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    [–] [Pokemon] If Ash ends up with Mewtwo as (one of) his starter(s), how well would it help Mewtwo's mental state? spacebirdlady 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Mewtwo is a legend, but it (henceforth he due to actor choices and the weirdness of referring to a sapient being as it) is also likely what the Pokemon games term a "Shadow Pokemon." Shadow Pokemon are normally created by Pokemon abuse, although they can be artificially created or artificially enhanced, and the primary symptom of their condition are inappropriate violence toward other Pokemon and humans, sudden intense rages, and inappropriate or unprecedented movesets with weakness- and resistance-free, typeless "shadow" moves. Shadow Pokemon are incapable of avoiding, or heavily favor, their shadow moves over their non-shadow moves and regain their old movesets through time. Legendary Pokemon who are shadow Pokemon, especially legendary psychic types, may also have atypical presentations. Most information about Psychic Pokemon comes from Orre (Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD).

    How Mewtwo would be for Ash depends largely on when Professor Oak attained custody of the Pokemon. Mewtwo was already showing early signs of Shadow when awoken by the scientists, likely due to the trauma of having lost other clones with whom he was in psychic contact. Killing humans for insulting you is not a normal reaction for most baby Pokemon, after all. Erasing the memory of the trauma Mewtwo endured chemically didn't change how it presumably impacted the development of young Mewtwo's brain, much like real world neurological development. Giovanni compounded an already extant problem rather than creating one.

    Let's say Oak found Mewtwo right after the explosion. Mewtwo would have sensed the sincerity of his horror at what happened, and at how the scientists treated hime. Giovanni, in this circumstance, would likely know that the experiments were bankrolled by Team Rocket (as established in some Japanese-language lore), and would have informed Mewtwo that he had been created by a group of people who more or less enslave and exploit Pokemon. If Oak presented himself as someone who tries to stop Team Rocket, but more importantly helps those Pokemon who have been impacted by Rocket, Mewtwo might have consented to come with, justifying it to himself with the idea that the humans owed him a certain duty of care. He would have been arrogant and demanding, and insistent upon taking the fight to Team Rocket, and it would only be through his violent mishaps that Oak would convince him that he needs to work on himself and refine his abilities before he is ready to fight Team Rocket. Oak would likely convince him that working with a young trainer would both improve his control of his powers and give him a chance to recruit a human helper against Team Rocket.

    Ash and Mewtwo's arrogance would play off each other disastrously until the Spearow incident. Mewtwo would not be overwhelmed by the Pokemon, but the overkill he would resort to in fighting them off and the devastation it caused in both the environment and Mewtwo's emotions might trigger Ash's legendary compassion. Ash being focused on whether Mewtwo is ok above all else, or trying to protect the birds from Mewtwo might trigger the initial bonding that would begin to heal Mewtwo's shadow condition.

    Having a Pokemon like Mewtwo would have disasterous effects on Ash's ego, as previously stated, but not as many as people think. Mewtwo would regularly try to check Ash's arrogance, and somewhat abusively attribute all of Ash's success to himself. This would ultimately lead to Ash doing gym battles without Mewtwo's assistance just to prove to him that he was a good trainer on his own. Though it would be hotly contentious the first few years, with frequent fighting and likely some trauma for poor Ash due to the increase in Shadow "Hyper mode" outbursts as healing finishes, Ash would teach Mewtwo compassion. It would be especially rocky as Mewtwo began to heal and realized that the scientist's actions before his awareness had damaged him as a person, as he has at least somewhat internalized the idea that he is an object even by the time Giovanni found him. Ash's arc would shift toward finding a way to heal his best friend and stop Team Rocket over trying to win gym battles, and a shadowless Mewtwo would be a terrifyingly powerful Pokemon who could likely best Mew, but who would see no reason to except perhaps to convince her to fight threats to all Pokemon kind, like Team Rocket.

    The question is whether Mewtwo would reach a sufficient level of lucidity to defend himself and Ash by the time Team Rocket decided to go after their stolen prize. It's a prospect I find unlikely, but if they struck early enough Mewtwo would have no qualms erasing memories and killing Rockets. Then it would be Ash's trauma that would provide most of the conflict in their relationship.

