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    [–] Boltification: the fight between trad, sport and bouldering. soupyhands 2 points ago in climbing

    should put that as the tl;dr at the bottom, seriously

    this is the kind of insight i keep coming here for.

    [–] It’s just been brought to my attention that r/CFL was taken to Karma Court. soupyhands 5 points ago in CFL

    I'm just here so there is someone with Lion's flair commenting in the thread

    also I have been watching a lot of old Law & Order lately and I'm pretty sure /u/Stach37 was behind the whole thing. Two counts of subreddit murder in the first degree.

    [–] Honest question, what happened to the post about the guy who runs a flood repair company this morning? soupyhands 1 points ago in vancouver

    But I don’t think anyone did anything wrong simply talking about the issue here on reddit.

    Neither do I. But apparently some people want to take it further than that.

    [–] Belated 5 million user celebration, and user poll soupyhands 6 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in bestof

    I'm pretty sure SRD was told they didn't need it anymore, they posted about it. Looking for the thread.

    edit: the important part:

    NP links are a community attempt at CSS based anti-brigading that the admins never supported, aren’t effective on mobile at all, often serve to confuse users into thinking their votes don’t count, and are easily circumvented by disabling CSS. If you participate in linked threads, either by voting or commenting, you are subject to being suspended by the admins for breaking site-rules.

    2nd edit: Also this:

    straight from redtaboo's mouth

    [–] Belated 5 million user celebration, and user poll soupyhands 11 points ago in bestof

    Regarding the first question: when we adopted np over 5 years ago it was widely requested. Over the last year or so I have requested feedback from the admins as to whether this was a thing which they required us to do to prevent brigading. They responded that they didn't mind if we required it, however it doesn't do anything to combat brigades, and they have their own tools to deal with that stuff.

    So from that perspective its really just forcing submitters to jump through a useless hoop, and I am more than happy to remove that obstacle.

    [–] This is a stupid question soupyhands 2 points ago in climbing

    that is a standard quickdraw, yes

    [–] This is a stupid question soupyhands 2 points ago in climbing

    totally depends on the brand and style of biner.

    [–] [Question] Property appraisal I paid for for lender and I am not allowed to see the report? soupyhands 2 points ago in vancouver

    You might have been responsible for the payment but the appraisal is required by the lender to ensure the money they are lending to you is actually going to be backed up by an assert worth the amount in question.

    [–] What are people paying for mortgage rates and what rates do you expect when your term is up? soupyhands 2 points ago in vancouver

    I mean, bank of canada would always want to increase rates, the question is whether the economy can support it. All I hear these days is recession so its hard for me to see them bumping rates in lockstep with the USA. They want to, but they can't.