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    [–] Seeing God In Science spacelincoln 1 points ago in religion

    Well I’m not giving these clowns my email or downloading their book, but if you’ve got an argument with an evidence-based approach to understanding, your argument isn’t with “science”, it’s with reality.

    You’re essentially saying that science should be influenced by your ideology.

    Why should research give “traditionalists” the warm fuzzies? Can you give me an example?

    [–] Eno River (Cabelands) on Saturday. There’s supposed to be more trail here. spacelincoln 6 points ago in bullcity

    When I was down there I saw a couple of kids about to try and cross that feeder creek by the quarry. If you’re not familiar, it’s not far up from the river and when the water is low it’s still a rock hop. From memory I bet it was at least over my head deep, and it was fucking moving.

    I just told them to not put their mothers through a search and rescue. Don’t know if they tried it but didn’t see them on the news.

    [–] Seeing God In Science spacelincoln 2 points ago in religion

    modern science turns away traditionalists


    [–] Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser spacelincoln 1 points ago in scifi

    Guys, when they say Rey is a nobody, she really is a nobody. Her parents are irrelevant.

    Star Wars is deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell, who in turn was influenced heavily by Carl Jung. One classic tale was deeply fascinating to Jung- The Water of Life.

    By some accounts Carl Jung’s favourite story went something like this.

    A tribe sent seekers out into the desert searching for the Water of Life. The Water showed itself in the world by bubbling forth from an artesian well. After a long journey the seekers came upon the well and drank from its invigorating waters. They felt life surge through them and were truly satisfied.

    They sent for the tribe, which soon arrived. There were many people gathered around the spring, so a wall was built to protect the purity of its crystal water. As the people arrived shops and buildings sprang up. Roads were built. Eventually to organise access and pay for the necessary administrative costs a charge was made for drinking from the vitalising waters. Still the people came.

    And then one day the people woke up and the Water of Life had gone.

    Water still flowed, but it was not the Water of Life.

    People drank, but in time realised their loss. The people sent seekers out and the cycle began again.

    Also consider in this light the rando at the end of ep 8 with the broomstick.

    [–] Desperately need a keyring? Have an old car lying around? Fear no more! spacelincoln 131 points ago in DiWHY

    “I’m going to spend an entire weekend making a key thing. But I’ll just freehand the letters.”

    [–] Just a reminder spacelincoln 2 points ago in Fuckthealtright

    That doesn’t make flying the flag acceptable. It’s irrelevant.

    [–] Just a reminder spacelincoln 2 points ago in Fuckthealtright

    And WV, which seceded from VA to stay in the union.

    Then again this was the same state that I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said “vote for coal, it’s black” right after Obama was elected.

    Appalachia has the best scenery and the worst, irredeemable people.

    [–] Pollen in Durham, North Carolina spacelincoln 5 points ago in weather

    Yup. I’m in Durham and my allergies kick in about the week after The Pollening. This year’s pollen is wild though, my phone screen had a coating just from texting someone when I was outside today.

    [–] A girl wrote this btw spacelincoln 152 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in wholesomememes

    Let’s face it, being human is tough

    Yeah people forget exactly how everyone is going through shit all the time, and how much work and pain goes into just existing. A little perspective: in the entire 200k years of human experience, any day you aren’t, or someone you know isn’t, eaten by something is a good day. that’s the bar.

    [–] Liz’s speech on childcare, taxes, and the filibuster to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network spacelincoln 1 points ago in ElizabethWarren

    Politics isn’t her background. That’s clearly my point.

    She’s incredibly talented and intelligent, and has wonderful principles and actually stands by them. I love her for that.

    She also does not have good political instincts. Anyone with basic political instincts would not have played Trump’s game with releasing the DNA results- by doing so it validated the argument. It’s a rookie mistake. but I think she, like Obama, can tighten up. That said, if we are nothing other than cheerleaders, there’s less of a chance she will.

    I said from the beginning- same team guys. We largely want the same goals. I want to support her in the primaries and at this point I plan to. But I can’t in good conscience do so if she doesn’t demonstrate the ability to handle both policy and politics. I don’t like this either, policy should be all that matters, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. We can only play the hand we are dealt and it’s up to us to play on the same side.

    [–] found this picture of em on the famous wall at benihana spacelincoln 11 points ago in Eminem

    I was about to call bullshit because the Office didn’t start until 2005 and then I realized that I would be a terrible detective

    [–] Liz’s speech on childcare, taxes, and the filibuster to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network spacelincoln 1 points ago in ElizabethWarren

    The policies that are popular with the people should dictate how our Representatives vote but that's not the case is it?

    It is more or less the case. Progressives do not exclusively define “the people”. I don’t like it either but the country overall is center/right. It’s regrettable but we can whine or we can get to work. You and I have the same goal. But it takes bringing the rest of the country along and the only way that happens is being pragmatic.

    And give it a rest already. HRC won by 3M. Like it or not, the Democratic Party is where it is, and super delegates made as much of a difference for her as they did against her in 2008. It’s a regrettable system, but it is what it is- and if the progressive wing was smart, they would’ve worked with the establishment in exchange for less superdelegate representation. But they decided to whine instead.

    If we lose in 2020, I hope your principles are worth it.

    [–] Liz’s speech on childcare, taxes, and the filibuster to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network spacelincoln 1 points ago in ElizabethWarren

    “You don’t get anything if you lose.”

    Same team guys. We get no where if we are going to do 2016 again. I wish Sen Warren all the best in the world, and I hope she wins, but using phrases like “centrist/corporate Democrats” is a seed of division.

    We can still lose 2020 if we don’t work together. My personal politics are much further to left of my vote, because politics is the art of the possible.

    We also need to avoid the cult of personality that got us in trouble in 2016. I’ve been following Bernie since a lot of his fans were in pampers, but for a lot of reasons I don’t want to go into here, I didn’t support him.

    What I’m trying to say is this, the best thing we can do to support Warren is to be critical (constructively) at this stage, and not just be cheerleaders. Warren is a professor and not a politician and has subpar political instincts. This also roughly describes early Obama. I still want to support her in the primaries, and if she starts learning how to play the game now, on a national level, like Obama did, she can win. But it is up to her supporters to not become an echo chamber and not sore losers. Work together and this will be another 2008. Make snide comments and snipe each other, and it’ll be 2016 all over again.