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    [–] What will piss you off 100% of the time? spacebirdlady 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Changing the subject when I ask a question.

    [–] What video game had a major impact on your childhood? spacebirdlady 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Same. It was my first real obsession and my lifeline when my family was going to pieces. It got me through elementary school. It got me through my rough college breaks. And now it's getting me through a really challenging time in my adult life. I gave one of my treasured Pokemon plushes to my dog recently when he was sick, but that ratty old Sonic I got when I was nine is still in my bedding drawer and will probably stay there until the day I die.

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    I studied to teach English, and literature specifically, so I suppose I'm more inclined than most people to go "I disagree but that's awesome." I wish more students were bold about this stuff like you were.

    But the English training does kind of inform my thoughts about translation, too. There are so many subtleties of English vocabulary choices that native speakers inherently understand, but could never explain and generally wouldn't notice. I presume French is the same way from what little studying of it I've done. The connotations, or the implied or associated meanings of a word on top of its dictionary definition, of SHanks' word choices could be very different even with a direct, literal translation. We would need a fluent speaker of both languages to assess if the localization intentionally changed Shank's chracterization, but even if it looks the same to both of us on the surface, that may well be the case.

    This is so much fun :)

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    I love alternate character interpretations, even if I don't agree with them. Good ones make you appreciate what you do believe more if they don't convince you, and that's what you did. I was so taken in by Shank's charisma and warmth that I never considered your possibility. And on considering it, I don't agree with it, but the selfish desire to have a racer like Vanellope adds a nice, human wrinkle to a character I had found to be too simple in her goodness to like. It's a great insight.

    But just make sure you don't feel you've misinterpreted the movie. It sounds like you watched a French dub (with French voice acting), and dubs can very often change subtle meanings in certain lines and passages. I watch a lot of anime and dubs are often completely different, as they're hampered from accurate translation by both the language itself and the mouth flaps. Even subs often have subtleties that are lost. Shank may well be more sincerely selfish or menacing in your localized version of the movie than she was in my English language version. I wish I spoke enough French to try to weigh in, but I studied Spanish for my second, and only three years at that.

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    Personally I think Vanellope makes a more credible villain than Ralph does. She's disrupting his life! His meaning!

    But mostly I think the movie was trying to deconstruct Disney movies in general and its preceding movie, with good old Turbo, in particular. Why need an outside villain when we all have a villain lurking inside outselves? Why not grapple with Ralph being an actual bad guy? It was in many ways smarter than the original movie, even if it wasn't quite as tightly written.

    [–] Who was the weirdest substitute teacher you have ever had? spacebirdlady 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m really sorry. Don’t feel bad. We had a sub at my school that everyone found creepy but only got reported because a girl he creeped on was the little sister of a female sub and she (the sub) went to the admins.

    I still try to be like her.

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    Even though I don’t agree with your take on the film, it’s a neat theory and if made me re-examine and appreciate my own interpretation more. That’s what good fan theories do!

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    Inside out doesn’t really have a villain, either. It if this movie needs one, I’d say it’s Ralph. His jealousy and his decisions keep creating these situations for Vanellope.

    [–] Ralph break the internet : does Shank a Disney villain ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in wreckitralph

    I don't know what language you watched in, or what the quality of your sub/dub was, but before Vanellope and Shank meet properly, we hear Shank discussing with her friends the psychological implications of her defeating those two kids after the car, and how the loss is in a way good for them. Our first real exposure to Shank as a character is to establish a motivation for her as a person (rather than as a character) to help other people realize their best selves.

    In that lens, we are supposed to, I think, see her mentoring of Vanellope not as a selfish want for something to enrich slaughter race, but as recognition of what Vanellope needs. Ralph and Vanellope both needed more enrichment than Litwak's could afford them, but unlike Ralph, Vanellope is young and plastic enough to benefit from leaving.

    Your interpretation of Shank's motivations is valid, although I think characterizing her as a villain rather than a heroic antagonist is a bit much. But the original English dub of the piece goes out of its way to establish Shank as being motivated by the well-being of whomever she happens to be "working" at the time rather than herself, or at least, that she believes that's her motivation. From a narrative perspective, Shank is at worst a heroic foil to Rapunzel, and at best not being comparable to her at all.

    I think it's also wroth note that while Shank certainly enticed Vanellope toward Slaughter Race, there was no dishonesty or emtional blackmail, which defined Mother Gothel. Vanellope made her own decision and was simply enabled and encouraged by Shank.

