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    [–] What it looks like to do a rolling circle from the cockpit! slatsandflaps 4 points ago in flying

    When approach asks you to hold but you can't remember what the right hold entry is.

    [–] Hawker lands gear up at DAB slatsandflaps 51 points ago in flying

    Nice try, insurance company claims investigator.

    [–] Hawker lands gear up at DAB slatsandflaps 22 points ago in flying

    You forgot the carb heat. I’ll call the FSDO in the morning.

    [–] Yep slatsandflaps 15 points ago in powerwashingporn

    No expansion joints and no cracks? What sorcery is this!?

    [–] Ground reference maneuvers slatsandflaps 16 points ago in Shittyaskflying

    I prefer an IPA myself. Have a few during the flight to show the examiner you have good taste in beer.

    [–] my shock mount for a mic slatsandflaps 49 points ago in functionalprint

    That's not a microphone, that's their cat.

    [–] I was scared about firewalling... slatsandflaps 62 points ago in homelab

    The rest of the ports are in use by wireless devices. (/s)

    [–] USW Flex Mini Is now GA! slatsandflaps 19 points ago in Ubiquiti

    Being powered by USB-C is nice, the fewer specific wall warts I have the better.

    [–] Multiple peer connections on a client? slatsandflaps 1 points ago in WireGuard

    I could do that, but some of my devices tunnel all of their data through wireguard and my EC2 instance has much higher bandwidth than my home network.

    [–] By popular demand.. slatsandflaps 10 points ago in combinedgifs

    It is one of the most "What the fuck am I watching movies" I've seen, kinda like Tetsuo Iron Man but not at all like that.

    [–] By popular demand.. slatsandflaps 106 points ago in combinedgifs

    As soon as I saw the setup I thought "Please let this end with Mac and Me." It did and my day is a bit better for having watched that gif.

    [–] Decent Plan? slatsandflaps 2 points ago in AskAPilot

    What /u/TellmSteveDave said, find a college with a flight school, there's plenty of them throughout the country (assuming you're in the US). Be cautioned that the aviation industry is cyclic, just like the economy. If you don't have a good financial safety net, you might consider getting a degree in an unrelated field. Having a backup career can come in useful when the economy tanks and airlines have to layoff a lot of their pilots.

    [–] Found this at my school slatsandflaps 28 points ago in retrobattlestations

    I found a room full of these last year when I was exploring one of the old buildings at my job. No one knew the door code to the room, but I figured out the code with a bit of work. I don't think anyone had been in there since 2007 or so guessing by the age of the equipment and the date on some of the papers in the room. A bunch of equipment was still powered on including old Dell workstation system running Linux 2.6, a serial terminal multiplexer and about a dozen VT420 terminals.

    [–] Do airline pilots enjoy flying privately even after the rigorous training slatsandflaps 5 points ago in AskAPilot

    Turning a hobby or passion into a job is sometimes a good way to destroy the passion you had for that hobby, depending on the job. Many friends who have gone the airline route never fly privately anymore due to some combination of lack of time, lack of money and lack of interest. I think most of them would like to continue to fly privately and miss the freedom and relaxed nature of it but they just don't have the time.

    [–] Bandwidth faster with WG than with it turned off slatsandflaps 3 points ago in WireGuard

    WireGuard doesn’t do any compression. It’s likely that the equipment is not doing as much processing with the UDP WireGuard packets.

    [–] Power off 180 tips slatsandflaps 7 points ago in flying

    In an Arrow turn for the numbers immediately and you're fine

    Jerry-turn towards the numbers. Transmit "ALL TRAFFIC BE ADVISED PIPER ARROW TURNING FINAL RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" Bounce up and down in the seat to get a few extra feet. Tell the examiner to hold his breath to reduce weight. Toss any non-essential items out the pilot's window. Dump both tanks on short final.

    Source: I fly a T-tail Arrow.