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    [–] Who’s your Mrs Morello? something-clever---- 3 points ago in thewestwing

    He wasn’t a teacher but my first real boss,

    I was hired at a college theatre thinking I had a bunch of knowledge and was the best out there. Cliff gently brought me down to reality and taught me how the industry worked.

    I wouldn’t have taken some of the risks I had taken without his encouragement, I wouldn’t have the skills I have, and most of all I wouldn’t have developed the knowledge and passion without his guidance.

    [–] What's that one product that is completely worth your money? something-clever---- 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh ya. I haven’t bought a new craftsman in probably a decade because the old stuff was quality. If I had to buy new now I would probably go with cobalt for occasional use then off the truck for anything heavy use.

    [–] What's that one product that is completely worth your money? something-clever---- 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This is my theory. All often used hand tools are craftsman or better but the one off tools, or the tools that travel in a road case that I don’t care if they walk away are all harbor freight.

    [–] Starting out something-clever---- 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in lightingdesign

    I don’t mean to gatekeep here but it might be a bit of a reality check.

    Unless your already running quality movers and a real console your experience doesn’t count for much. And if that offends you or you think gives you any more then basic credit amongst crews your in for a rude awakening.

    The way I started like I’m sure most of us did is grunt work. I got into lighting in high school and their theatre department. I thought I knew what I was doing as a kid with 60 dimmers and an old strand console and then I joined a production company that did real work. You start by pulling feeder and hanging instruments and building truss and listening twice as much as you speak while working long hours for ok pay.

    You start reading manuals, watching tutorials, making friends with MLO’s and LD’s and asking questions when they let you but most importantly watching and taking notes.

    If your lucky enough the shop you work for will let you come in on your own time and mess with consoles and make things work. Eventually once you show them you can program they might let you out on a small gig.

    Then it’s grinding small shows until you build enough trust that they will let you run a medium size show and repeat for a long time until they trust you on a large show.

    Not to be a dick but it’s not something you just do for fun. Don’t get me wrong I love my job as an LD but it has taken a lot of time and dedication to get to that title.

    So if your game to pull long hours and put the effort in find a production company and get on their electrics crew. Then it’s all time and hard work after that.

    In addition to everything that’s above you learn electrical theory and ohms law. Some basic level of circuitry, how to troubleshoot a 2 hour problem in 30 minutes, what fixtures you can cut and still have a full show that your willing to put your name on and how many you can cut and still have your company’s name on.

    [–] TIFU by not hiding my dildo well enough something-clever---- 11 points ago in tifu

    But all things that can safely go in a vagina/ slightly dick shaped so the mom thinks she’s getting creative

    [–] TIL of the Son of Sam laws that state convicted criminals cannot profit in any way from their crimes whether it be from books, tv, film, etc. All proceeds from these deals go directly to the victims or their families. something-clever---- 140 points ago in todayilearned

    Here’s the thing about the OJ case...

    First in his civil trial he wasn’t represented by the dream team. He had a civil litigator. The opposing counsel learned from Marsha Clark’s mistakes and didn’t call mark firman to testify and OJ himself testified at the civil trial while he didn’t at the criminal trial.

    The difference between a criminal trial for murder in the first requires the jury find him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” where in a civil trial the burden of proof is based on a “preponderance of evidence”. Basically at the civil trial the if the jury felt that more then 50% of the evidence showed that he was liable he lost his case.

    In short it’s a lot harder to convince 12 people that you did it without a doubt then it is to convince 12 people that the evidence shows you probably did it.

    [–] 12,000 Chinese blood plasma treatments contaminated with HIV something-clever---- 9 points ago in worldnews

    No it’s not a hippa violation. There are no identifiers in his statement. Now if he said I have patient who is 5’10”, 180 Lb, white male, age 31, from Ventura CA, with a wife named Cindy and and kids named Josh and Julie who is hiv+ then we cross into a violation.

    [–] Help me identify this Magnavox amp. something-clever---- 1 points ago in vintageaudio

    Pretty sure the one that’s on the side of this picture is for the tuner and the one for the amp is mia

    [–] Help me identify this Magnavox amp. something-clever---- 1 points ago in vintageaudio

    I checked that. The tubes listed on that sheet don’t correspond with the stampings on the chassis

    [–] Help me identify this Magnavox amp. something-clever---- 2 points ago in vintageaudio

    This helps a lot. They look very similar. When I get the console home and can pull the back off of it I’ll check the chassis for a number.

    [–] Help me identify this Magnavox amp. something-clever---- 1 points ago in vintageaudio

    The tubes consist of 6 6v6gt, 2 5u4gb, 2 12AT7, and 1 12AX7.

    It’s in a Magnavox console stereo that I just inherited but I need some info so that I can make this into a decent stand alone.

    [–] What is your favorite "holy crap this actually works" trick? something-clever---- 2 points ago in AskReddit

    On hog 3 yes do this. It still has a regular hard drive and it can reset the needle on the drive.

    Please don’t do this on a hog4 they are solid state drive and you will just damage the boards.

    [–] Local country bakery removes eftpos and goes 'cash only'. Places private ATM in the corner, every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee. something-clever---- 3 points ago in australia

    Don’t confuse capacity with actual fill count. Most of the large format can hold a few hundred thousand, think wall installed not free standing. The free standing have the capacity for about 50k in 20’s. Less if they are a newer multi-bill atm because they are stacked heavily in the $10 rather then in the 50 or 100 denominations.

    Most don’t though. The risk of the cash being destroyed is greater then the cost of consistent fillings.

    I have a friend that fills them on a regular basis and the idea has been talked through on several occasions.

    [–] Local country bakery removes eftpos and goes 'cash only'. Places private ATM in the corner, every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee. something-clever---- 61 points ago in australia

    It’s not about getting away with the atm. That’s the easy part. There are a few hurdles.

    1) These typically have a battery back up gps device. That will last for 3 days.

    2) Most banks, in the us, that service atms have a catalog of the serial numbers that have gone to which atm.

    3) breaking into them is incredibly difficult unless you have some safe cracking skills. They aren’t as easy as a big hammer in the right spot and using a grinder or a torch to get it open risks setting the cash inside on fire. And the locks are incredibly hard to pick.

    4) even if you manage to circumnavigate all of the above problems most banks fill them with a max of 10k.

    The risk vs reward just isn’t there to rip one off of your not a junky that’s gunna get caught anyway.

    [–] Brap Brap - First test fit of the 13b. something-clever---- 3 points ago in Miata

    That would depend on the officials at the race. I would ask them or talk to scca. Depending on age and the motor most valve covers had both branding on them. Swap the valve covers and I would say they would let it pass.

    [–] Brap Brap - First test fit of the 13b. something-clever---- 5 points ago in Miata

    This would go in street modified because the chassis and engine manufacturer match. At the end of the day if this was all that was done the car would be out of a competitive class. But if you do everything that’s allowed in the class it could be competitive it would depend on who else showed up that day. Basically street modified would allow you to run the gambit from non dot rubber to aero and coil overs.

    If you did an LS swap it would be in open class.

    [–] Pipe railing question something-clever---- 11 points ago in techtheatre

    No pvc is not safe

    I would use speed rail or schedule 40

    [–] Mummy something-clever---- -7 points ago in plotholes

    Not exactly what that quote means in the context of the time.

    Before me here means in front of me. Similar to “the man knelt before me to be knighted”

    So the better translation would be “I shall not see you worshiping other gods”.