    So TLDR, I see what you're saying, and it's a neat insight, but I disagree with both your moral position on Vanellope's obligations and your read on Shank's motivations and narrative role.

    [–] Who was the weirdest substitute teacher you have ever had? spacebirdlady 3 points ago in AskReddit

    If you need tips hit me up, I've been subbing for a while and I'm here to see if I got mentioned in any of the stories, lol.

    [–] Who was the weirdest substitute teacher you have ever had? spacebirdlady 22 points ago in AskReddit

    I am so sorry. Did you report this to your regular teacher or an administrator? That is very disturbing, speaking as a substitute myself.

    [–] Who was the weirdest substitute teacher you have ever had? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That sub sounds like they were off the rails, but I have occasionally encountered teachers who told the kids not to turn finished work in and who put in the sub note to collect finished work. :/

    [–] Who was the weirdest substitute teacher you have ever had? spacebirdlady 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Did you report this guy to your teacher or principal? Subs should not be commenting on your body like that.

    Speaking as a substitute, if the administrators at your school are any good they would want to hear about this.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. The legs part, and to a much lesser extent the name part, I mean.

    [–] what was the hardest decision you had to make in a video game ? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The button in Pokemon X and Y. I cried and looked up the answer because I couldn't take it.

    [–] do our bras REALLY not fit? Or are they uncomfortable by nature and the lingerie industry uses this to get us to buy more bras?? spacebirdlady 5 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    I've found if I pay attention to sizing I can wear out of the package big box store garbage and forget I'm wearing it, but most expensive bras don't work for me, even if I'm especially careful about sizing. Spent my whole life being told I was some absurd band size of double D or crammed into the largest cheap bras my mom could buy. Turns out I'm a DDD: 40 or 42 at the moment, 36 or 38 when I was thin.

    But seriously, garbage package bras with no underwire do it for me. I look great, I feel great, I have no back discomfort. But I start going to the fancy places and even if the cup is perfect, my straps slip slide everywhere.

    I credit the whole ABTF movement with helping me find my awesome cheap garbage package bras. For me, the cheap bras were the right one. I wouldn't have discovered that if I hadn't done all the reading I did on what cup and band size actually mean and decided to give them a shot over all the fancy places I tried.

    I'm sure those fancy places are perfect for other people, of course. But the whole "a bra that fits" thing is not about finding the most obscure, fancy bra to fit you. It's about learning about how bras are built to find the right one, no matter the price point.

    [–] Do you think you deserve a universal basic income? Why or why not? spacebirdlady 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Given that I work a non-salaried job in schools and we've had like two and a half weeks of cancellation in a month right now? Sure, why not.

    In general I think most people deserve it, but I have a lot of doubts about implementing it. You know?

    [–] What is your earliest childhood memory that literally represents your personality? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    We were visiting a relative and my family kept trying to put me back in the room they left me in to play while they caught up. I kept escaping, and they thought I was just trying to wander the house. But after a while they slacked off and I reached my prize: the dryer. I climbed inside and tried to rock my body to make it spin, but it wouldn't move. I was furious. The grunting was probably what alerted them to my escape, and they pulled me out of the dryer and acted like nothing had happened. I asked about spinning and they said you can't do that, and I think deposited me back in the playroom. I remember being distinctly frustrated that they didn't realize I was trying to get into the dryer all along. Like what do you take me for? Just bored and wandering around? I want to spin, dad, make make spin.

    [–] As a cashier, what is the boldest thing you ever said to a customer knowing that you might get fired afterwards? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Once I had a customer who had a very large grocery order and kept balancing delicately between ranting about his medical problems and flirting with me. I was 31 at the time, but looked about 20. He was at least mid 40s, more likely 50s or 60s, and had an adult daughter with him who was visibly probably older than me. Like older than the age I actually am, not the age I looked.

    He made a comment about how he needed help with some things, Maybe I could help him, something something wiping his butt, except he didn't say butt.

    I said, completely deadpan "Oh, you know they have nursing aides for that? I think my cousin did that for a while, I could ask her for a referral for you."

    He seemed angry and remarked you need to pay them. My response was, "Yeah, yeah you do."