    TLDR: Having Mewtwo as a starter would dramatically change Ash's arc toward something more like Red's from the games, especially if they began to cooperate and be friends, due to Mewtwo being a Shadow Pokemon as per the lore of the Orre/Gamecube games.

    [–] Want to Scam My Store by Abusing the Scan Law? Two Can Play That Game! spacebirdlady 1 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    It's not a valid excuse, but it's negligence, not deliberate fraud. An EMT not being there on time is not the same as say, someone stabbing somebody. Just becuase something isn't ok doesn't mean it's intentional.

    [–] Want to Scam My Store by Abusing the Scan Law? Two Can Play That Game! spacebirdlady -6 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I'm in the same state as OP and I've worked in several different chain stores, as well as several non-chains with scanning systems. While overall I agree with you, there are a couple reasons an individual store might be "innocent" in cases of Michigan Bounty cases, and a few where even corporate out of state is also innocent.

    For example, in stores that depend a lot on planograms for pricing (basically the price on a label on the shelf rather than price tags), if the store has a staffing problem, it can be difficult to move items around effectively, keep planograms updated, and so forth. So you might end up with a formerly sale item over a grossly outdated sale price, or no one correcting a non-sale item being put over a sale sign because there just aren't enough people in the store to keep up. Scammers really like that last one.

    You can also have an issue where the price of a product regularly fluctuates from distributors and stores have to continually adjust the price. If they use sticker tags, or had previously used sticker tags and switched away from them, going through all the stock already on the shelves to reflect the new price can be a nightmare, especially in the presence of a staffing problem. In theory regular stock rotation should take care of this, but in practice for products that don't expire, or with long shelf-lives, making this a priority does not occur to some managers.

    So yes, generally the bounty is important and I'm glad as a customer it exists, but a lot of the actual cases where it comes up are not deliberate scans so much as negligence or honest mistakes. Keeping up with price changes like this is only possible in a store that is appropriately staffed, no matter how honest the company or owners try to be.

    [–] The Russo Brothers posted a letter asking for fans to not spoil Avengers: Endgame spacebirdlady 1 points ago in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

    Surprise/non-consensual spoilers are terrible, but I am literally here to try to talk myself into seeing the movie. That depends on the spoilers. Spoilers before the movie, spoilers after my friends see it, doesn't matter, I'm literally not going to see it until someone spoils something that is worth seeing enough to counter what a bad time I had at Infinity War. That's a movie ticket for them. So like yeah. Hope you're just talking about people being rude, guys.

    [–] Be safe, little one. spacebirdlady -1 points ago in disney

    I'm not OP or the person you were replying to, but I clicked on this for help finding the spoilers because I want to be spoiled.

    I didn't enjoy Infinity War. For a lot of reasons, it was just not a good thing for me to see at that time. The combination of some stuff happening in my real life, the entire Thanos and Gamora subplot versus my childhood, and my long-standing phobia of movie theaters made seeing it a very unpleasant experience.

    At this point, I need the spoilers to even feel comfortable going to the movie. How I went in expecting greatness and left Infinity War a mess sucked almost all the fun out of Ant Man and Wasp for me and came fairly close to stopping me from seeing Captain Marvel. My issues with the whole thing bled over into SOny and DC, and I actually missed Aquaman and Venom, and had a really bad experience at Shazam despite enjoying the actual movie. It is a problem.

    Is it rational? No. Am I a big freaking baby who needs to grow up? Absolutely. Is this super pathetic? Sure. But I miss enjoying and being hype about Marvel movies, and I'm not going to do that without finding knowing enough about Endgame to feel like I'd even enjoy watching it.

    And even though I shouldn't feel a need to defend myself, I kind of do. I don't hate Infinity War because it was a downer ending, or even becuase it was a downer ending when I expected a happy one. Movies have done that to me before and I've even liked them. Heck, I bought Knowing after renting it. There was a lot, lot more to why Infinity War bothered me than just oh wahh, it was sad.

