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    [–] For fucks sake man smdepot 4 points ago in PornhubComments

    Textbook gay right there.

    [–] Get this thing off of me pls smdepot 7 points ago in thisismylifenow

    Stay out of people's mouths.

    [–] What a cutie 👶 smdepot 3 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    You put something into words I often feel. Thank you. Perfect.

    [–] This deep sea eel smdepot 16 points ago in WTF


    [–] This deep sea eel smdepot 5 points ago in WTF

    From the movie Hot Fuzz.

    [–] Now kids, say it after me.... smdepot 10 points ago in gaming

    Horrible news after basically committing genocide.

    [–] CMV: Divorce is not a Tragedy; a tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage. smdepot 2 points ago in changemyview

    After reading through a lot of these it sounds like you don't want your view changed.

    [–] Random act of kindness smdepot 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    You seem really nice. I appreciate that. I try to be myself and it is super nice to see.

    [–] Human race has come so far. smdepot 46 points ago in trashy

    Well shit...

    [–] Busting a move with Elastigirl smdepot 1 points ago in Unexpected

    That Amine tho. So hot!