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    [–] [Any] I want to visit multiple islands on my honeymoon. Does it make sense to visit 3 or 4 islands over 12 days? soupyhands 5 points ago in HawaiiVisitors

    I have been to hawaii a dozen times, each time I spend around 2 weeks on one island.

    Based on what you want to see, you could probably just check out Oahu and be happy. There are amazing views and waterfalls on all the islands. None of them have anything like Waikiki besides Oahu.

    [–] Official /r/CFL Power Rankings - Week 18 soupyhands 4 points ago in CFL

    I'm just a poor Lion's fan, I need no sympathy...

    [–] My hands are a mess... soupyhands 3 points ago in climbing

    sounds like you might have a skin fungus. Can you go to a doctor to get it checked out?

    [–] POST GAME THREAD: BC Lions (7-7) @ Calgary Stampeders (12-2) - October 13, 2018 soupyhands 9 points ago in CFL

    Helpful penalties against Calgary late in the 4th, but clearly BC was in it to win it and that makes me very happy.

    [–] Are there any gloves? soupyhands 1 points ago in bouldering

    get tougher skin

    [–] Trad climbing with only passive gear? soupyhands 4 points ago in climbing

    all depends on the rock and your skill at placing said gear. If there are lots of natural constrictions then why bother placing cams? If you are climbing splitters with smooth faces, cams are something you are going to want to look into.

    [–] Trad climbing with only passive gear? soupyhands 6 points ago in climbing

    Short answer yes

    long answer: what did you think they used before cams were invented?

    [–] [Maui] [Kauai] Feedback on Travel Plans. Thanks :) soupyhands 2 points ago in HawaiiVisitors

    It seems almost like Mt Haleakala is almost a large hill – a relatively gradual climb where, for the most part, I could stop in the grass if I left the roadway – not immediately plummet 1,000 ft straight down. Maybe a handful of scary spots where it could be a big drop down.

    I would say that's pretty accurate.

    Is it worth going to the mountain during the day – not sunrise or star gazing – while knowing I will be focused on the road during the drive and not the scenery? Are the stars so amazing that I should make sure I pay for a trip and go at night? Sunrise is not happening. Or would you suggest an alternative thing to do for that day?

    The views are amazing up top, totally worth the trip up. There is a fee to access the park. Between 3-7am you have to have a reservation before you head up for sunrise. During the day or for sunset there are no reservations required.

    The Nakele Blowhole is pretty cool. West Maui is amazing to see by itself. Recommend driving up via Hwy 30 rather than trying to cross from Kahului on 340. Really fun hike on the south side of West Maui, just past Maalaea as you drive west, its called Lahaina Pali. Takes you up from the highway to around midway up the windmills. Really amazing views of South Maui, Kaho'olawe, and Molokini.

    Iao Needle is decent if it's open. I'm not sure if they have reopened it since it was damaged due to flooding.

    by the way to reply to me directly make sure to hit reply under my comment. Cheers!

    [–] PGT: 🐳 @ 🌩 soupyhands 9 points ago in canucks

    This win was therapeutic for me after the Gillis threads dragged up so many memories. Fucking love where this team is going now.

    [–] [Maui] [Kauai] Feedback on Travel Plans. Thanks :) soupyhands 4 points ago in HawaiiVisitors

    If you are as bad with heights as you claim, the drive to Haleakala will be a problem for you. The road is 1 lane each way with no shoulder. There are numerous sections without guardrails. If you can take it slow and easy, you will be fine, but if its something that isnt controllable for you maybe take a tour up there instead. That being said I have done the drive myself a dozen times ranging from 3 am solo to 5pm in the afternoon after a hard 13 mile hike to the bottom and back. No problems with the road ever. The traffic isnt too bad, and you have plenty of places to pull over if you need time to get back under control.

    As far the rest of your trip is concerned, sounds awesome. Molokini can be amazing if the conditions are good. I have sailed out of Kihei and Maalea Harbours to Molokini and its always been awesome. Usually they do turtle town too, which is great when there are turtles there haha. The Sheraton on black rock beach is sweet, you will have a great stay there. Lahaina is one of my favourite places in the islands, definitely check out Down The Hatch if you are hungry or need some drinks. I actually just got back from Kauai, and the south shore was a highlight for sure. Checked out Poipu beach, tons of turtles right now. Shipwreck beach was amazing. We flew on Wings Over Kauai to check out Na Pali, which is a small airplane rather than a heli. Its about 1/2 price of the heli from what I could tell. Super nice pilot, Marcus. Flight was super solid, got to see almost all of the island with the exception of the northeast, which you can see from a car anyway. The only regret was that you dont fly right down to the falls like in Jurassic Park. Will probably fly Jack Harter next time, doors off for photography. Also did the Blue Dolphin Sunset cruise of Na Pali with Captain Joe, he's awesome. Super chill and really young but he's been driving the Na Pali coast for 12 years and been out all seasons. He's seen 90 foot waves out there. This time of year is perfect to get decent water and really nice sunsets. The crew was great too, really friendly and attentive, will definitely sail with them again next trip. Also did the Waipo'o Falls hike, very easy and fun, nice waterfall at the end. The hike to the cliff lookout near the start of the trail is really short and nice too. Def recommend a Jeep for the road down to the trailhead.

    Aloha and have a great trip!

    [–] Is Cypress lookout still a good spot to view the city lights at night? soupyhands 1 points ago in vancouver

    Theres a spot a little lower down the mountain which has recently had more trees cleared for new houses, which has a nice view too