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    [–] Human race has come so far. smdepot 42 points ago in trashy

    Well shit...

    [–] Busting a move with Elastigirl smdepot 1 points ago in Unexpected

    That Amine tho. So hot!

    [–] Dog misses owner smdepot 1 points ago in Unexpected

    I wanna be called Spaghetti.

    [–] Saitama vs Genos Fight | One Punch Man smdepot 3 points ago in videos

    I just finally watched S01E01. I'm stoked! I don't typically watch shows like this but I'm excited.

    [–] Who else remembers smdepot 62 points ago in dankmemes

    I'm not familiar with these emojis.

    [–] This is how you can legally bring - and drink - your own booze on a flight | Use multiple mini bottles(100 ml) & put them in a clear plastic bag, just as you would any other liquid items smdepot 3 points ago in savedyouaclick

    I did this once. My brother and I consumed something like 20 bottles on a 3 hour flight. All was well until we tried to give the flight attendant all of our empty bottles. She basically yelled at us about how illegal it was and how we might never fly again. She took the bottles and we got off the flight with no issues. So I would say if you attempt this don't give your trash to the staff.

    [–] Carbon nano tubes are lighter than air smdepot 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    How about we dial it back a bit and shoot for cryo sleep for interstellar travel?

    [–] Aminé Concert smdepot 2 points ago in Amine

    So. Dope. I'm jealous for sure. I'll check out your YouTube. Thanks!

    [–] What an absolute baller. smdepot 1 points ago in madlads

    Um... What? I don't know what this is but it's cracking me up.

    [–] Aminé Concert smdepot 2 points ago in Amine

    I would certainly hope so. How was the show?

    [–] Nice shirt smdepot 69 points ago in trashy

    You just unlocked 30 free lives.

    [–] this snek is a real spiky boy smdepot 15 points ago in Sneks

    You do you bby.