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    [–] Guia Circuit tour/drive? smallpotatoto 1 points ago in Macau

    do you know anyone there locally? given the taxi driver situations, if you present them a map like that you'd get extorted like a money tree. it's really nothing special but I'm biased because I drive a particular section of it almost everyday.

    [–] Why do you want to learn Portuguese? smallpotatoto 2 points ago in Portuguese

    Mostly for a personal pursue. I was born in Macau during the Portuguese reign and studied Portuguese in Kindergarten and Primary school. After immigrated to the US, all were forgotten; so it's time to pick it back up to at least A2 level, and above, and to aide applying for Portuguese citizenship later-on.

    [–] Selfies in Macau smallpotatoto 2 points ago in Macau

    I really missed the peaceful, quiet, and uncontaminated Macau of the 80s.

    [–] any good chiropractors in Macau. or should I go to HK instead? smallpotatoto 2 points ago in Macau

    HK is your best bet. It may be more expensive, but at least the practitioners were trained in the US, UK, and or somewhere that held training regulations to higher standards. A lot of DC practitioners in Macau were trained in Mainland. I was involved in a car accident that required 9-months of weekly chiropractic therapy and because of my job requirement, I had to travel around the world a lot. I couldn't get a hold of any DC in Macau that understood my medical records brought over from the US, so my last resort was calling DCs in HK Central and had that taken care of.

    Good luck.

    [–] renting a plane in china smallpotatoto 1 points ago in flying

    My cousin worked as ATC at ZGSD/ZHU before. A few years ago he invited me to visit the tower. After watching for about two hours, I asked how come there were no single-pistons in-sight. He said GA and flight training were both non-existence in the country and that was why most, if not all, pilots were trained out of the country at either AU or US.

    [–] Portuguese citizenship through marriage smallpotatoto 1 points ago in Macau

    Do you happen to know where your sister-in-law took the exam at in Macau (assuming). Is it through IPOR?

    [–] Portuguese citizenship through marriage smallpotatoto 1 points ago in Macau

    Thank you for your reply! In other words, level A2 must be satisfied in order to pass the language test?

    [–] Robuchon au Dôme reservation smallpotatoto 2 points ago in Macau

    It was meh. The food wasn't anything "extraordinary." The ambience was nice with the exception of the next table talking and laughing so loud it was like a McDonald's. The chandelier light was really nice. Of the entire full course meal, the side mash-potato was probably the best tasted item served.

    [–] Job search in Macau smallpotatoto 1 points ago in Macau

    Thank you for your insights. I'm was in the telecom / RF / Microwave engineering industry and now in the medical electronics industry. I'd love to get back into doing telecom work and have been shotgunning CTM, MTel, and other mobile carriers hoping for at least a chance to interview.

    Being Chinese, networking is always key to getting a job. How difficult would it be without knowing anyone to get one's foot into the door?

    Thanks again!

    [–] Just an excited student's opinion on ANR headsets smallpotatoto 1 points ago in flying

    Congrats on your decision. Your hearing will definitely thank you. After my first "night cross-country" flight with the loaner headset that was like a vice clamped to my head with "gel-muffs" as hard as stale-bread, I decided to buy a set of A20. Never looked back ever since, because it was the best investment for for both comfort and hearing-protection together.

    [–] Robuchon au Dôme reservation smallpotatoto 1 points ago in Macau

    Thanks for the response! I was able to get AMEX Platinum Concierge to book a confirmed reservation and was given a complementary "something" until the day. A lot of negative reviews from my other coworkers compared to the one in HK, hope it will not disappoint.

    [–] Transferring to USC or a UC School smallpotatoto 2 points ago in CalPoly

    For UC wise, it depends on how much units you have accumulated so far at CP. If you are applying as a 4yr to 4yr transfer applicant, your application will have the least priority and most credits will not be applicable. If you are dead-set on transferring to a UC, your best bet is to go to a community college full-time now and follow the transfer list religiously and make sure not to go over the allowed transfer units mark. Depending on which UC you wanted to apply, there are six of them that offers Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) if you meet certain criterias and having most of your credits completed at a community college. Good Luck.

    [–] Earth-day: Southwest 737 Mating Season smallpotatoto 9 points ago in flying

    So that's how the 737-MAX are conceived...

    [–] Macau in the eyes of the world. smallpotatoto 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago) in Macau

    Because the Grand Lisboa building is ugly as sin and belongs in the outer space.

    [–] When Captain is appropriate smallpotatoto 1 points ago in flying

    What's worst is when they have their credit cards embossed Dr <full name here>... seen it many times while working in retail before.

    [–] Vote George Will smallpotatoto 6 points ago in CalPoly

    Will Vote Gorge, but Will George Vote?!?

    [–] When the edibles kick in smallpotatoto 3 points ago in flying

    Nice! A flying Subaru.

    [–] Cal Poly is the whitest public university in California — by a lot smallpotatoto 3 points ago in CalPoly

    Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan. I qualified for that when I went to a UC, but still picked Poly over that UC.

    [–] How many parking tickets have you gotten on campus? smallpotatoto 4 points ago in CalPoly

    I received a fake one from the car next to me because that jerk claimed I was parked "too close to the line for him or her to open the door without slamming into their car" while my car was actually hugging the pillar with only 2in of gap.