    I came to retail from Education and in fact still work in education. We have to have very, very good control of our mouths, and I maintained the best customer service ratings in my store while I was there by responding to everything as if it were a kindness even if it infuriated me, a technique I learned from substitute teaching. I've been told to shove coupons up places, I've been threatened, I've been called every name and slur in the book, and one thing I love and miss about retail is that I'm not just allowed but expected to respond to hostility with cheerfulness, sincere or passive-aggressive.

    [–] Did you love or hate your high school experience and why so? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I wouldn't say I hated it, but I didn't like it.

    I had been bullied extensively in elementary and middle school. While it continued in high school, it lightened a lot. I was separated from the worst of my bullies in key subjects due to my school's sorting us by ability, the work was more challenging, and people who weren't immediate bullies to me started to realize I was a good person to have in their corner and mostly leaving me alone. I even befriended one of my bullies and formed a sort of grudging alliance with another. I had the internet to get positive social interaction. The bullying that was done to me still started to be taking seriously, with actual consequences for the ones who got caught, although those consequences mostly happened becuase I picked my battles carefully and had done some reading on law. Compared to Elementary and Middle SChool, high school was great.

    But I was still unliked, terribly isolated. My two best friends had moved away and my next two nearest friends had fallen in with the football team, where as a female student I was mostly unwelcome the first few years. (By senior year I mostly hung out with the football team when on school grounds due to my friendship with the aforementioned two friends and our younger quarterback). I was locked in an academic rivalry I couldn't possibly win, but felt incredible pressure to out of lingering resentment of past bullying at the hands of the friend who was ahead of me, and I felt he was being thrown softballs by the school faculty in that competition. I chose high-pressure extracurriculars for myself. I was kept from the roles I wanted in musical by my gender and by my low vocal range, and from the role I wanted on my academic competition team by, I felt, changes in the rules and procedures caused by a change of coaches halfway through my time on the team. All of this in the service of going to school for a degree in a career even then I wasn't really sure of, because while I wanted to do the good associated with it, I wasn't sure I was talented enough to do the job I wanted to do. Not to mention waking up earlier every day, doing tons of work at home...

    College was much, much better and I was pretty happy there.

    TLDR: I liked high school more than what had come before but less than what came after, mostly becuase of bullying, loneliness, and a sense that every choice I made was wrong.

    [–] How have you overcome challenges of a significant other with a different religion? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I've never successfully overcome this challenge.

    I'm still friends with the Methodist I dated, who cited, in dumping me, at least partial concerns that I wasn't honest about my level of commitment to Christianity. I think he expected with me being from a Baptist background to be super serious and churchy once I found the right church, but my family's from an independent fundamentalist Baptist church, and you know how it is when people rebel from a super strict church, right? I was ok with being with someone who was stricter than I was, but it did not go the other way.

    I also dated an atheist once, but... heh, not all atheists are created equally. He was super bitter and preoccupied with the problem of evil, and pretty much constantly ragged on religion and people's beliefs. Ironically, we got along because my faith had pushed me into a pretty clean-living lifestyle, and he was basically straight edge without the vegan. I'm not super open about my beliefs in real life, and in fact I believe the Bible frowns on being so. I didn't bring it up a lot. But he pretty much looked for excuses to complain. And I mean, I can't blame him, as his family was super churchy and that could be grating, but I definitely felt looked down upon and like I couldn't share. It wasn't what tanked the relationship, not even close to the primary reason, but it contributed.

    I don't really intend to date ever again, but if I had to, or if I met someone I wanted to, being excessively passionate about religion, positive or negative, would be a hard pass for me. My faith is important to me and it drives me to some extent, but I don't feel it's appropriate for faith to dominate the lives of most laypersons. If I ever got the impression someone might put slight differences in our beliefs before me, I would bail. But if I met someone of another faith who was really chill about it, I mean, really, really chill? If we were compatible otherwise I'd give it a shot.

    [–] What were you doing in the year 1999? spacebirdlady 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Same thing I am now: farting around on the internet.

    I mean when I wasn't on the internet in 1999, I was finishing up sixth grade, taking a stab at youth softball (and at one point getting 3 RBIs one day and having the worst asthm attack of my life the other), and then starting seventh grade. But really, just farting around on the internet.

    [–] Americans of reddit, what's an interesting fact about the state you live in? spacebirdlady 2 points ago in AskReddit

    We once went to war with another state. There was a battle. Someone got hurt. They got Toledo, and we got the UP. Good riddance.