    So the short version is that people who didn't like Infinity War, or who liked it but were "triggered" by content in it, might be seeking spoilers to either affirm they'd like the new movie, confirm it's safe for them to see without exacerbating phobias or other issues, or both.

    [–] Why would terminating the pregnancy of a rape victim be justified but not other pregnancies? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Thanks. I'm really trying to be neutral here because a real lack of understanding is such a problem in this debate. Pro-life people think pro-choice people like free baby murder and pro-choice people think pro-life people hate women and sex. And while there are certainly awful people with no compassion in both groups, I suspect at the end of the day most people in both camps are motivated more by concern for one kind of person than by anger toward another.

    [–] Why would terminating the pregnancy of a rape victim be justified but not other pregnancies? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Yeah, that's a decent analogy too, and useful for the camp who views abortion as murder versus abortion as forced medical risk-taking.

    [–] Why would terminating the pregnancy of a rape victim be justified but not other pregnancies? spacebirdlady 14 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The justifiication as I understand it is this.

    Pregnancy can be lethal to women. Even wanted, healthy pregnancies can rapidly and without warning devolve into a death spiral. Eclampsia or HELLP are the primary culprits. Even normal, healthy pregnancies that don't result these conditions can still kill or disabled women in other ways. I know someone who had a stroke days after her youngest child was born, who would not have had that stroke had she not been pregnant.

    Our laws do not allow us to compel others to risk their helath to save another life. For example, if someone needs a kidney, you cannot be forced to donate even if you only need one because your health may degrade after losing it or the surgery itself is complicated. Recently there was a case of a bone marrow donor for a cancer patient dying of complications, for example. We don't even compell blood donations, and losing a little blood is rarely hazardous.

    One could argue that any pregnant person could refuse to consent to endanger their life to bring another life into the world, ethically. It's little different from denying someone on a donor registry days away from death a transplant. You might think it's wrong, but would you say the law should have the right to force someone?

    Those who believe abortion should be illegal except in cases of rape clearly feel that the act of choosing sex is a form of consent to pregnancy, and that those who were raped did not consent to the risk of their lives for another person. To use that analogy, a person who chose to have sex would be like someone who accidentally signed donation papers for their kidney, and someone who was raped would be like urban legend guy waking up in ice in the bathtub without a kidney.

    To me, I always understood the arguments of "no abortion no exception" and "all abortions no exceptions" very well, but the idea of exceptions for rape clearly. Once the organ donation analogy was made to me, it suddenly made more sense why people feel that way. It's often, but not always, a cop out, or a way for people who simply want to punish women for having sex, to accomplish that, but it can also be a fairly complex look at medical consent and the intersection of personal responsibility for others and the law's obligation to protect individual medical freedom.

    TLDR: Think of it like organ donation and you'll have a non-co-out rationale for this stance.

    I hope my response was neutral enough but if it's not, feedback on how to make the same points in a more neutral way is welcome.

    [–] Not everyone believes period cramps can get bad spacebirdlady 11 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I've seen some great comments here, but think of it this way:

    It is believeable that someone could have a recurring headache so severe they can't work, can't function? can't even stand? It's not uncommon. Migraines can definitely fit that bill, as can, I believe, cluster headaches.

    Is it believable that such a person could be "normal" or that that could be the normal condition of a headache? That such a recurring headache could be non-pathological? No, not really. Migraines are a disorder.

    Is it believeable that someone who has clear and debilitating migraines might not be taken seriously becuase pain is in some ways invisible, everyone gets headache some times, and they belong to a group people are less likely to listen to? Absolutely.

    The kind of period pain you describe in your story is a real thing that happens to many (but not most) women. But such a pain by its very definition is definitely the product of a significant medical condition because most medical conditions pertaining to pain are defined primarily by their effects on function. A formal diagnosis of physical signs of endometriosis, the most common cause of such severe cramping, can be so invasive that it's often diagnosed baseed on pain.

