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    [–] minnesotavikings_irl sonnackrm 3 points ago in minnesotavikings

    Oh definitely not. She’s a gold digger and he’s using her as a slam piece. They met on hinge or tinder or something of the like. She’s attractive and he’s a human toe. It’s mutually beneficial

    [–] minnesotavikings_irl sonnackrm 6 points ago in minnesotavikings

    Has he officially been cut?? I can’t seem to find news about him anywhere. My friend is dating him so I’m especially curious

    [–] St. Paul man pleads guilty in fatal hit-and-run case that killed Brasa worker on Grand Avenue sonnackrm 5 points ago in saintpaul

    Sentenced to no longer than 5 years. Kinda sad considering that he tried covering it up and lied through his teeth for months.

    [–] It’s in the details. sonnackrm 4 points ago in woodworking

    I’m relatively novice still. I’ve tried precision routing like you said you did but it always seems like I can’t find an angle to see clearly where my bit is. Are there any small tips or tricks to doing this sort of work?

    [–] Friend failed of Uni then posted this to our Uni group chat of friends. sonnackrm 10 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    It’s definitely not the actual military. During my five years in, I never once had any PT so late as 0615 or 0630. Try 0420-0530 usually. Plus he sounds like he’s trying to hard. Never had to say half the shit he did as a Sergeant to let my Marines know not to fuck up.

    [–] This is so true, it hurts sonnackrm 1 points ago in memes

    Pshh.. I work 26 hours a day with no breaks. I pee in a bottle and then drink said bottle.

    [–] Minnesota gov vetoes bill imposing stricter penalties on protesters who block public works sonnackrm 19 points ago in minnesota

    I missed a flight to England on Christmas thanks to these protesters a few years ago. I was not reimbursed the $1300 it cost me for the flight. This was the year they said they were going to do a sit in at the MOA and surprised everyone by sectioning off the terminals to MSP

    [–] Poor Weatherly sonnackrm 33 points ago in minnesotavikings

    I met him at a strip club I was bouncing at. I even IDed him lol. Very nice guy

    [–] Allison Parker sonnackrm 25 points ago in goddesses

    Dude rocked a floppy for practically the whole video

    [–] cursed_man sonnackrm 61 points ago in cursedimages

    Pretty sure it’s a mask

    [–] What has slowly turned to sh**? sonnackrm 2 points ago in AskReddit

    You’ll get vote brigaded for saying so though.

    [–] What about the opposite sex confuses you the most? sonnackrm 0 points ago in AskReddit

    The shotgun approach. Just shoot out as many dicks as you can and eventually you’ll hit a winner.

    [–] Toast on a palm tree sonnackrm -1 points ago in BreadStapledToTrees

    And toast is not bread