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    [–] No Andy. sleightlymagical 146 points ago in dontputyourdickinthat

    I love that there is a bird on his shoulder

    [–] What’s your favourite class and why? [1E Discussion] sleightlymagical 9 points ago in Pathfinder_RPG

    Personally I like Vigilante, they have cool mechanics for both out-of-Combat situations (social alter ego) and in-combat encounters (Vigilante alterego),

    [–] New Interpretation sleightlymagical 9 points ago in musicals

    Given that the musical neither confirms or denies JC’s divinity, I always thought it was more Judas genuinely asking Jesus whether he had thought about what he was doing or not. He wonders why he didn’t choose a time with global communication and questions whether Jesus knew that he would spark a global religion. I see it as Judas, having seen the consequences of Jesus’ actions, questioning his own involvement, so not mocking but genuinely asking

    [–] Question about Dr. Strange's use of the Time Stone. sleightlymagical 19 points ago in InfinityWar

    Also likelihood is that the one time they won also requires Stark. So using the giving of the time stone to ensure Stark lived means that piece is definitely in place

    [–] Give me your best "Holy Shit!" moments sleightlymagical 1 points ago in Pathfinder_RPG

    As a player, best holy shit moment:

    We were a party who had been together for quite a while, and were fairly close to the end of the penultimate act of the campaign when it was revealed that one of the party was an imposter and had been replaced with an identical clone very early on (around the fourth session- it was revealed somewhere around the 70th). The player whose character was in control of the imposter and had been told by the GM when it happened along with information on stats and goals of the imposter. The player also stayed for extra solo sessions where he played his original character escaping from the prison he had been sent to. Once the imposter had completed his mission of complete ing a transformation ritual, we were like “holy shit what did you do?!” And then he started killing us, but at that precise moment he had position his original character who had escaped and shot the imposter in the face, controlling through text messages so we had no idea what was going on.

    Best Holy Shit as GM:

    I designed a Batman Rogue’s Gallery themed campaign. One of the big bosses was a fight with a Mad Hatter character who created a magical forest containing creatures and enemies like a white rabbit and other Alice in Wonderland references. The final fight was with the Jabberwock being ridden by Mad Hatter and the party had to burn down the forest to find the creature and its master. Unknown to the party, they were actually in a mindscape, and when Mad was defeated, they awoke and realised that they (as classic Heroes of the campaign) had burnt a town do the ground along with all its inhabitants and slaughtered all those who rushed to stop them. When the party realised what they had done they went completely silent and they spent three sessions desperately trying to make up for the terrible thing they had done.

    [–] What's the craziest thing you've witnessed at a wedding? sleightlymagical 10 points ago in AskReddit

    Used to be a chorister at a chapel, so I’ve sung at a fair few weddings and seen my fair share of wedding catastrophes including, but not limited to:

    Groom forgetting the bride’s name

    Wrong bride turning up to the wedding (actual bride was late and the wrong one turned up a week early)- they didn’t find out until the veil was lifted half way through the ceremony!

    Bridesmaid stepped on wedding dress during procession which ripped the dress and stripped the bride til she was everything but nude.

    My “favourite”: wedding during advent, bride is processing to the altar and her dress moves over the advent candles. Dress on fire, candles too over and burn the carpet of the chapel. No one injured, wedding continued as planned until a dishevelled man runs in shouting “Stop the wedding!” And declares undying love for the GROOM. By the end of the day the chapel had performed its first gay marriage.

    [–] if con is the opposite of pro, what is the opposite of progress sleightlymagical 1 points ago in AntiJokes

    Purely by the opposite of the prefix ‘pro’; it should be antigress, but antigress is not a word.

    [–] Funny how Lucifer found Cain's answer at the end and didn't know it. sleightlymagical 4 points ago in lucifer

    Also bear in mind we have been told that in this reality, humans put themselves in Hell somewhat by means of their own, inner guilt. Cain has had millennia to atone for his sin and probably deeply believes his punishment has been enough, and would therefore probably not go to Hell.

    [–] Genuine opinion of someone in our physics year: sleightlymagical 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    First chat descended into memes and the like so second was created and Kei is the name of one of our lecturers

    [–] Genuine opinion of someone in our physics year: sleightlymagical 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    Probably not, the post is our year’s group chat, so you’d have recognised it. Either that or things are about to get awkward...