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    [–] this sub lately soupyhands 87 points ago in canucks

    At first I was like, "why are we hating on NJD now?"

    [–] Hand strengthening. soupyhands 1 points ago in climbing

    put this in the friday new climber thread please

    [–] Dear strict parents... soupyhands 1 points ago in rant

    Good to hear. Your future self appreciates the efforts you make today.

    [–] Dear strict parents... soupyhands 2 points ago in rant

    I mean you didn’t describe your entire childhood, you just said your parents didn’t let you experience life so you partially blame them for your lack of self discipline.

    I’m not judging you at all, just giving you feedback on what you said. I grew up with pretty strict parents too and my own self discipline was extremely poor through my 20’s. Once I realized I couldn’t just blame them for me being me I started to figure shit out and my life took off.

    [–] Dear strict parents... soupyhands 4 points ago in rant

    Unpopular opinion, sounds like it was actually you who failed yourself rather than your parents failing you. If you haven’t been a parent it’s hard to understand the drive to keep your kid safe and want them to succeed for their own benefit. Without them to discipline you when you left for college you saw an opportunity and took advantage off it. Blaming your parents is really just disrupting the healing process for yourself.

    [–] Plane flying low over the outlet ✈️ soupyhands 4 points ago in vancouver

    ...because the outlet is right next to the runway.

    [–] Guy assaults ambulance on the DTES soupyhands 9 points ago in vancouver

    Take it easy with the verbal abuse please

    [–] Thank you for providing the appropriate context in your title. Including the Make and Model of car helps your viewers distinguish the post quickly and serves to limit confusion in the comments over what we are looking at. soupyhands 2 points ago in carporn

    Just to be clear, here is the wording of the rule.

    Videos, collections, interactive images/websites, and articles are not allowed. Try /r/cars instead. Alternately you may submit a single image and link to the album, Video, collection, interactive image/website, or article in the comments of your submission.

    I believe gifs were first allowed on this sub 3-4 years ago? Cant recall exactly when it was. Theres a voting record over in /r/pornoverlords wiki if you want to review for yourself.

    The idea is that all the subreddits in the SFW Porn Network are focused on images rather than vids. We allow vids and whatnot, they just have to be added as a contextual comment rather than as the post itself. This was an idea that set carporn apart from /r/cars and /r/autos back 8 years ago when the sub was created.

    [–] Residents fed up with pipeline protest camp soupyhands 2 points ago in vancouver

    You had a good run in this thread but please refrain from calling people names. Thanks in advance.

    [–] Learning Fire Arms Safety and Gun License in BC? soupyhands 3 points ago in vancouver

    I think I was $400 lighter in the wallet the first and only time I went to DVC lol. I shot every 9mm they had and pinched my fingers in the slide twice.

    [–] Learning Fire Arms Safety and Gun License in BC? soupyhands 14 points ago in vancouver

    /r/canadaguns I would highly recommend you check that sub out.

    Silvercore is where I took my PAL/RPAL course. Took a weekend and then you send in your application to the RCMP.

    You need to be vetted by the RCMP before they will give you the license. Once you have received it you can purchase non-restricteds from local firearms dealers. I like reliable gun on fraser. Super nice staff and their site is awesome. Restricteds take a bit more effort, you will learn about it as you go.

    off reddit you can check out canadagunnutz which is the biggest online forum for sport shooters in canada.

    There are lots of different ranges where you can go with your firearms and learn to shoot...DVC Ventures is the one most new shooters go to, PoCo Hunting and Fishing club is the biggest in the lower mainland with excellent facilities. Silvercore also does live fire training at the justice institute in New West.

    [–] Best spot for plane spotting, preferably with Skytrain access? soupyhands 32 points ago in vancouver

    Macarthur Glen mall parking lot right at YVR is probably the best i have seen. Its almost a Waynes World moment when the big BA Airbus A380 comes in around 6pm every day.