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    [–] Court upholds ruling that Kentucky must pay $224,000 over clerk Kim Davis refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses sonofaresiii 1 points ago in politics

    I really don’t like that we know this much about her.

    Eh. She could have made her protest for her principles with an anonymous, unsigned letter to her congressperson.

    But she used her position as an elected official to make an ineffective protest against national law. She invited public scrutiny. She received it.

    If it makes you feel better, she'd undoubtedly receiving personal support as well as derision for her actions. I'm sure there are plenty out there who are heralding her, personally, as a hero.

    She could have protested anonymously if she had wanted to. She chose a public protest with her publicly elected position.

    [–] I should have known better than to engage... sonofaresiii 1 points ago in ShitMomGroupsSay

    Why is it always "do your own research"? They can never back it up with real research. They just say "Do your own research", hurl some insults and bail.

    (This is rhetorical. I know it's because their "research" is facebook memes and they know they'll get shit on if they cite it)

    [–] People who've worked for scam call centers, did you know? And if you did and stayed, why? sonofaresiii 1 points ago in AskReddit

    and no called no showed

    It would've been nice to let them know you're quitting...

    but the same rules that let you no call/no show will just as easily screw you if the company feels like. Don't feel bad about it. No job with no notice works both ways.

    [–] Who is one of your favourite fictional characters you probably shouldn’t like? sonofaresiii 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Officially he was influenced by the mind stone at the time

    though that's really a bit of a retcon now that they want loki to be a lovable rogue with a heart of gold

    [–] ANNOUNCED AT D23: MOON KNIGHT DISNEY+ SHOW!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!! sonofaresiii 2 points ago in comicbooks

    Cumberbatch had the MCU effect where his personality was so strong that it bled into the comics. Current doctor strange in the comics is perfect for Benedict Cumberbatch, but classic doctor strange is completely different.

    [–] ANNOUNCED AT D23: MOON KNIGHT DISNEY+ SHOW!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!! sonofaresiii 8 points ago in comicbooks

    I feel like spidey would say it as a joke, like telling some villains they ruined his chance at overtime so they owe him money to pay rent.

    [–] ANNOUNCED AT D23: MOON KNIGHT DISNEY+ SHOW!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!! sonofaresiii 8 points ago in comicbooks

    MK is a character that needs to be handled in a very specific way

    Eh. There's about a dozen different interpretations of MK and I love them all. There's potentially a very solid pg-13 interpretation that I would love.

    There's a couple r-rated versions that could be great too.

    I think they can do it in a way that makes me, at least, happy and fits in with the mcu style. They could also do it in an edgier Netflix way and they would be good too.

    I guess we'll see, but this is gonna be down to their execution, not the constraints of the tone.

    [–] Ladies, take note. sonofaresiii -5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Then that's probably the argument you should have made the first time around instead of saying the problem is the guy is balding.

    e: oh man, this made you pretty mad, huh? Even though you did a complete 180 as soon as you got called out on your poor logic and moved right on past it, pretending it never happened. Get out some more of them alts man, my karma hasn't taken enough of a hit yet.

    [–] CB mom wants me, a cancer patient, to homeschool her kid for free sonofaresiii 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I'm offering you the same as the school!

    She can't possibly think that's how public school works, right? That everyone there is just there teaching for free? Like furniture that someone set out that anyone can come along and use

    [–] Megathread: President Trump announces increase in tariffs on China for billions of dollars of products, as Wall Street reacts to an intensifying trade war sonofaresiii 0 points ago in politics

    You'd maybe have better luck with how your posts come across if you were less abrasive, and actually bothered responding to what I wrote instead of what you wish I'd written so you could rant.

    If you think any part of my post said that the Dubya administration was totally fine and worth overlooking,

    Then you weren't paying attention.

    And you're making it harder to have reasonable discourse by plugging your ears to the conversation and shouting.

    [–] 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature sonofaresiii 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in Android

    And I got $150 Bluetooth headphones for my birthday.

    The issue isn't whether I do or don't have Bluetooth headphones

    Or whether you do or don't have Bluetooth headphones

    The issue is these companies are making expensive headphones, then removing a good and useful feature from their phones to push them.

    All these manufacturers kept the headphone jack, until they were ready to release their own premium Bluetooth headphones (often earbuds in particular)

    And I don't want to support that

    [–] Megathread: President Trump announces increase in tariffs on China for billions of dollars of products, as Wall Street reacts to an intensifying trade war sonofaresiii 4 points ago in politics

    I hate it, but at the time it really was reasonable to believe what the country really needed was to heal and move forward together, not continue pointing fingers at each other. It's a travesty that the guys in charge didn't get shit, but it wasn't right to blame our fellow countrymen for being mislead

    at least, it seemed that way. That was the best bet, the reasonable belief. We had finally righted the sinking ship, it was time to repair the problems and get America back on track.

    We've found out now that letting that slide just made everything worse.

    [–] CMV: People incarcerated for marijuana related crimes in states where marijuana is now legal should be released. sonofaresiii 1 points ago in changemyview

    if the legislature felt that this type of act should no longer be considered illegal, all those who are in prison should also be released because the acts that they are being imprisoned for are no longer considered crimes.

    Does this work both ways? If a street that you drove down two years ago gets closed, and is now illegal to drive down, are you guilty for having driven down it when it was legal?

