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    [–] Mueller should indict Trump for obstruction before the midterms slash196 1 points ago in politics

    Mueller should follow DOJ guidelines and only bring charges he can prove when he's ready. Lawmen trying to keep pundits happy got us INTO this fucking mess.

    [–] [AOTM Discussion Thread] August 2018: Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come slash196 1 points ago in PostHardcore

    The name itself is such a Babe Ruth, point at the stands moment. They were like, THIS is what you'll be listening to for the next ten or fifteen years, and it made such an impact on the next generation that they were proved right.

    [–] I bought these thinking “oh pomegranate is supposed to be healthy!” Pomegranate flavored cranberries? Da fuq? slash196 1 points ago in assholedesign

    The whole point of this thread, with 11 THOUSAND upvotes, is that a lot of people think it IS misleading. The subreddit is called "asshole design". I think you're looking for r/hailcorporate

    [–] Omarosa releases tape appearing to show Trump staffers admitting he used n-word slash196 13 points ago in politics

    Trump himself may not be working but the sociopaths and theocrats he installed in the Executive Branch are beavering away with no supervision and no transparency.

    [–] Finally verbalized this at 31 slash196 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    There's a sweet spot for concerts. If you pay between 15 and 50 bucks you stand a decent chance at seeing a great show. Under 15 or more than 50 and it's almost definitely going to be a bummer.

    [–] Finally verbalized this at 31 slash196 2 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Blink 182, seen them twice now and I was shocked at how bad they were. Not that they were bad, but just the level of music that came out of them. Not a fun gig.

    When did you see them? I think after a couple years of world tours they started phoning it in, and they're not even Blink anymore.

    [–] I bought these thinking “oh pomegranate is supposed to be healthy!” Pomegranate flavored cranberries? Da fuq? slash196 -1 points ago in assholedesign

    Do you understand that making misleading claims on the packaging is against the law? If you sell something as "pomegranate" and then it's actually cranberries, that is misleading. Even if you have fine print to save your ass, creating a misleading impression is punishable by pretty hefty fines.

    [–] Reports from cannabis users that the drug reduces the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may finally be explained by new research that shows for the first time that endocannabinoids help control and prevent intestinal inflammation in mice. slash196 6 points ago in science

    I have a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and smoke weed one-two times a week. I haven’t noticed any changes in symptoms when I smoke compared to when I don’t, it only helps with the discomfort and pain.

    Could you be a little more detailed? From an outside perspective, I would count pain and discomfort as "symptoms".

    [–] Meanwhile in 1865 slash196 6 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Racial and economic justice has been stymied at every stage in American history by white supremacist assassinations and terror. America has great marketing but if America were South Africa Mandela would've died in prison.

    [–] Meanwhile in 1865 slash196 7 points ago in HistoryMemes

    One of the greatest orators of the 20th century, of course he can speak extemporaneously. Plus he was incredibly smart. Brilliant, tireless, fiercely focused. Killed at thirty-fucking-six. He could still be alive and kicking ass. But white supremacy knows how to deal with its enemies.

    [–] Mah religion of peace 💣💣 slash196 23 points ago in ImGoingToHellForThis

    The first link is a reputable news source and the second is definitely NOT.

    [–] Motion City Soundtrack - Everything Is Alright [Pop Punk] slash196 6 points ago in Music

    My Favorite Accident is such a ridiculously well written song.

    [–] Trump watches old Hillary debates because he finds himself ‘brilliant’ slash196 3 points ago in politics

    Hillary really helped her numbers with her debate performances. Then James Comey got cocky and the rest is history.

    [–] Parents, who are both U.S. citizens, fighting to stop legally adopted 4-year-old daughter from being deported slash196 1 points ago in politics

    I don't really see how the EU plans to enforce its rules on foreign businesses anyway. And it didn't seem like anything changed except everyone had to click "accept" on a policy they didn't read.

    [–] NPR Is Criticized After White Nationalist Ranks the Races by Intelligence on Air slash196 2 points ago in politics

    NPR is scared of the right and the government, like all other legacy media. They have been cowed into submission.

    [–] Trump Escalates Attack on Sessions, Calling Him ‘Scared Stiff’ slash196 8 points ago in politics

    Trump understands the base because he IS the base. Rich, senile, racist white dudes.

    [–] Poll: Trump is as strongly disliked now as Nixon was before he resigned slash196 1 points ago in politics

    To be fair, no President has ever lost the actual vote as badly as he did. He was never popular...his approval was only above water for like a week.

    This is why a system that installs the less popular candidate is bad.