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    [–] Renting a condo vs renting an apartment? Opinions? soupyhands 6 points ago in vancouver

    more condos than apartments means more people rent condos than apartments.

    Developers in Vancouver prefer to build condos rather than apartments for many reasons, although recently there have been some efforts to provide "affordable" rental properties even though they don't actually jive with many people's opinions of what is affordable.

    Condos are much less risky for developers because they can be presold, which means all the risk is transferred from the developer to the owners upon completion of the building, and the developer ostensibly walks away with a large fee for creating the homes.

    this was posted recently which cites differences between Seattle, which builds mainly apartments, and Vancouver, which builds mainly condos

    [–] does my icbc insurance quote seem right? soupyhands 13 points ago in vancouver

    how old are you and what is your discount and what deductibles are you paying for collision and comprehensive

    just from the amount quoted im going to guess you are 18-25 and very little discount if any.

    [–] I'm currently at an indoor gym and I'm watching something very confusing. soupyhands 7 points ago in climbing

    sure its normal. Some people like to "seed the holds" when they brush all the grunge and rubber off them.

    [–] Wages for entry-level audio engineers in Vancouver? soupyhands 10 points ago in vancouver

    just a guess but im thinking minimum wage.

    seems like everything here is min wage or "volunteer internship"

    [–] Dishwashing and Climbing Skincare soupyhands 5 points ago in climbing

    waterproof gloves while working?

    [–] Would BC economy be better if it was part of USA? soupyhands 5 points ago in vancouver

    i dont want to stir the pot but im curious why you disagree?

    [–] Thinking of moving to the area... soupyhands 6 points ago in vancouver

    I think I would like to keep my rent below $1,000 though.

    In vancouver you will be sharing that 1 bedroom with someone else then

    [–] Further to careless smoking caution: Oak & 41st smouldering soil from discarded butt soupyhands 4 points ago in vancouver

    You have to be able to hate smoking to quit.

    I quit cold turkey over a decade ago because I hated it so much. Smoked for almost 10 years a pack a day. One of the main habits I had was to have one driving to and from work. One day I just said fuck it, crumpled the half full pack, and never smoked again.

    [–] Te Anau Bay, Te Anau, New Zealand [OC] [2000x1333] soupyhands 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    please stop deleting and reposting this. It's a nice picture but don't try to game the sub for upvotes. This is the third time I have seen this image posted in the last two days.

    [–] Does tap water in the great Vancouver area contain Flouride? soupyhands 20 points ago in vancouver

    Water in Vancouver has naturally occurring fluoride at a level of <0.05mg/L

    [–] Stupid question about smoking weed soupyhands 20 points ago in vancouver

    look it up in the strata minutes.

    couldnt he go with edibles instead

    [–] Official /r/CFL Power Rankings - Week 1 soupyhands 5 points ago in CFL

    I'd say top 7 teams are '64 Lions, '85 Lions, '94 Lions, '00 Lions, '06 Lions, '11 Lions, and '18 Lions. No Bias.

    [–] Price raised after open house? soupyhands 11 points ago in vancouver

    they thought they could get more money for it?