    It makes far more sense for the enforcement of laws to be based on what the law was when the act was performed. You have the full knowledge of the law (or capability of finding it out). It's significantly more difficult and untenable to start punishing people based on what current laws are that they had no possible way of knowing.

    once the Supreme Court deemed these kind of laws to be unconstitutional

    That's a different situation. That's essentially saying that a bigger law takes precedence and made the smaller law retroactively void. The law, in effect, never existed. It wasn't repealed.

    That said, I do agree with your overall point that those incarcerated for marijuana should be released-- I just think it should be codified into the actual laws now-- the laws themselves should say not that no crime was ever committed, but that anyone found guilty should have their sentence (and any following negative effects) commuted.

    The laws still existed when the person smoked marijuana, they still broke the law, but we've decided to change the punishment for it to nothing. And, it should be noted, that this doesn't go both ways-- punishments shouldn't be extended for crimes already committed, but we already have precedence and mechanisms for lessening punishments.

    [–] 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature sonofaresiii 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in Android

    A couple problems with this terrible, poorly-thought-out logic:

    • Being able to afford one thing doesn't also mean you can afford that along with any and every other expensive item. If I save up $500 for a phone I really want, that doesn't magically make $200 for headphones appear in my bank account. That's just ridiculous.

    • Phones are regularly discounted or obtained cheaply through many different avenues, in ways that headphones aren't

    • Being able to afford something doesn't necessarily mean you want to spend money on it

    But most of all

    • I didn't say anything about not having expensive bluetooth headphones. I already have some. If you weren't sure about this, you could've used the context from my post where I said the fact that I might need a headphone jack at some point wasn't going to stop me from getting a phone without a jack.

    What I said was I didn't like that they were removing a ubiquitous feature for the purpose of pushing the expensive headphones. I didn't like the behavior and principle of what they're doing.

    This may be a crazy bananas foreign concept to you, but when a company does something I don't like or chooses principles or behaviors for products which I don't agree with, I don't buy those products, even if the shitty behavior doesn't directly affect me.

    [–] @GooglePhotos Starting this month, we're rolling out the ability to search your photos by the text in them. sonofaresiii 1 points ago in Android

    I had the app for a while. It was legitimately pretty dang good, at least compared to what I was expecting, at figuring out what things were from a picture.

    Of course the novelty wore off after a couple days, but still I was impressed.

    [–] Reverse Choosing Beggar: Offers Free Readings & Then Goes Off When Asked sonofaresiii 24 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    It really is questionable

    on the other hand, I do believe this may be possible given how these people are probably feeding into the echo chamber of every freelancer is golden all the time always right and every client is a greedy asshole that's just trying to scam you out of honest work

    I say this as a freelancer-- there's good freelancers and bad ones, and bad clients and good ones.

    But you go on social media or wherever and it seems like all the creatives are the pinnacle of honesty and all the clients are awful and it feeds into this idea that the artists can blow up at the scumbag potential client, and I have no doubt if this is a true story they're telling people how an awful client refused to pay even basic pocket change for skill and hard work

    and getting praised and sympathy all around for it

    [–] This person's amazing two year old sonofaresiii 1 points ago in thatHappened

    My two year old's communication gets about as complex as "Daddy, cookie!"

    just to give you guys a ballpark idea of what language is like at this age

    [–] I'm developing a multiplayer game where you hunt Ghosts! 👻 sonofaresiii 1 points ago in gaming

    So like ghost busters crossed with dead by daylight? Sounds cool.

    Dead by daylight was such a cool idea, I got in when it came to gamepass which was unfortunately well past the prime, and I was also awful at it, so I feel like I never really got a good experience

    But i would definitely jump on this day one if it's coming to Xbox (or switch, but that seems unlikely)

    [–] 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature sonofaresiii 2 points ago in Android

    Sure but that's just them taking on the role of the reviewer (and adding a bit of marketing spin no doubt)

    it's still not gonna help you when you walk in and ask a salesperson to tell you which one has the best camera. You're still gonna have to do the research of seeing it for yourself (and while the manufacturer marketing is better than just looking at stats, of course they'll still find the optimal conditions to show off whatever they want to show off)

    [–] Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' Official Poster. sonofaresiii 9 points ago in movies

    You're thinking trademarks. If you've got a copyright, you've got it no matter what until the period runs out or Disney gets lawmakers to extend it some more. You don't need to actively protect it.

    Trademarks on the other hand, if you don't actively protect it then your trademark loses its "uniquely identifiable" status

    [–] Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' Official Poster. sonofaresiii 2 points ago in movies

    It's great business sense, but it's bad artistic sense.

    [–] 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature sonofaresiii 35 points ago in Android

    average people ask about when buying a phone are screen and camera.

    the frustrating thing about this is cameras are so complex, most people tend to boil it down to just one factor: Megapixels, which is just one tiny part of what makes a good camera good and often isn't even relevant

    Honestly the best way to really tell if a camera is any good is to look at pictures and reviews from people who know how to test a camera, not just in theoretical conditions but in real world conditions. It's pretty much useless to go into a store and ask which phone has a good camera.

    (add to this the fact that 99% of phone cameras these days are going to be more than adequate for what people are using them for, and any lack of perceived quality is going to come from the user's ability to take good pictures)