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    [–] Question about pension (informative) slep4ever 1 points ago in germany

    Someone told me that you have to work for the same company non stop for 5 years? For the same pension fund yes but for the same company? That doesnt make sense, right?

    [–] My 2017 Subaru Forester has 33k miles. I’m told the brakes and rotors need replacing. Is this true? slep4ever 1 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Call on the phone in subaru and ask the minimum thickness of rotors by specification. If you have enough .mm than resurface (that rust is no problem its just on the surface). Brake pads are 10k overdue. You must deal with the problem now, not a week from now but this instant. You can kill someone with those pads

    [–] I can’t believe he lived through that... slep4ever 0 points ago in funny

    Thats the nightmare i had after a M5.4 earthquake couple of years back

    [–] Cars tire psi registers but is telling me to inflate to 110psi . Wtf do I do slep4ever 2 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Remove car battery for 1h and reconnect. If that doesn't work than go to the dealer that is a new car you must be under warranty...yes and inflate to 34~35 not 110 😂

    [–] What causes this on a tire? Is it tread failure? 2015 Subaru forrester slep4ever -6 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Is it a cheap tire? They are factory cuts that did not fall from the blades...there should be a cut

    [–] Every Cat at 2 am. slep4ever 1 points ago in funny

    They are looking at their own floaters in their eyes or if live in a hous emade from wood termites. They can hear termites...

    [–] Every Cat at 2 am. slep4ever 0 points ago in funny

    Cats can even hear termites so...let the cat in the ceiling you will have your ansfer in no time..

    [–] Cracks alongside column, suggestion for a good fix... slep4ever 1 points ago in StructuralEngineering

    Now i noticed something weird, in the plan (this is from the 4th floor) it says the columns are 50x50cm but they are not in the building they are 40x40cm. This is the plan that has a stamp and signature from the council. I asked an architect and he said go to the council and ask for the statics document see if they match the current state. But even if they dont because we live in Macedonia where the law doesnt exist you cant do anything about it. Best bet is sell and buy another apartment. If you sue the person who build the building you can end up years in court and you wont be able to sell

    [–] Question about building swaying in earthquake. slep4ever 1 points ago in StructuralEngineering

    Thank you so much for the answer. If you are curious i have floor plans from the two buildings if you wanna see them (european style rcc buildings) the one from the 1985 is much better build with much better design..

    [–] How to solve storey drift failure? slep4ever 1 points ago in StructuralEngineering

    Why there are no shear walls? In the middle put a frame for elevator and stairs with thickness of 20cm. (This is totally an un-educated assumption i have made and i am only interested in what you will achieve if you put a box of shear wall in that design, pls dont hate)

    [–] bruh slep4ever 1 points ago in gaming

    He dead

    [–] Cracks alongside where column meets brick in a 6 story [building] slep4ever 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in architecture

    That was my first thought when i entered the building few months after was build. I also found it weird having flat slab in an earthquake active place and I asked for the plans. This is the only document i got. I expected more shear walls to be honest. Its like they did some weird design, some colums are really close to each and other really far away. Havent seen anything being build like this here. Usually they make two way slab or in some post jugoslavia exclusive buildings they make one way slab with more reinforcement in the slab from column to column and more shear walls, much nore shear walls (thats the building i am at now build in 1991..i will take a photo 😁 ). The building ive provided a floor plan from its something i havent seen before here before and after this building and thats why i was worried about the cracks. To make things more interesting that year when they ware building the institute for earthquake engineering was not required to check the plans and the site where you would build. (Government changed making some changes and that year a lot of low budget companies started building everywhere). Funny thing the year after the institute of earthquake engineering start working again and checked every plain and every build site they started using much thicker columns and much more shear walls in residential buildings. They changed to code on what is to be permitted to be build. I honestly doubt every building build in the timeframe when the institute wasnt working 😂 and somehow that period was most expensive to buy a flat 🤔

    [–] Happy National Coffee Day slep4ever 1 points ago in funny

    You should drink your coffee at night...maybe it will start kicking in around noon

    [–] Cracks alongside where column meets brick in a 6 story [building] slep4ever 1 points ago in architecture

    Now the question rise, why would it crack? I havent seen crack this extensive in other residential buildings. Its because of the bad design of the building, the extensive flex of the slab (being flat slab). Mind you there was an M5 earthquake couple of years ago but these cracls ware here monts after the building was made not after the earthquake, the earthquake did some minor damage over the doors and some of the walls on the bottom floors. The foundation is rock solid there are no cracks on the concrete that i can see. My un-educated guess is because of the span of the columns. They are 40x40cm and the distance is 5 meters, the other columns that are closer to each other are just 3 meters apart. There are only cracks where the colums have bigger distance. Luckily there are no cracks in the shear wall. Something tells me its the design of the building that is at fault for the cracking.

    [–] Cracks alongside column, suggestion for a good fix... slep4ever 0 points ago in StructuralEngineering

    This is almost on every floor the same...because the building is flat slab and this part is about 1.5m from the column hanging in air it appeared only couple of months after the building was build. First they made the construction from ground to 6th floor and than they started putting bricks. I think the dry concrete sucked the moisture out of the mortar fast and cracks appeared. The building was in M5 earthquake that made much better build buildings crack all around thr place so...I forgot to mentione its the same on the other column also (the one in that apartment where the arrow is) but in the bedroom there is no crack (those columns are quite close to each other so..)