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    [–] Netflix M+E Creation Tutorial somedudeinlosangeles 1 points ago in protools

    I work at one of the major studios here in Los Angeles. The last few years we've gotten more work from Netflix. Needless to say, they want a very specific product, especially in regards to M&E work.

    One of our mixers found this video Netflix created and shared it with me. There are a different ways to create an M&E so I always like reading or watching as much as I can.

    Anyway, it's a good watch.

    [–] Donovan monster jam somedudeinlosangeles 11 points ago in UtahJazz

    I have always loved the New York crowd. Always. They’re moody s all hell but they know basketball.

    [–] My new to me 2015 TDI Sportwagen stick shift with only 12,000 miles on it. I absolutely love this car!! somedudeinlosangeles 2 points ago in tdi

    Thats exactly what I’m like in looking for out here in California.

    I’ve been looking for about a month or so. Being patient.

    Any concerns with the sunroof area leaking?

    [–] Los Angeles daily discussion thread 03/18 somedudeinlosangeles 2 points ago in LosAngeles

    You know you can use google maps to tell you how long a trip will take between two points using their "depart at" function on the left of the page?

    [–] Los Angeles daily discussion thread 03/18 somedudeinlosangeles 2 points ago in LosAngeles

    Just a friendly reminder that if you’re living in an area in LA County that often get’s trash dumped on the streets, you can have that refuse picked up via the 311 app (iOS and Android) or via the service request form which can be found here:

    Usually pickups take a few days depending on when you put in the request. For instance, on my street, most pickups are done on Thursdays. In my neighborhood, pickups can be done on Thursdays and on Fridays.

    Service boundaries can be found here on this map (.pdf):

    You don’t need to register an account to use either the website or the app.

    Once a request has been placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email and then another email once the request has been closed.

    Also, remember to leave these workers an encouraging word in the notes section of the request!

    Do your part and we can all make Los Angeles a better place to live.

    Spread the word!

    P.s. Other services offered include:

    • bulky item pickup
    • dead animal removal
    • electronic waste
    • graffiti removal
    • homeless encampment investigation
    • illegal auto repair investigation
    • illegal dumping
    • pothole repair
    • streetlight issues

    [–] New Favors nickname: "The Garbageman" somedudeinlosangeles 6 points ago in UtahJazz

    Dudes. Favors grinds. He grinds so hard. There are very, very few players in the NBA that play like Favors.

    Just a complete integral piece of the Jazz.

    [–] Utah Jazz issue second permanent ban on fan from 2018 playoff video that surfaced against Russell Westbrook somedudeinlosangeles 2 points ago in UtahJazz

    I'm def not going to downvote because I believe you're definitely entitled to your opinion and I appreciate your response.

    Here's the situation in my eyes in regards to the Keisel scenario. The only way to investigate that confrontation, because it's he said, he said, is to ask the folks that sat around the guy and ask them if they heard anything. Chances are most of those folks are season ticket holders and not too difficult to get a hold of. And even if they are one time game attenders it's easy enough to get their info. Anyway, since I stand with the franchise, I assume they did their due diligence and acted accordingly.

    In regards to your claim that first amendment rights are being trampled, nothing could be further from the truth. I'm guessing you're a young guy or gal because your claim that this is communist level is both specious and myopic. You probably don't have any sort of reference to what Communism really is and just throwing that word around doesn't help your argument.

    Keisel's first amendment right is still there. He can still say whatever he wants. That's the the thing with the 1st amendment, you can always say whatever it is that you want to say. Always. You have that freedom. You just don't have freedom of consequence. The Vivint arena is a private arena and they have rules and act on those rules accordingly. Can anyone go into that arena and call a player the N word? Sure but they're not going to fare well as a result of the consequences.

    We are in a different time now where folks are sick and tired of bigoted garbage being thrown around. I don't see that type of behavior ending anytime soon but to say that folks who are feeling the consequences of said behavior are losing their 1st amendment rights is just plain wrong.

    Just like you can dictate the speech and behavior in your own home, so can Gail in her own arena.