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    [–] Hot take: Lincoln town cars make shitty Ubers something-clever---- -11 points ago in cars

    More surprised that it is allowed to be used as an Uber and also that all of maintenance is so neglected

    [–] [I ate] Some cheeseburgers and fries something-clever---- 1 points ago in food

    Jalama burgers!!!! I miss that place so much!

    [–] Wolf Eel something-clever---- 1 points ago in dontputyourdickinthat

    As someone who grew up around rattle snakes and livestock our preferred method was a 12 gauge and #8 bird shot. Can’t feel pain if there isn’t a head left. It also lets you keep a relatively safe distance from it.

    [–] As seen on Instagram, for a Chinese chain motor company... something-clever---- 9 points ago in techtheatre

    Look at any proper concert line array on google you will see subs flown in their own stack or at the top with a proper bar

    [–] As seen on Instagram, for a Chinese chain motor company... something-clever---- 16 points ago in techtheatre

    The sub in the picture is rigged with a ratchet strap rather then a proper fly bar

    [–] Tesla earning here I come 🔥🚗 something-clever---- 3 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Yes the photo looks like it was taken at or just before close of market. After the market closed Tesla had their quarterly earnings call and in after hours trading (think of it like a que for trading that will happen the minute the market opens) his stock will be worth $29 a share less then when the photo was taken.

    [–] Tesla earning here I come 🔥🚗 something-clever---- 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    It means that he put all of his eggs in one proverbial basket.

    This is the only stock he is invested in currently.

    [–] Are Gear Shifters Universal? something-clever---- 1 points ago in motorcycles

    No they are not. There are different spline counts and different radius bends to get the peg where it needs to be.

    Any shop can look the part number up for you.

    [–] To eat a crawfish something-clever---- 1 points ago in therewasanattempt

    And so the talent agent says “Well that’s one hell of an act. What do you call your selves?”

    The all reply “The Aristocrats!”

    [–] Bush cracks joke to Obama while Clinton makes a speech something-clever---- 1 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    I’m gunna have to call BS on this.

    One Bellagio doesn’t have dressing rooms in the underground by manga, (the only true basement in the place) the circ dressing rooms at O are all down stairs but they don’t rent that space out for any outside use aside from MGM corporate and that show has been installed long enough to not need video work.

    The dressing rooms behind Tower, Bellagio and Grand ball rooms are all single sided with no way to look down a hall way.

    Two when ever a vip on the level of a former or current head of state the Secret Service has the area swept pre and post shows and has all the people that will be present cleared in advance they don’t wonder in random areas and don’t peak in random rooms. I have been through this several times.

    Three in 2014 most if not all of the events were handled by MGM corporates production arm known as MREP and they usually kept the video production in house or contracted it to Encore.

    Four they don’t serve back of house on silver or anywhere for that matter outside of a select few restaurants.

    Five they don’t allow eating in dressing rooms per contract, that is allowed in designated green rooms.

    Six I looked in the MREP system and there are no past events that note a former head of state in attendance or speaking at a conference.

    I worked in Vegas for 8 years and have done events with Bush, Clinton, Obama, and trump and worked for MREP. But on your point he is a very nice man and polite to a fault.

    [–] California is not a desirable place to live something-clever---- 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    My family still lives in Palmdale and any time I go back I am beyond happy I moved out of that shithole. From the summer heat to the wind to the blinding boredom there are zero positives about that valley to me.

    [–] Nevada: foreclosure excess proceeds and how to collect something-clever---- 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Quick follow up I searched there and it doesn’t appear that the 16k is there. The house was auctioned on the 26th. Would it take a few days for it to be recorded in the treasury office?

    [–] Nevada: foreclosure excess proceeds and how to collect something-clever---- 1 points ago in legaladvice

    First. Thank you!

    Second is it really as simple as going on here and filing a claim? I found it listed and registered I just want to be sure before I click create claim.

    [–] good people something-clever---- 33 points ago in wholesomememes

    Ok so let’s put you in a situation.

    You live in Pennsylvania, an at-will employment state. Your employer is downsizing and says well Soovys today is your last day. Remember in an at-will state they don’t need a reason to fire you.

    Most Americans with average jobs are a missed pay check away from financial trouble, and remember unemployment usually pays 60% of your pay. So you try and stretch as best you can for a few months and because the job market is mediocre fields that arnt finance, IT, and a few select others, you struggle in a field of stand out candidates all competing for the positions.

    So now it’s month 3 and your savings is rapidly depleting and you get to choose rent or food but not both.

    Now your not going to be lazy because you have the option to have a hot meal or if you did get evicted a place to stay for a night where you can have a hot shower so that you can interview for a new job.

    Not every person that uses these services is lazy or leaching off the system. Most of them are actively trying to better their lives. I know I have worked with them on finding positions and resources to help them.

    Its called compassion and charity.

    And as a second point it’s a church, they work off donated money, so who the fuck are you to judge what they do with their money?

    [–] good people something-clever---- 56 points ago in wholesomememes

    Ya this is the don’t feed stray animals argument but let’s be real here if someone needs a meal you really shouldn’t give a shit if it makes them lazy and rather be concerned with their well being.

    I have an idea why don’t you go serve them, listen to their story, and help them find a job while they have their hot meal for the day.

    Take your down vote