months slake_thirst 1 points ago in technology

    Uh, yeah it will. That's how robocalls work. It'll hang up eventually even if you don't talk to it, dumbass.

    [–] Anti-LGBTQ Christian groups freaking out after nonprofit database tags them with SPLC ‘hate group’ designation slake_thirst 3 points ago in atheism

    The SPLC is very, very, very biased to the left. So, if they lost you as a hate group, you're probably a hate group. But, if you're a liberal hate group, you probably aren't listed.

    Just FYI. SPLC is stupidly super ideologically biased. Like, embarrassingly so. It's not an objective source.

    [–] Google: Later this year, consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization slake_thirst 0 points ago in Android

    And you think you're entitled to have this service provided to you free of charge? Because you can pay for fully secure email right now.

    Rulings like this kill free internet services. It costs money to provide email. If the user isn't paying cash up front and the provider isn't legally allowed to monetize the service any other way, then the provider goes broke and shuts down. Welcome to reality.

    As usual, the privileged gain a "victory" that will ultimately hurt the poor. Way to fucking go.