    But doctors generally ignore, discount, or underestimate women's complaints of pain. The average time between onset of first symptoms and an endometriosis diagnosis is 8-10 years becuase doctors assume women are just whining about normal pain. I can tell you, that level of pain is not normal. It's common, 1 in 10 common, but it's not remotely normal.

    If male commenters are saying that... well, forget that. Consider slipping some facts about endo into your game/make a PSA out of it becuase they need to learn, but they can't possibly understand without someone with a uterus explaining it to them.

    If it's other women... well, that's sad, but it's sort of internalized misogyny, isn't it? Literally any part of the body can have a disease except this one part you have that doen't bother you because you don't have a disease? Ok then, keep kidding yourself. Women like this, along with male doctors who discount reported pain by female patients, are a huge part of why endo takes so long to diagnosis.

    But I do think that acting like such severe pain is normal is harmful. There is a difference between normal and common. A period with no pain is normal but not common. A period with debilitating pain is common but not normal.

    Also, if you want to soften the "that's unrealistic" reactions, consider lampshading it. Have a character ask if she's seen a doctor, or if all periods are that bad, or if she has a disease. If she faints from the pain, maybe the heroic main character rushing her to the hospital is apropos. But you'll have the best results if you treat her suffering like it's common but not normal, rather than treating it like it's normal but not common.

    [–] Women in Rock spacebirdlady 4 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I notice most of the responses here are a bit older. And I mean that's good, becuase you know, icons. I agree with most of them.

    The big names I'd throw out there for some later rock ladies:

    • Gwen Stefani was rock early in her career.
    • Lzzy Hale, much as I'm not a fan, seems to be a big deal.
    • Maria Brink is awesome.
    • Tarja Turunen is a HUGE deal in metal.
    • Amy Lee is crazy popular, like her or not.
    • Sharon Adel may not be as big of a deal as these guys but she's amazing.

    And while they aren't big or popular enough to be iconic, I want to shout out Jennie Skulander (vocalist for Devilskin) and Emma Anzai (Bassist for Sick Puppies) because they're awesome. Anzai in particular pretty much took over Sick Puppies after they split with their founding vocalist and also dabbles in vocals on top of her bass skills.

    [–] [MCU] "I'll put it on the list." What would each Avenger recommend to Steve? spacebirdlady 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I could see him accidentally saving a specultative document on the biochemistry of crystal gems on the team server and getting mocked mercilessly by Clint and Rhodey for it.

    [–] Why do people get so offended when women want their bodies to look nice? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Yeah, and that's the crazy thing. Underweight will cause lasting damage, make you more susceptible to other problems, and endanger your life much faster than all but the most extreme cases of obesity. And it's often harder to fix than the mildest cases of obesity. It's a serious problem, but we eyeroll it off because for everyone one person who really has it there are two more who are fishing for compliments. Absolutely not worth it at all.

    I hope you're better now. I'm so sorry people did this to you. I don't know if it helps, but I consider it much worse than what they've done to me.

    [–] Why do people get so offended when women want their bodies to look nice? spacebirdlady 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Yeah. Body Acceptance and HAES both have some good ideas and some bad ones. I'd say Body Acceptance is more good than bad but getting close to tipping that scale, and HAES is more bad than good. But we need both to get people talking enough to offset a society that makes it incredibly hard for those of us who are fat to actually improve. It's just a shame some people will never stop drinking that kool aid.

    I do have to say, though, that maybe people "thinking they know more than doctors" is only mostly, rather than completely, bad. Many current medical professionals were trained under a period with a grossly different understanding of how fat works, and fat people having every medical problem, including ones that can make losing weight difficult or ganing weight easier, attributed to their fatness is a serious problem that compounds the obesity epidemic. Teaching people to seek out second opinions or to prioritize their competing health issues is the one thing HAES is good for... it just needs to go further and make sure losing that weight is somewhere on the list, even if it is near or at the bottom.

    But I am very bitter because my family's refusal to follow up on my obvious digestive and skin problems in middle school directly contributed to my weight gain in high school and college, and my efforts to control those digestive problems as an adult are a direct obstacle to my weight loss now.

