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    [–] Don’t have the money slampisko 9 points ago in technicallythetruth

    Are you a jackdaw? Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

    [–] For some of us, being reminded to do something right as we are about to do it shuts down any and all motivation. slampisko 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Alright well I don't know how to close this interaction, but I'm glad you feel confident in this area, I wish you luck and I hope your relationship keeps working out for you the way you want :) Take care

    [–] For some of us, being reminded to do something right as we are about to do it shuts down any and all motivation. slampisko 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I think "don't sweat the small stuff" is an okay piece of advice, until the big stuff comes and you're not ready for it, because you don't have any practice from the small stuff :)

    I really hope I'm not coming across as lecturing to you right now :) But there's a big difference between lecturing someone and working together to find a way to make a situation better for both of you. If you lecture someone, you are telling them how you want it to be and never consider their feelings and needs, whereas the other approach puts you both in the same boat and invites the other party to solve the problem with you. Empathy and trying to understand the other party's needs before starting your own needs is really key.

    I've also been in a happy relationship, for 9 years now, and using the approach I outlined helped us both solve all kinds of differences, even the small stuff. That's why I like talking about it. It's never too late to start :)

    [–] For some of us, being reminded to do something right as we are about to do it shuts down any and all motivation. slampisko 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in Showerthoughts

    "Jessica, I understand you feel annoyed when I remind you to turn off the lights right as you're about to do it. But I feel frustrated when I get up and I learn that they've been turned on all night, it feels like such a waste of electricity. Can you help me find a way to ensure that the lights are turned off before we go to sleep? What do you suggest that could work for both of us to feel good in this situation?"

    What you're doing is showing that you understand her feelings, talking about your own feelings and shifting the blame from your girlfriend to the problem itself, while inviting her to solve that problem with you. It's a surprisingly effective approach and works to solve problems with most people most of the time - a lot of the time the other side even suggests solutions that you wouldn't think of, but are even better than you imagine. Just don't stray from the common goal of solving the problem, don't dismiss their ideas outright and you should be good.

    Ninja EDIT: This has a name.

    Second EDIT: The Feelings Wheel should help you better pinpoint and communicate your feelings.

    [–] Melissa Benoist celebrating International Day of the Girl with the Girl scouts and a puppy. slampisko 1 points ago in aww

    Ah, it was a, I guess poorly executed, joke about the "the girl" part in "International Day of the Girl". I was trying to point out that from the title, it could be understood as an International Day of one of the girls in the picture.

    [–] Help! I keep biting off more than i can chew! slampisko 1 points ago in gamedev

    I read once this very good article about starting with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and iterating towards something bigger and better.

    Basically, how I would approach that RPG game would be by focusing on the most important things or that super fun twist you think your game should have. Don't worry about graphics, you can always improve that afterwards. If you build something playable quickly, even if it's just squares moving around without any animations, it'll motivate you and it'll do wonders for your discipline as well.

    This approach has another advantage: you may find out that the gameplay concept you want to make just isn't fun, which may cause you to abandon the idea altogether, saving you heaps of time on assets and not forcing you to finish an unfun game just because of the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl slampisko 1 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    It may help motivate you to know that learning a foreign language is a good way to postpone the onset of Alzheimer's. I'm already out of school, but that, and the fact that I simply find it fun, helps motivate myself to self-study. Have you tried Duolingo?

    [–] ... slampisko 136 points ago in comedynecromancy


    You're in /r/comedynecromancy, dude... Everyone makes an edit of something here and posts the link to the original as a comment

    [–] The Amazon Is Still Burning. Blame Beef (and Bolsonaro) slampisko 1 points ago in AnythingGoesNews

    Oh yeah, if people keep thinking about short-term profits, then long-term definitely. At least Earth will finally be able to breathe 👍

    [–] What in taste bud sensation slampisko 1 points ago in whatintarnation

    Well as someone involved in wine making, I think it's stoopid to spit perfectly good wine 🤷‍♂️

    [–] The Amazon Is Still Burning. Blame Beef (and Bolsonaro) slampisko 0 points ago in AnythingGoesNews

    Great, then we've reached the point on which we disagree and I can quit trying to learn if you have a good reason for saying what you're saying. I really hope not many people are like you, otherwise we're majorly fucked as a species.

    [–] What in taste bud sensation slampisko 1 points ago in whatintarnation

    I know, right? Who the hell spits wine back into the glass unless it's completely undrinkable (which it didn't look like it was the case here)?!

    [–] The Amazon Is Still Burning. Blame Beef (and Bolsonaro) slampisko 0 points ago in AnythingGoesNews

    Are you saying that deforestation is good/best for the country?

    [–] Hypocrites slampisko 1 points ago in trippinthroughtime

    Do the Cali fornication.

    [–] New to pen spinning is this a correct thumb around if so any tips? slampisko 1 points ago in penspinning

    It's not a correct thumb around, therefore no tips from me.

    (I'm just kidding, I lurk this sub out of curiosity and I was just amused by the wording of your title, please don't hate me haha)

    [–] it be like that sometimes slampisko 13 points ago in czech

    So people are just supposed to talk about him as a person without mentioning his ethnicity? What a strange thought.

    [–] Abandoned church in Czech republic slampisko 84 points ago in creepy

    Due to a clerical mistake, the church was abandoned with people still inside. They are now destined to sit there for eternity.

    [–] Can anyone recommend a cheap keyboard that's compatible with Plover? slampisko 2 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in Plover

    Note that regular keyboards are staggered, which means that their keys are slanted left, which isn't ideal for steno (or in general for that matter). If you want something specifically created for steno, the cheapest option is probably the Georgi.

    You can use it as a QWERTY keyboard as well.

    I do a lot of writing for school and for work and I'm desperate for something that can help me increase my output.

    It's great that you chose to try steno, it's an efficient and ergonomic writing method, just know that to reach a usable speed you'll need to dedicate some time just to learn it and practice a lot. It's definitely not a “learn to write fast quickly” method and it's completely different from learning, say, a different layout like Dvorak. I've been learning Plover (10-15 minutes a day at first, then gradually using it for everyday communication) for about 2 years and I'm just now reaching my QWERTY speeds, which is ~80 WPM at best.

    EDIT: Also, I wanted to link you this:

    [–] Keymap visual export slampisko 2 points ago in olkb

    The other day I found this, but it's a little wonky and doesn't work a lot of the time