    [–] Older Women spacebirdlady 4 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I know there are a few subs for women over 30s but I don't want to link them directly because links from TwoX tend to cause problems.

    [–] Why do people get so offended when women want their bodies to look nice? spacebirdlady 8 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were saying some things. Just a simple cause and effect that turned into a rant. Over the top body acceptance stuff has thrived because we as a society allow skinny people to be mean without recourse, basically. If we could curb that nastiness, the extremes of body acceptance and HAES wouldn't have as much hold over people because the alternative wouldn't seem so extreme.

    The core of the problem here is that people need something to hate on. In this case, one kind of meanness directly created the other kind of meanness.

    [–] Why do people get so offended when women want their bodies to look nice? spacebirdlady 51 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The reason the body positive movement has gone too far is becuase people use the absence of it as an excuse to be pointlessly mean under the guise of "concern."

    Research has consistently shown that some if not most people who are overweight do not respond to attempts to get them to change that are motivated by shame. Yet we say it's acceptable to just call out random fat people for their fatness anywhere becuase we're... worried about them? Don't kid yourself. Are you worried about that super skinny kid, or the kid who's covered in rashes, or the kid who's obviously depressed, even though they probably need more urgent medical assistance or lifestyle change? Nope, not a freaking word. But the minute someone puts on a pound or ten, oh, you should be more worried about your health.

    Letting society have a "zero tolerance" attitude toward fatness encourages people to be rude, to push overweight loved ones into interventions that are less likely to last (like crash diets), and encourages overweight people to prioritize weight loss over other medical problems that may either contribute to their weight gain or be altogether more urgent than the amount they're overweight.

    If we want people to be thinner, we should take the time and encourage them the right way, by being civilized freaking adults. The body positivity and HAES movements have arisen becuase we not only refuse to be civil, but justify our self-serving meanness under a hollow veneer of false "concern."

    I wish people cared half as much about the obvious health problems I had when I was skinny, that ruined my quality of life and put me in immediate danger, than my weight, which has had very little effect on my quality of life and is a more long-term danger. And I'm not even that big.

    [–] [MCU] "I'll put it on the list." What would each Avenger recommend to Steve? spacebirdlady 10 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    So Thor showed up in 2011, right?

    Anyone else think Darcy Lewis was probably a memelord and got him into My Little Pony?

    Thor would love My Little Pony. Magic, adventure, princesses, friendship, a villain who's basically a caricature of his brother, etc. And what do Bronies love to do? Desperately try to recruit other bronies.

    Steve for his part would probably like it just becuase it's kinder and more optimistic than most current adult sitcoms, and the world needs more of that, even if it is a big toy ad.

    [–] [MCU] "I'll put it on the list." What would each Avenger recommend to Steve? spacebirdlady 10 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Bruce: Promenant scientists, as someone has said. I can see Bruce being into some nerdy pop culture TV show or something as well, if he's not too occupied with science 24/7

    He is the exact perfect age to have been swept up in the frenzy of Twin Peaks back in the day. And I like to think that, plus his likely interest in NPR as a stereotypical academic, would be enough to get him into Welcome to Night Vale...

    [–] [MCU] "I'll put it on the list." What would each Avenger recommend to Steve? spacebirdlady 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    She clearly liked grunge despite a lack of familiarity with it, too, so once she got caught up she'd totally recommend Nirvana and probably Alice in Chains.

    [–] [MCU] "I'll put it on the list." What would each Avenger recommend to Steve? spacebirdlady 22 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Friend of mine suggested Steve get really into prog rock and prog metal because the goals of writing those songs are so similar to the goals of the Bebop Jazz of the early 40s. So I like to imagine Cap listening to stuff like Rush, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Nothing More. And you know what goes really well with Prog? Power!

    [–] Grocery store workers of reddit, what is something you know that we probably shouldn’t know? spacebirdlady 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Most stores have mice but how bad it is and how likely they are to contaminate things varies. I've seen stores with rodent-infested candy shelves and stores with dusty but rodent-free candy shelves. There are things stores can do to keep it safe.